Are Angel Numbers in the Bible? Yes & No...


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Are Angel Numbers in the Bible? Yes & No...

On first appearance, it would seem that angle numbers and the bible would go hand in hand. After all, angels are intrinsically linked to the spiritual and religious realms, so surely these divine numbers are the work of God? While angel numbers are closely connected to numerology and spiritual meaning, they are a different branch of biblical numerology, although there is, of course, a crossover in these numeric sequences and how they shape our lives. 

Angel numbers are messages sent from our guardian angels in the guise of numbers. Our spirit guides are always with us, and often, they lend their light, love, and support to help us grow, make decisions that align with our soul purpose, and lead us subconsciously in the right direction. They communicate this with us through angel number sequences - sending numbers into our daily lives that can be decoded and deciphered so we can take the guidance needed. 

Numerology and the hidden meanings of numerical sequences can also be found in the Bible, and while not explicitly stated, they can also be linked to the concept of angel numbers. Numbers play an important role in the bible - from the repeated use of certain numbers to the way certain books and passages within the bible are numbered while the understanding of guardian angels in new age spirituality may be different than the Christian doctrine, these messages, and spiritual meanings can share similar motifs and themes. 

Understanding Angel Numbers

Angel numbers can play an important role in your life. Believed to be direct messages from the spiritual realm, these numbers serve the purpose of helping guide you across different aspects of life. Angel numbers can come to you in the most mundane ways - perhaps you look at a clock, and it always seems to read the same time; you spot a license plate with the same set of numbers, you get a receipt, and the amount adds up to the same number seen before, or you are assigned a seat number or given an address with the same number or number sequence. If a number seems to show up constantly, there could be a message from angels waiting to be decoded in there. 

The purpose of these angel number meanings can vary, and seeing them can be a unique experience for the individual. However, they usually come into your life with a purpose - either to offer comfort, guidance or to give deeper insight into your spiritual path. 

Numbers are scattered throughout the bible, and biblical numerology is based on the belief that these numbers offer deeper insight and meaning into these sacred texts. By understanding the use of certain numbers and applying numerology, you may be able to uncover a deeper connection with the texts and use this understanding for divine guidance - in a similar way in which angel numbers work as a form of divination and to help us when we need guidance. 

Angel Numbers in the Bible

Angel numbers can crossover and be found in the bible - although how you interpret these and whether you see any correlation will depend on your personal religion and individual belief system. Here are some common numbers in the bible that are believed to have deeper meaning and may share the symbolism of angel numbers too.

  1. Angel number 1: the number 1 represents unity and singularity and commits to the idea of one divine sovereign and the almighty power of God.
  2. Angel number 3: the number 3 can be connected to the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son, and the holy ghost. It also can be a number denoting completeness.
  3. Angel number 7: the number 7 is a highly spiritual number and shares a similar meaning when it comes to the symbolism of angel number 7. 
  4. Angel number 10: the number 10 can be connected to the divine order (most notably the ten commandments). It can also represent gods authority and be linked to new beginnings.
  5. Angel number 11: the number 11 can be linked to themes of chaos and disorder. But it also has the angel number energy of giving back to your community and sharing your gifts with others. 
  6. Angel number 12: the number 12 has deep meaning in the bible, as there were 12 apostles and 12 tribes of Israel. This number can signify gods love and protection over the people. 
  7. Angel number 40: the number 40 is linked to tests of faith and overcoming trials and tribulations - for example, Moses was on Mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights, and Jesus also spent 40 days fasting. 

Decoding Angel Numbers

Decoding angel numbers can provide valuable insight, reassurance, and guidance for your personal life. These numbers are stashed with symbolic meaning and messages from angels that can help you to grow personally and spiritually. Having faith in angel numbers and understanding the angelic guidance waiting within these numerical sequences can have a positive impact on how you see, experience, and make sense of the world. 

Methods for interpreting angel numbers

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Biblical references and context

Enhance your spiritual understanding of angel numbers by cross-referencing with biblical numerology to understand the context better.  For example, seeing the number 7 can speak of a spiritual awakening, whereas the number 40 may hint at trials and tribulations ahead and the importance of keeping faith throughout.

Numerological symbolism and meanings

You can also use numerology as a guide to figure out what angel numbers mean. In numerology, each digit between 1-9 carries its own strong vibration and energy, and this can be used to work out what your angel numbers are trying to say. Numerology can also work by breaking a sequence down to a singular number (for example, the number 27 not only carries the energies of the numbers 2 and 7 but also 9 because 2+7=9). 

