How to Make it Through Mercury Retrograde


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How to Make it Through Mercury Retrograde


We already have one Mercury Retrograde stashed beneath the belt of 2020 but there’s another two to come before the calendar turn. When Mercury is in retrograde it can have a knock-on our productivity levels, our communication style, and our technology as a whole. Panics to do with Mercury in retrograde have been recorded since the 18th century.  We don’t know exactly why this period throws everything out of whack, but as the Roman god Mercury was said to be in charge of peoples travel, communication, and financial wealth – this forges the link.

To help you make it through Mercury Retrograde it helps to know the things that you should and shouldn’t be doing during this time.


Don’t Make Big Decisions


Mercury Retrograde is not the time to be signing that new contract, trying to buy a house, or make any kind of dotted line long term investment plan for either your time or your finances. It is said that if you try and plan during Mercury Retrograde that this will go right out of the window. Use this time to ponder and consider all your options but wait until the time has passed before committing to a fact.


Do Revisit Old Ideas


While kickstarting new ideas doesn’t always work under the stuttered flow of Mercury Retrograde, it can be a great time to revisit those plans that were already in the works. If you were working on a project that you discarded or ruminating on an idea that fizzled out, it could be a good time to turn your attention towards it once again. The moods of Mercury Retrograde tend to be around redefining, revising, reconsidering and reclaiming so make the most of this time.


Don’t Have Important Talks


If you feel like its time to have a big talk – to tell your housemate they irritate you, to share your undying love for someone, or to approach something delicate at work, you may want to wait until Mercury Retrograde passes. This is a time when our communication can be clunky and our voice often misunderstood. Having big talks under Mercury Retrograde can lead to hiccups.


Do Keep a Record


As your communication is set to be all over the show during Mercury Retrograde, this may be a good time to turn to the trusty pen and paper combo. Mercury Retrograde can be an awesome time to take a step back from life and let those internal shifts fall into place. For those who need a nudge when it comes to exploring internal affairs, a journal can be a great way of piling up those messy huge thoughts ready to be sifted through and released when the time is right.


Don’t Attempt to Solve Your Tech Problems


Buying a new computer, fixing your car, investing in a fancy camera – anything to do with technology should surely be avoided around Mercury Retrograde. This is the time when hard drives start to fail, software glitches come into play, and car repairs always pull up extra problems. If you cannot help but make those investments or get the work done – pre-empt and plan for failures and extra levels of checks and precautions so you aren’t caught off-guard or swept off your feet.

Mercury Retrograde doesn’t need to be a time when you feel paralyzed, you don’t need to consider it a time of merely surviving, but also thriving. If you turn your attention back to things you didn’t finish, to taking time to reflect and renegotiate the terms of your life and relationships, this can be a wholly healing and valuable period rather than a stutter and a pause.

What are your tips for making it through Mercury Retrograde? Share in the comments.


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