How to Create a Harmonious Home Office With Feng Shui


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How to Create a Harmonious Home Office With Feng Shui


The ancient art of Feng Shui is still beautifully celebrated in 2020, and no room places more importance on the powers of positivity and productivity than the home office. This is the place where you want good energy to surge through, where you crave complete harmony, and where you hope you will commit some of your greatest ideas. Sprucing up your office in-keeping with the themes of a Feng Shui home can boost balance, family harmony, and even amp up your earnings. Here’s all you need to know about curating your office space with Feng Shui in mind.


What is Feng Shui?



The basic philosophy of Feng Shui relates to building up our manmade environments in a way that is harmonious with the natural world. The two words Feng Shui literally translate to wind-water and pays homage to the great ideal that we should aim to live inflow. Feng Shui alludes to placing things in their rightful position and using energy maps to create spaces that represent certain areas in your life and your home. You can delve very deep into the elements of Feng Shui, or you can take it with a pinch and commit to trying to honor your space with balance.


Cut Out the Clutter


The first step in creating a harmonious home office space is to cut out the clutter. If you want your space to be beautifully productive, you need to provide room for rumination and the flow of thought. This won’t happen if your thoughts keep tripping up over piles of paperwork. A cluttered office can lead to feelings of overwhelm so start simple – by stripping your stuff right back. Organize and stash papers, separate your personal belongings from your work belongings, and get your metaphorical house in order.


Face Your Desk to the Door


This is known as the commanding position and means that you are the one who holds full control over your own life. By placing your desk to face your door, it allows you to see who is entering your space and causes both a mental and physical shift in dynamics.


Ensure Something Has Your Back


While your desk should face the door, it should also have something solid behind it. Energy moves around the room and you don’t want to place yourself right in the middle of that flow. There’s also a belief that having a wall or a window or something solid behind you will translate to the idea that something has your back, and that you are fully supported in your place of work. This boosts confidence and mental capacity, ensuring that you don’t spend as much time questioning your own decision-making process.


Bring in the Light


Light and air and the flow of energy are important principles of bringing Feng Shui into your space. If you can, pick a room that has lashings of natural light and let it enter your space. If your office doesn’t have a window, it is well worth investing in an air purifier.


Pick Color Carefully


Be sure that you choose your colors carefully when it comes to Feng Shui and your workspace. Muted colors are a good idea for creating neutral space, but you can also pick soft yellows to create a feel of prosperity or pale blue for clarity, or pale green for knowledge. The theme remains the same when it comes to color choices – opt for pale colors that don’t weigh down on the space.


Add Element Design Choices


A small water feature, a group of green plants, a piece of driftwood – bring in small décor features that nod to the elements of earth, air, fire and water. Plants are amazing at cutting through negative energy, water will remind you consistently of the importance of flow, and wood will keep you grounded.

Which Feng Shui design tips will you be bringing into your office space? Share with us in the comments.



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