25 Caffeine-Free Pick Me Ups for Non-Coffee Drinkers


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25 Caffeine-Free Pick Me Ups for Non-Coffee Drinkers


If you are looking for a natural pick me up that comes without the mind churning caffeine boost, then these all-natural solutions could be just the remedy you need. Sometimes we all need a little help to face the day, and if are trying to cut out the caffeine, then swapping your latte for a herbal tea, quick stroll, or natural gift from nature can make all the difference. Take a look at these top 25 caffeine-free pick me ups.


Carob Powder

This power can be like rocket fuel, often making people ask the question ‘does carob have caffeine?’. The answer is no, its just nature’s way of giving your body the carbohydrate kick it needs.


Ginseng Tea

Glorious Ginseng is clinically proven to boost our mental capacity and improve cognitive performance. Pour a cup of steaming Ginseng Tea as soon as you feel your energy slump and say hello to a pick-me-up.



Often when we are low on energy or suffering a headache it can be a simple sign of dehydration. Having a tall glass of water in the morning can work simple wonders when it comes to boosting your energy levels.



Brimming with healing spices, a cup of warm chai is pure nurturing for the soul. Its creamy flavor is also similar to that of coffee, making it a great replacement for those who are missing their morning cup.




Smoothies are one of the best pick me ups in the world. Brimming with vitamins, minerals, fruit and veg – this is the energy boost that can last all day.



Fizz your way to fully fueled success with a shot of kombucha to get your gut in action. So much of our inner health and wellbeing comes from our gut which is why it's so important to get yours beautifully balanced. This fermented fizzy drink is a shot of pure probiotic goodness.



Step into Sunlight

Amp up your vitamin D intake first thing in the morning by stepping out into the sunlight. Just five minutes of direct sunlight can work wonders on your immune system, top up your vitamin D, and lead to lashings more energy.


Piece of Fruit

Natural sugars, a rush of vitamins, and depending on the fruit-   a flush of hydration, for those who tend to skip breakfast simply nibbling a piece of fruit in place of your coffee slurping can have amazing health and energy benefits.


Rosemary Scent

A sniff of a fresh rosemary branch can instantly stimulate the brain, bring a wave of calm, and put your mind to task without the chaos.



A Song

Blast out your favorite high energy song to give you that much needed prompt to roll out of bed. Music is a magical mood booster and can put you on the right track.


5-Minute Yoga

Stretching in the morning is a must for the body, especially if you want to iron out your creases and get the blood pumping. Just five-minutes of yoga can make the world of difference to your energy levels.



Matcha Tea

A special form of green tea, Matcha is a match made in heaven for those who crave avoiding the midday crash that can come from coffee overdose. Matcha does have a pinch of caffeine, but its health benefits certainly outweigh that of coffee.



Refresh your senses and get your circulation moving with a sip or two of perfect peppermint tea. For those who want to aid digestion, boost immunity, and drink something fresh and delicious – peppermint it is.



A dreamy detox juice that will put you on the right path with immediate effect, Pomegranate Juice is a joy.



Wheatgrass Shot

Ease a hangover, boost immunity, and kickout the jams – one shot of wheatgrass is said to hold the same power as two pounds of fresh vegetables. Bottoms up.


Yerba Mate

A rich chocolate taste, a pinch of caffeine, and all the power – this South American leaf is a great alternative to your usual espresso.


Protein Bar

Protein in the morning translates to direct energy you can ride on for hours. Sometimes we skip breakfast and feel in a slump as the body has nothing to work from, by nibbling a protein bar you can change all that.



Turmeric Tonic

One of the best secret remedies for sending your immune system soaring to the sky, a shot of turmeric with ginger will warm the soul.


Chia Seeds

Cut out black coffee in place of chia seeds added to your tea, smoothie or sprinkled over cereal. This energy blooming humble seed has all the power to keep you going.




When we are low on our daily vitamin intake this can have a knock-on effect for our overall energy levels, health and wellbeing. Top yourself up with a chewy multi-vitamin and give your body the best start.



A dose of good healthy fat can give you that surge you need to kick caffeine in the butt. Avocado is one such example of an amazing healthy fat that will not only fill you up but will give you a boost of vitamins, omega-3’s, and potassium.



Coconut Water

Full of electrolytes, coconut water is natures way of giving us all those micronutrients we need to face the day. If you want to stay hydrated, healthy and naturally energized, a cup of coconut water should be your go-to.


A Walk

A brisk walk where the wind can kiss your skin and the fresh air can blast the sleep right off your soul is one of the very best ways to say farewell to a fatigued soul.


A Shower

Not only will a cool refreshing shower make you feel born again but opting for a less than hot shower will even raise your core body temperature.




Stuffed to the brim with B vitamins, Acai berry is also brilliant at boosting your metabolism and giving you a glorious dose of energy to help you through the day.

What will you be swapping out your morning coffee for? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.  


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