10 Ways to Bring Joy To Your World Today


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10 Ways to Bring Joy To Your World Today


“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”- Rumi


Put Yourself in the Way of Beauty


Cheryl Strayed says this line time and time again, reminding us that while things may look a little bleak at times, there is great beauty to be found in every frame of the world. Sometimes, our eyes are closed to those tiny beautiful things as are scanning the horizon for the bigger picture. Whether it's stopping for a sunset, to admire a flower in bloom, or to marvel at a painting – you can put yourself in the way of beauty.


Move Your Body


One of the easiest ways to bring a bright burst of immediate joy into your world is to simply move the body. Whether you put on music or dance, or stretch out in the sunlight, or jump up and down ten times, the body craves movement. Just raising your heartbeat a little will raise your endorphins and leave you feeling that bright pulse of life.


Snap Something Small


In an effort to remain connected and grounded to the simple glorious things in life, vow to take one photograph a day of something small that captures your eye, something that brings a bubble of joy. Whether it’s the pretty label on your teabag, a bird outside your window, or a ripe piece of fruit for breakfast – snapping small pleasures feeds directly into your gratitude.


Take Five


Carve out at least five minutes or more of space to keep for yourself. Whether its five minutes to sit and feel the sun on your face or half an hour to read a book, ten minutes to breathe deeply, or an hour with your favorite podcast and zero interruptions – this time and space can lend a root joy that takes you further down the path of lasting peace.


Dress Up


We don’t mean putting on a ball gown, but if you find yourself stitched into your sweatpants for too long this may be having an effect on your energy levels. Dressing up can mean donning your favorite bright shirt, slipping on a beautiful bracelet, or stepping into a pair of shoes that make you feel ten-feet taller.


Tidy Something


We don’t mean delving into deep scrubbing on a daily basis, but taking a few moments to clear away some clutter, straighten your books or throw out your dead basil plants lends itself to a joyous environment. There is a huge positive mental philosophy behind honoring the space you occupy.


Go For Gratitude


It may be old news but keeping a gratitude journal is an incredible practice especially in times of hardship. The simple act of pointedly marking down several things to be grateful for every day keeps the mind flowing with grace. It doesn’t have to be grandiose levels of gratitude but even just being thankful for a piece of cake, a call with a friend, a deep breath, or petting your dog can add joy to the table.


Indulge in the Edible


Every day you should savor one morsel or more of something that taps into your sensory joy. Whether it’s a glass of good wine, a small piece of your favorite cheese or chocolate, or a fresh cup of nettle tea with local honey – indulging in one small edible or sippable pleasure every day really brings our joy into the present and concrete world.


Commit an Act of Kindness


Even in a time of social distancing, we can commit one small act of kindness every day. From smiling and waving at your neighbor to leaving a note, calling a friend, or donating a small gift for our essential healthcare workers – these small things invite sweet karma and help spread the warm glow of joy.


Seek Laughter


Not always an easy one - but try and hunt down something that will make you laugh (even for a nanosecond) every day. Even if you can't see your funny friends, the internet is brimming with ridiculous videos that can cause everything from a peeling giggle to a deep guffaw.

How have you been bringing joy to your day? Share with us in the comments.



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