Where to Buy Crystals


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Where to Buy Crystals

There's something special about choosing an individual crystal or a range of healing crystals to accompany you on life's long and juicy journey. For centuries we have been smitten by the sparkling allure of quartz crystals and other sacred stones and magic minerals. Each flashing its own color and each humming with its own vibrations. Finding the right crystals relies on a hint of intuition but also means knowing where to buy them. We explore the best places for buying crystals online.

Factors to Consider When Buying Crystals

There are a few factors to take in mind when it comes to buying crystals. While crystal purchasing is a personal journey for the individual - where it's important to consider finding stones that align with your purpose and intention, there are also a few physical factors to think about too. 

First, when it comes to the crystal itself - you may want to take type, clarity, color, size, and pricing into consideration—the higher quality of the crystal cut and clarity, the higher the cost. This doesn't always mean that you need to find top-tier crystals, but finding a balance of cost and quality will mean that you get the best crystal for your buck, and the healing properties will be higher. 

The question of ethics plays a major role in crystal purchasing, as not all sourcing practices are born equal when it comes to the supply chain and the crystal world. Buying ethically sourced crystals can be an important conscientious choice so that you don't contribute to bringing negative energies into the world via routes of labor exploitation, poor environmental practices, and human rights violations. When finding crystals to call your own, always do your best to work with companies that offer transparency when it comes to mining, sourcing, and importing crystal specimens. 

Physical Stores for Buying Crystals

Local Metaphysical and Crystal Shops

If you want to explore a world of beautiful crystals in person, you can find your local crystal shops or spiritually aligned stores to explore. Visiting a crystal store in person will give you a chance to see the crystals in person, hold them, feel their energy, examine their color and cut, and ask questions in real-time. Sometimes choosing stones based on sensory interactions such as looking to light, color play, and feeling the unique vibrations of the crystal can help you to find the one for you out of a huge selection of stones. 

Mineral and Gemstone Exhibitions

Mineral and gemstone exhibitions are another sensory way of connecting with crystals and stones. Find gemstone exhibitions close to you and boost your understanding and inherent knowledge of individual types of crystals and their unique properties. This method of finding crystals isn't just about purchasing power but also diving deeper into knowledge and connecting with those who are experts in the field of mineralogy. Heading to exhibitions also gives you a chance to connect with a rarer batch of crystals and can mean that you get access to elusive specimens that can really add intrigue to your crystal collection. 

Online Platforms for Buying Crystals

There are many great online retailers for buying crystals, and while the digital marketplace doesn't allow for a tactile experience when perusing precious stones, online shopping still has a bounty of benefits. Shopping online means that you have access to a wider range of choices when it comes to deciding which crystal business you buy from. This allows you to select an online shop that has ethics and practices you like and a wider selection of stones. Buying online may mean taking a little more care to check photos, read reviews, and ensure that the retailer provides adequate information with regard to their purchasing and sourcing practices. Here are some of the best online platforms for finding the best collection of crystal gems.


Tiny Rituals offers an extensive and well-curated range of crystal and gemstone bracelets and jewelry along with gorgeous specimens of crystal stones and crystal gifts to all meeting at least an AA standard. This beautiful online boutique offers intention packs, chakra bracelets, zodiac packs, birthstone necklaces, freeform stones, pocket stones, pendulums, spheres, hearts, and so much more, with an emphasis on the best gemstones and good vibes and commitment to offering ethically sourced stones. Tiny Rituals is also committed to serving the greater good by offering a percentage of profits to children in need and other charitable initiatives. 


Based in Switzerland, Beau Life is dedicated to bringing beauty into your life through the means of stunning stones and spirituality with a touch of luxury. From premium crystal jewelry to crystal water bottles, tarot, journals, and even online courses - Beau Life helps to make the magic happen.  


Offering crystals that come in the form of beautiful jewels - from crystal beads to rings and earrings, cuffs, and even blankets, robes, and vintage finds - Kotah Bear is native-owned and operated. Working with Navajo and Pueblo makers across the Southwest USA, you can find stunning designs and support American Indian Services as Kotah Bear also offers financial assistance to tribal members pursuing higher education. 


Spreading peace and positivity, Soulful Vibes is a black-owned online crystal shop that offers high-vibration products in the form of crystals, candles, herbs and salts, and so much more. Along with a top range of stones and crystals, they also have a dedicated higher learning center to help people get to grips with the expansive world of crystals and to understand more about the metaphyscial side of our universe. 


Holy stones and handmade alternative jewelry from England sit at the center of Bonearrow. Vegan-friendly and environmentally conscious, Bonearrow also offers cut stones and clusters, tumble stones, and points. For crystal lovers who adore their stones served up in a dark and delirious dreamy way, Bonearrow has got you.


Intimate spiritual pleasures and a blend of East meets West designs make Shop Ren a stunning spot for crystal shopping. Offering responsibly sourced stones and jewelry that is handmade in New York and featured in Vogue, it's the perfect place for finding high-class East Asian pieces - crafted with love and care and often featuring the glorious stone of Jadeite. This company also donates a percentage of sales to Apex for Youth and the Asian Youth Center.


