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How To Tell If A Crystal Is Real In 7 Easy Ways

amethyst sphere, rose quartz sphere, and copper ball as examples of true crystals


Is My Crystal Real or Fake?

Soul sparklers! for anyone looking to turn up the dial on their body, mind, and soul balance, crystals are your direct connection to all things bliss. These gems can pack quite a punch and do everything from bringing peace and serenity, wash out negativity, cleanse, and balance chakras, and generally help you to live a full and extraordinary life.

Take a look at our essential guide to healing gemstones and find a crystal that captures you.

Plucked from Mother Earth, crystals are full of energy and can do amazing things when it comes to deep healing. However, not all crystals out there are born equal and if you truly want to get the most out of these dazzling gems it's essential that you are able to untangle true precious gemstones from the fakes.

Fake gems are out there and knowing how to spot them can make it easier for you to get what you need, desire, and want. While fake crystals can’t cause you harm, you should get the energy and light that you deserve and the beautiful healing that true crystals can bring. As with everything in life, a little knowledge goes a long way. Being informed and better equipped to spot the telltale signs of crystals that are true or those that have been enhanced can make all the difference to getting your collection stacked. Take a look at these handy hints that can help you distinguish a crystal from a dressed up rock…