Learn When to Charge Crystals for Optimal Energy


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Learn When to Charge Crystals for Optimal Energy

Like everything in life, crystals require a little TLC from time to time to refresh their senses, gather their energy, and bring their vibrations back to an all-time high. Because crystals work with energy so much, they are always busy clearing out negative energy, fostering positive vibes,  lending protection, channeling, and amplifying. This is some heavy lifting, and before your gemstone even gets to you in the first place, it will have changed hands, been around various energies, and traveled distances to be by your side. Cleansing and charging your crystals keeps their positive energies flowing and maintains their efficacy and vibrancy. For those who want to make the most of their healing crystals and deepen their practice, we have some tips and techniques to help you charge your tumble stones, gemstone jewelry, birthstone necklaces, and crystals so they hum with happiness and harmony. 

Understanding Crystal Energization

What does it mean to charge a crystal?

So, what does charging your crystal actually mean? Charging your crystal is similar to charging your phone. Sometimes, you need to plug your phone in to keep it from depleting. The same can be said for crystals. Charging your crystal is different from cleansing your crystal. When you cleanse your crystal, you are dispersing any negative or stagnant energy that may have built up inside your stone, kicking out these unwanted energies so they can start fresh on a clean slate.

Charging your crystal means replenishing the energy within the stone and topping it up so it can work to the best of its abilities. When we charge a crystal, we are helping to amplify its energy, align our crystals with intention, and give the stone an energetic best. Cleansing crystals comes first, followed by charging to clear out toxic energy and bring it back to the full flush of health so it can continue helping you on your spiritual or healing journey.

Why charge crystals?

Enhanced energy—Charging your crystal infuses it with fresh energy. Just like you or your technological items need a recharge from time to time, crystals do. When we work hard, our batteries can run low, and a recharge brings fresh and new sources of energy so we can keep going.

Higher effectiveness—Charging crystals can help them work at a higher level. Over time, crystals can become heavy with various energies, which can make them sluggish. By cleansing and charging your stones, you can bring them vibrant energy that ensures the stone can operate at its highest function.

Increased attunement. - Another benefit of charging your crystals is that it helps them align with your specific goal or purpose. By topping your stone up with moon energy, solar energy, or any other form of energy, you can program it according to your dreams, desires, and goals, and your stone can nurture this potent energy and amplify that intention.

Amplified healing—Speaking of amplification, another reason to charge crystals is to turn up the dial on their healing powers. Charged crystals are better equipped to support you with their healing properties, align with celestial energies, and promote overall health and well-being across the body, mind, and soul. 

Best Times to Charge Crystals

During Specific Lunar Phases

Lunar energy and moon rituals are essential elements in charging crystals. Moonlight charging is a favored way of retuning your crystals, and certain moon cycles and lunar phases can be potent times for aligning your crystal's energy with your own goals. Here's a breakdown of the best ways to marry moon phases with the most effective method of harnessing crystal energy. 

Moon Phase Effect on Crystals
New Moon Ideal for new beginnings and setting intentions.
Waxing Crescent Builds momentum, good for growth and attraction.
First Quarter Strengthens commitment to intentions.
Waxing Gibbous Enhances focus and refinement.
Full Moon Most potent for charging, enhances all properties.
Waning Gibbous Good for introspection and clarification of intentions.
Last Quarter Helps in letting go, releasing issues, and deep healing.
Waning Crescent Preparatory phase for rest, reset, and cleansing.

Seasonal Considerations

The natural elements also impact crystal healing, energy, and spiritual practices, which is true of the seasons. As we wax, wane, and cultivate certain energies during different seasons, so do crystals. This is also true of equinoxes and solstices, which can mark important times in the earth's own energy. Again, aligning your crystal energy with the seasons can bring out the best of its natural properties. 

Season Effect on Crystals
Spring Good for growth and new beginnings, revitalizes energy.
Summer Intensifies energy, great for amplifying power and clarity.
Autumn Helps with releasing and letting go, aids in inner work.
Winter Ideal for reflection and deep healing, consolidates energy.

After Intensive Use

One of the most important times for recharging your crystals is after a particularly heavy session or when your stone has undergone heavy use. If you have had a healing session, used your crystals for unblocking chakras or reiki work, or had your crystal close by during an extensive meditation practice - these all count as heavy use times and can cause your crystals to feel heavy or drained. If your crystal has also been working energetically with other people, this is also when it's really important to cleanse and recharge it so that it stays high and aligned with your own unique energy. 

When Energy Feels Depleted

Knowing when your crystal is running low means leaning into your personal connection and intuition. You can hold the crystal quietly in your hand and see if it feels heavier than usual to your felt senses. You may feel a lack of connection, the stone may have a different temperature than it usually feels, and there may be a dullness to its appearance or the energy it puts out. A cloudy appearance, a loss of clarity, a feeling of dimmed potency, and simply a loss of connection can all be signifiers that your crystal is lacking in its powerful energies, and it is the perfect time for a recharge. 

