How The Breath Can Heal You, Body, Mind & Soul


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How The Breath Can Heal You, Body, Mind & Soul


There’s nothing as simple and powerful as the breath. It keeps us alive; it keeps us balanced, and if we can tap into it – it’s the one thing that keeps us connected to the present. Anyone who has ever graced a yoga or meditation class has been introduced to the importance of breath in spiritual practice. But, the breath can be its own practice when you turn to conscious breathing.


Harness Spiritual Healing


Healing breath is becoming big news. From Holotropic breathwork to the Wim Hof Method, the simple practice of breathing has bloomed into a whole range of healing techniques, calling on us to harness the power of the breath to aid our own spiritual healing.


Release Long Term Tension


When we are babies, we breathe deeply and fully taking all that delicious air into our bellies. As we grow into adults, our breathing habits change and we tend to breathe thinly and shallow. We hold tension in our bodies more, and when we are stressed or anxious – we even hold our breath. A lot of body breathing practice works with the belief that ‘the body keeps the score’. It’s a practice that can hold a lot of somatic healing beliefs – acknowledging that our stressors and traumas get locked in the body, and through the power of breathing – we can release that long-held tension.


Detox the Body


Breathwork is all about increasing the oxygen supply to your inner systems. This practice increases energy levels, activates your brainpower, expands awareness, and also works as a powerful way to detox considering that 70 percent of our toxins are released through the breath. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Balance Out the Nervous System


Participating in conscious connected breathwork has been proven to have major positive effects on the body. Not only does it relax the heart rate and lower your blood pressure, which both lead to a sense of calm flooding the body and the mind, but it also helps get your adrenal gland in check and balances out the nervous system.


Raise Your Consciousness


Beyond the body, breathwork is known for its deep healing for the soul. The process of clearing out old traumas through the breath can reduce the negative effects of depression and anxiety, help us overcome lethargy and creative blocks, and can raise our consciousness, spiritual understanding and love for the self.


Making Room


There’s a saying in breathwork that ‘everything is welcome’. The healing process of breathing brings a thousand different responses as your body clears out the junk that it doesn’t want to house anymore. People in breathwork sessions report screaming, crying, laughing, singing, making up mantras and affirmations, feeling sexual, and all of it should be most welcome. Trust that your body knows what it needs to do. Some people will also experience tingling in their hands and other bodily parts as more oxygen flows into the body. While this can be uncomfortable it is normal. Make room to welcome in any response your body feels the need to give – as this is all part of the healing. Remember that great shifts also don’t happen immediately and while at the time you may not feel anything, it doesn’t mean that processing isn’t happening beneath the surface.


Staying Safe


While breathwork practice is generally considered safe, it helps to have a support network in place for something like Holotropic practice. When working with any kind of trauma healing, having a safe space, people you trust, and a nurturing environment is essential. Breathwork can bring to the surface old pains, and without the right support measures in place, you don’t want to risk becoming retraumatized. Find a safe recommended breathwork practitioner or ensure that you have the inner strength and ability to hold space for your healing before delving deep.

Have you ever tried breathwork before? What was your experience? Share thoughts with us in the comments.



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