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What’s My Birthstone? A Month-By-Month Breakdown

 Birthstone Selection

From the heavenly hedonism of the Ancient Greeks to the mystical magic of the Middle Ages, our connection with birth months and precious gems has long been a source of healing and divine celebration. It was believed that wearing the stone associated with your birth month or astrological sign would bring you luck and prosperity, along with tapping into the hidden powers stashed deep in your heart.

Historians have traced the origin of birthstone jewelry back and many believe the connection originated in ancient times, from the 12 stones chosen to adorn the breastplate of Aaron - the High Priest. In the 1st and the 5th century, Josephus and St Jerome began to match these stones with the zodiac that carved starlit patterns in the sky.

Birthstones bring with them a rich tradition of heritage, belief, and beauty. They marry the idea of faith and spirituality and they connect us with heaven and earth. These precious stones were chosen for their power, their planetary alignment, and their color connection to the months they were said to represent. Birthstones are connected to the colors of the planets, and depending on the month you were born, the planets would have been in a certain alignment. The color of the stone is connected to the planet that would have been sitting the furthest away from earth, causing a certain color deficiency in your cosmic makeup. By wearing a birthstone connected to that far-flung planet, you are resorting the balance and bringing working with the universe to combat the color and energy that may be missing from your own spiritual spectrum.

The Difference Between Traditional Birthstones and Modern Birthstones 


The traditional celebration of birthstones is linked to astrology and the Zodiac. Astrology was once our ancient way of telling time. Our elders formed twelve different periods of time, believed to be inspired by the 12 tribes of the book of exodus. For each section of time, they picked a gemstone to represent that Zodiac.

If you want to know more about gemstones and your astrological sign, check out our guide right here.

The idea of modern birthstones came into being during the early 20th century when Jewelers of America decided to select birthstones that celebrated the month in which someone was born to better match our modern calendar. While modern birthstone lists seem to stick to transparent gleaming gems, the traditional choice of gemstones works with a mixture of transparent and opaque stones.

Whether you choose to follow the astral stone selection or the monthly modern birthstone calendar really depends on your own personal interpretation of belief and faith. When it comes to selecting stones that bring deep healing and close connection, it is always best to work intuitively and to select the stone that best connects with your soul. We don’t have to stick to the birthstone that is the one most associated with our month or zodiac pattern, working with healing gems is all about tapping into your instinct and trusting where the heart leads.

The Monthly Breakdown

As we delve deeper into the world of birthstones and their heartfelt connections with the months they represent, you can take a look at which birthstone is your perfect monthly match.

If you want to dive right in and discover more about healing crystals and their potent powers, our essential guide to gemstones can give you a gorgeous overview. Check it out here.

January Stone - Garnet

garnet stone

Bringing the flicker of fire and passion to the cold winter months and the turn of the calendar, the January birthstone is the beautiful and bright Garnet. The Garnet Stone is known for rousing creativity, passion, and a sweet sense of hope. A rich history, the Garnet was said to be the only shining light on Noah’s Ark, it is the pomegranate of the precious gem world, and a vital ingredient in Chinese medicine when it comes to getting your chi flowing. The Garnet will warm your soul, bring a renewed sense of vitality, and keep you in full and healthy spirits.


February Stone - Amethyst

amethyst birthstone

February’s child is ever ready to bring serenity, dreams, and a higher perspective to their personal journey. The Amethyst is their sacred birthstone with its regal lilac hues and its promise of tapping into the crown chakra. Amethyst is one of the most spiritually-minded stones in the pack but is also linked to quiet confidence, a glowing sense of self, and balancing out hormones and active glands. The Amethyst will amaze you with its ability to sweep away nerves and leave you basking in the light. Lapis Lazuli is another stone that nurtures the spiritual side. 