Methods for Charging Crystals


Crystals love natural energy, and placing your stones in sunlight can be an amazing way of using solar power to energize and refresh your crystal. Be wary of placing bright crystals in direct sunlight for extended periods of time as this can lead to color fading. An hour or two of turning the crystals in sunlight from time to time will be more than sufficient to fill them back up with light and life. The best crystals in sunlight can be those associated with the solar plexus and sacral chakras - think sunstones, citrine crystals, quartz, and carnelian. 


Like crystals in sunlight, crystals also love lunar phases and moonlight. This is a safe way of charging crystals. Place them under the light of the moon (on a windowsill or outdoors) and let the moon work its magic. The best time for charging crystals with moonlight is under the full moon, although you can also call on other moon phases that align with your intentions. The best gems for moonlight charging are those connected to our emotional and spiritual landscapes, like moonstone, selenite, amethyst, and clear quartz crystals.  

Earth Energy

The energetic properties of the earth are a powerful tool for recharging your crystals. Bury your crystals in clean and natural soil away from pollutants. Dig a small hole and place the stone in the earth overnight or even for a few hours. You can also bury them in a plant pot with your favorite plant if you don't have access to outdoor soil. Crystals that will particularly react well to this method are those with strong earth and root chakra energy - black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz, and moss agate. 

Sound and Vibrational Energy

Another method for recharging and tuning the vibrational frequency of crystals can be sound and vibrational energy charging. Tuning forks and sound baths or bells and even chanting can be easy and effective ways of dialing up the energy of your beautiful crystals. Place your stones close to the source of sound and gently strike or create the sound - using visualization techniques to imagine the sound working like a light penetrating your precious crystals and charging every atom of their being. All crystals wlll work this method, from Jade crystals to kyanite crystals, labradorite crystals, lapis lazuli crystals, lepidolite crystals, and malachite crystals

Precautions and Care

Identifying Crystal Sensitivity

Knowing sun-safe and water-safe crystals can help you charge your precious stones the best way without causing damage. Some crystals are sensitive to certain elements, so there are different ways of charging. Softer crystals like selenite, halite, calcite, and malachite may be more sensitive to water and may dissolve or lose luster. You may want to use smudging earth-based or sound-based cleansing methods for softer crystals.

Identifying non-sun-safe crystals is also important. Crystals with vibrant colors or heat-sensitive, such as amethyst crystals, rose quartz, citrine, and fluorite, can be sun charged for shorter amounts of time so they don't lose their precious color.

Salt charging is another popular method, but again, you want to make sure your stones aren't sensitive to salt, as salt can be quite abrasive. Crystals like selenite, halite, pyrite, hematite, and metallic crystals should all avoid being placed in salt. If you are unsure which crystals are water, sun, and salt safe - you can ask your trusted crystal shop.

Frequency of Charging

Knowing how often you should charge your crystals relies on connection and intuition, but regular maintenance and scheduling can help you stay on top of your crystal's health and well-being.  Depending on usage and the environment, you may want to cleanse and charge your stones every two weeks or monthly. After heavy sessions or specialist energy work or if someone has been handling your crystals - these times may call for a charging session. If you live in a heavily polluted or dense area, you may also want to cleanse and charge your crystals more. 


Charging crystals is an essential part of their health and wellbeing. If you want effective crystals that have the power to heal and work with you, then charging on a regular basis can help them work at the top of their game. There are many methods for charging, and each stone is unique. Intuitive practice will help you to become more familiar with your stone and its unique energies. Feel free to share your favorite methods of cleansing and charging crystals.


Does it have to be a full moon to charge crystals

A full moon can be a great time for charging crystals, but you can also use other lunar phases that align with your intentions. New moons can be great for new ideas and intention setting, and the last quarter can be a good time to release and let go. 

How to charge crystals for the first time

The best way to charge your crystals for the first time is to cleanse them and then hold them for a while to set intentions. You can then place them under sunlight or moonlight, bury them in soil, or use sound therapy (according to their own needs and whether they are sun safe) to fill them with high vibrations.

Can I charge crystals every day

The more you use a crystal for heavy energy work, the more you should recharge it. You may not need to charge a crystal every day, usually, once a month is a good rule of thumb, but if you commit to heavy energy work, then twice a month or even weekly will suffice. 

What do you say when charging crystals

You can use mantras when charging crystals. Repeating mantras as part of the charging ritual can help set intentions and infuse your crystal with an aligned meaning. Saying I am strong, loved, and healed will all help create the right vibrations. 


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