Personal intuition and spiritual guidance

While there are guides for numerology, bible numbers, and angel numbers - one of the most important tools for decoding angel numbers is your own intuition. Once you have a basic understanding of the meanings behind certain angel numbers, when you see them, you can then tap into your inner wisdom to work out why they are showing up for you. While you are encouraged to lean into your own intuition, you can also ask your spirit guides to provide more clarity when it comes to working out what angel number messages are waiting for you. Divine guidance will always be given. If you want to strengthen your intuition, check the crystal guide and seek stones to help you on your journey. 

Personal Experiences and Testimonials

There are many ways in which angelic guidance can come into our lives and whether its to help us form a deeper connection with faith, to take us down a new spiritual path, or simply to help us deal with the daily challenges in our personal life, these angel number messages offer love, hope, support, and guidance when we need it. 

Laura was struggling. Her boyfriend had left her some time ago, and she found herself closed to any other connections. This made her feel lost, sad, and tethered to the past. Then she kept seeing the angel number 1111; it came to her time and time again. This number gave her renewed strength - letting her know that angels were supporting her and reminding her that it was time to let go of this former relationship that was no longer serving her. She found her strength and spirit again, did some heart chakra work, and forged a deeper relationship with someone new. 

Paul had been feeling for a while discontent in his life without knowing why. He had the sense of wanting to align with a higher purpose and give back to his community, but he didn't know how to make it happen. He kept seeing the angel number 555 wherever he went. Then the finance company he worked for began to go through some difficulty and offered people redundancy. Even though he was afraid, he had read that the number 555 was all about embracing change for spiritual growth. He took the redundancy and stepped into a fulfilling career in a local non-profit. 

The Role of Angel Numbers in Faith and Guidance

Angel numbers are messages from the spiritual realm, and having faith in angel numbers can help strengthen your faith across all avenues of life. The more we open ourselves to finding our spiritual path, looking to higher beings and angels for guidance, and filling our hearts with blessings from connection with others, the richer and deeper our sense of personal divinity goes. 

Paying attention to angel numbers also helps to make us more mindful and self-aware. Keeping our hearts, minds, and eyes open to signs from the universe encourages us to be more self-aware in our personal life and connected to the present moment. We can also start to align our choices and actions with divine signs, which can help us to find our true singular path to living an authentic life. Angel numbers can be welcomed into your daily prayer and meditation practices - whether it's asking for clarity from your angels regarding certain numbers or manifesting specific numbers and signs.

Misinterpretations and Skepticism

There can be misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and a certain level of skepticism around angel numbers. Some skeptics will say that seeing the same number over and over again can be attributed to confirmation bias and our human ability to spot patterns rather than anything spiritual. Of course - there can be an element of truth in this, but we may also want to question why we are drawn to this pattern and what meaning this pattern could have on our life.

Whatever your personal beliefs, being open to angel numbers will do no harm. The belief in angel numbers or curiosity around them can keep you tethered to your dreams and desires, open to accepting change and shifts in life, and more mindful of your spiritual sense of self and your surroundings. 


While angel numbers are not explicitly talked about in the bible, there is a belief that angel numbers and biblical numbers share some crossover when it comes to spiritual meaning. All numbers have a divine edge to them and have certain vibrations, energies, and messages that can help elevate our sense of being and decision-making process. Looking to your angels for guidance and forging a deeper relationship with the divine is bound to bring more comfort and joy into your world. 


What religion do angel numbers come from

Angel numbers are not bound to any religion but can be traced back to Ancient Greece and the Greek philosopher Pythagoras who believed in the divine vibrations and energy of individual numbers. 

Is 777 in the Bible

The number 777 does show up in the bible. Believed to be a number of divine perfection and spiritual growth, the number 7 has a lot of spiritual impact. It is believed that Noah lived for 777 years, that god rested on the 7th day, and that there are 7 books of the bible. 

Is numerology in the Bible?

Biblical numerology and numerology are different, but both share the principle that numbers have meaning. The Bible is full of numbers, and some of these numbers can be decoded to have deeper messages and symbology and can help you further understand the texts and doctrine offered within those pages. 

Who invented the angel numbers?

Angel numbers can be linked back to the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras who believed that numbers carried certain energies and sacred codes. As angel numbers tend to be sequences of numbers, the meaning of individual digits can also be traced back to numerology. 


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