How to Bring Spring Energy Into Your Home


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How to Bring Spring Energy Into Your Home


With blue skies and blooms beckoning just outside the window, normally spring bounces us beautifully into action. This year, things certainly feel a little different as many of us start to feel restless as we stay home. Yet, just because you can’t frolic in woodlands and lounge on a freshly mown lawn in the park doesn’t mean that you can’t bring a smattering of spring energy into your home. These bright and frothy tips are here to help you find a moment's reprieve right now…


Declutter Your Stuff


They don’t call it a spring clean for nothing. For those who have been spending the winter piling up the home comforts and the big sweaters, now could be the time to carve out some space to breathe. Decluttering can have such a calming effect on the soul and truly helps you to make your environment feel lighter, larger and less chaotic. Exactly what you want when the world is upside down.


Put Color at the Forefront


A splash of color can go a long way. If you aren’t in a position to spring for floral cushions or a tin of pastel paint, then take a glance around and see what you already have. Weaving in a welt of color can be as simple as changing to your brightest linens, picking flowers from the garden, hanging a tapestry or colorful painting in prominent places.


Tweak Your Morning Routine


Spring energy isn’t just about home décor tips, you can also start tweaking your morning routine to balance out the slowness of the winter months. Whether it's drinking some lemon water before your coffee, writing your morning pages in the soft light, or taking ten minutes to stretch before sitting down at your desk - it’s the small things that bring lighter energy into your day.


Play Around With Meal Ideas


With warmer days comes a craving in the body for lighter meals and now is the perfect time to start swapping your meal plans around. A change is always welcome when it comes to shifting seasons; cut out the heavy stews for zesty fresh spring green salads, replace root centric soups with something more delicate, and fall back in love with the allure of souffles, quiches, and middle eastern wonders.


Let the Light In


Vitamin D is an essential ingredient for health and happiness and it is even more important to try and get your fix right now. You are invited to let the light in every day – whether that’s making sure you throw open your blinds, you hang mirrors opposite windows to reflect even more light, or you keep curtains open earlier and windows ajar to let the sunlight stream in. Find space in your home where the light touches and sit in it, feeling the pure simple pleasure of sunshine on skin.


Welcome Scents


Time to stash away all those cinnamon Christmas candles and make way for some spring-fresh scents. Whether it’s the spring heavy drapery of lavender, the citrus zest of rosemary, or even a spritz of rosewater splashed on your linens – let’s make home smell like a sublime spring garden. If floral notes aren’t your thing, you can also turn to herbs – basil for memories of the Amalfi Coast, lemon balm for summer lilts, and even mint can bring a hint of Moroccan magic to the air.

How are you welcoming spring vibes into your home and your life during these challenging times? Share your top tips with us in the comments and let's shake the cobwebs of winter from our hair.


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