The crystal-infused apothecary of Shop Aquarian Soul offers a bountiful range of crystal and gemstone-infused ritual bath products. Whether you want to give your skin a gorgeous glow with rose quartz or you are looking for the cleansing influence of clear quartz, this online shop is a haven for heavenly products. Women-owned, vegan-friendly, and guilt-free - Aquarian Soul gives you the chance to work with plant medicine and crystal power and to treat both the body and the mind.


Celestial treasures and studio designs put Sun and Selene on the map when it comes to dazzling crystal creations. Handcrafted crystal jewelry made from solid gold, demi-fine, custom creations, spiritual necklaces and birthstone bundles are just a few of the treats you can expect from this classy company. 


Intentions and energy pave the way at the Modern Mystic Shop. From tarot to spells and crystals, this store is so good it branched out to both Atlanta and New York. With an emphasis on bringing modern mysticism to curious folk, you can find stones for setting intentions, crystal kits, aromatherapy, and much more. 


With a wide array of crystals, Rock Paradise is bursting at the seams with spiritual offerings. Expect crystal & gemstone jewellery, mega amethyst clusters, and lots of decorative home decor pieces that bring crystal energy into your sacred space. With ethical sourcing and one of the largest collections in the USA, you can be sure to find whatever you want when it comes to the crystal in mind.


Tumbled, polished, pocket, crystal cluster, or crystal gifts, at Crystal Age, you have endless options. Located in the UK but with shipping across the globe, this well-stocked and energetically stacked site is a simple and well-sourced spot for finding everything you need for your crystal kit. 


San Diego's rock shop is a one-stop spot for all your colorful crystal needs. Home to crystal pendants, geodes, crystal sticks, crystal towers, and so much more, you can find a wide range of stones to suit a wide range of budgets too. All your favorites are there - from amethyst to rainbow moonstone and more - but there are also some great lesser known stones to choose from to add to your beautiful box of crystals.  


Energy tools, jewels, and crystals for setting intentions can be found in abundance at Energy Muse. With twenty years of experience under the crystal leaders belt, you can be sure of getting the best advice when it comes to what stones to select. There are crystal beginner kits, a collection of crystal spheres, and crystal healing packs for all occasions. 


Hundreds of unique crystals with healing properties and crystal decor delights can be found at Contempo Crystal's online store. Whether you are seeking statement pieces or crystal gift sets, single bead bracelets, worry stones or quartz geode tools, you can find it all at this independent family-run crystal and rock shop. 

Evaluating Crystal Quality and Authenticity

Understanding Crystal Quality Indicators

Finding quality crystals is important as you want to get the best stone for your budget to ensure you get the best level of healing properties. There are a few ways in which you can determine the crystal's quality - from cut to clarity and color. A vibrant color can be a sign of a quality crystal as it means there are fewer impurities in there, although too vibrant can also indicate human intervention, so it's good to familiarize yourself with the stone's natural coloring and clarity. You want to avoid stones that have been heat treated or dyed, as this may interfere with the gem's energetic properties. The formation of the stone also plays a role when it comes to quality - symmetrical growth and well-defined shapes should be sought after - but again, remember that crystals are imperfectly perfect, so anything too neat can also be indicative of human enhancement. The more familiar you get with certain stones, the easier it will be to spot quality.

Authenticity Verification Methods

Some crystal retailers will be able to provide certifications and documents with their crystals attesting to their origin and authenticity. You can also talk openly with your crystal seller and never be shy about asking questions regarding the stones you are interested in buying. Physical examinations, knowing the price of stones, and asking advice from geologists and crystal experts can also help.


There are many great places to find crystals either online or in store. When buying crystals, always make sure you choose retailers that are reputable, ethical, and offer stones of a superior quality. Tiny Rituals is one of the best choices for that bright and inspiring blend of unique crystal products, ethical sourcing, and giving back. To find out more about which stones you can start with, check out the crystal guide.


Which is the best crystal to buy?

There are many choices when it comes to the best crystal to buy and it really depends what healing properties you are seeking. Amethyst is one of the best stones to buy if you want to open your crown chakra or if you want to welcome more serenity. Clear Quartz or Smoky Quartz is also a good choice for its all round healing qualities. 

What is the luckiest of all crystals?

Citrine is considered to be one of the luckiest crystals as it is the merchant stone and known for welcoming wealth and abundance. 

How do you tell if a crystal is real?

There are several ways to tell if a crystal is real. Being familiar with crystals can help you spot the signs. Crystals tend to be cool to the touch, to have slight imperfections in terms of shape and clarity so those stones that look too bright, perfect, or crystal clear may have been enhanced. 

Where do people get crystals?

You can find crystals in many online stores and brick and mortar stores. There are special gemstone sellers and metaphysical or spiritual stores also tend to sell crystal goods. 


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