March Stone - Aquamarine

aquamarine birthstone

As winter ebbs to its end, ready to flow into the promise of new life and spring, the blue color shades of Aquamarine are perfectly suited to the March birthstone. This is a stone of deep courage, the same kind of courage it takes to cross oceans or plunge into flowing waters to find your feet. Aquamarine is born from the sea, it’s the stone of mermaids and titans and also a gem that quietly entices you to let go and let the current carry you. It cleans the soul right down to the core, leaving you purified and ever-present in the here and now. If you are seeking other cleansing and calming stones, Blue lace Agate is similar in vibes.


April Stone - Diamond

diamond birthstone

Bright and pure and hammered from coal into one of the world’s most coveted precious gems especially when it comes to engagement rings, April embraces all that glitters with the beautiful Diamond birthstone. Diamond is a stone that encompasses clarity, clear thought, multi-faceted feelings, and welcoming a sense of abundance into your world. Even though it’s a statement stone associated with dramatic entrances and wealth, the spiritual roots of the Diamond speak more to the elements of life, light, and an invincible, unbreakable nature no matter how much pressure the world bestows upon you. if you prefer to steer clear of Diamonds, the Zircon could make an excellent alternative.


May Stone - Emerald 

emerald birthstone

As we enter the fully-fledged month of spring, May echoes with the promise of new life and infinite hope and joy. The Emerald with her gorgeous leafy green hues, her jeweled promise of rainwater dripping from the branch, and the rolling nature of thick forests and hills is the perfect symbol of this time. The Emerald is a stone of rebirth, a stone of love, and a stone of good fortune. It is associated with thoughts and feelings of fertility, it was beloved by Cleopatra the queen of the Egyptians, and even in Ancient Rome, it was the favored gem to dedicate to Venus herself, in homage to her spirit of love and beauty.


June Stone - Pearl/Moonstone/Alexandrite

pearl birthstone

The joyful month of June and this birth month gets to take its pick over the stone that serves it best. The Pearl comes first, the promise of water and purity. The Pearl is a stone that symbolizes sweet simplicity, unwavering authenticity, and a sense of innocence that cannot be marred.

Moonstone brings a different sense of being, it represents all that the mother of the sky brings to us. Light to illuminate the dark, cyclical change to accept that everything is forever inflow, and feminine grace to nurture each and every corner of our soul.

Alexandrite is a stone of fortune and fabulous luck. It is considered to be a great omen and that all those who wear it will find their pathway to inner peace. Alexandrite with its grey-blue hues is also said to bring balance between the physical and spiritual plains of our universe.


July Stone - Ruby

Ruby birthstone

Health, wealth, and wisdom mark the regal gemstone of Ruby as the beautiful July birthstone for those born in the height of summer. For centuries, the Ruby has represented noble thoughts and flighty fantasies. In Indian folklore the Ruby was called the King of Precious Stones, it is known to bring energy, primordial fire, and a new lust for life back into the sparkle of your soul. Marco Polo was the first to declare this gem the most precious article in the world after spotting the sparkle on the King of Ceylon’s finger and since then, Rubies have been associated with the treasures of love, light, and the lyrical restoration of life for the wearer. Beryl also brings her bright shine out to play.


August Stone - Peridot 

peridot birthstone

As we pass the peak of the summer months, the green color twinkle of Peridot plays on feel-good vibes. The color of sunlight through trees, lime green shades, or freshly mown grass, Peridot is all about restoring balance, inviting restful sleep, and inviting you to loosen your grip on those tightly wound anxious feelings. For the birthstone of August, it makes perfect sense thanks as one glance will fill you with an enchanting sense of energy. Peridot isn’t all play though - it’s also known as a studious stone that helps the mind finetune its concentration. Trust your heart to shine and invite summer into your soul with Peridot.


September Stone - Sapphire

 sapphire stone

The deep blue sparkle of Sapphire has been a crowd favorite since the Middle Ages. Never failing to inspire loyalty, light, and protection, the Sapphire makes for a great match for all those born in the month of September. Its celestial-inspired colors also bring a sense of spiritual insight - a fact that links it to the legends of the Far East. The name Sapphire comes from the Greek word for Precious Stone, and sapphire certainly lives up to that rare reputation. Along with being a protector, Sapphire also brings its healing powers to headaches and migraines.


October Stone - Tourmaline/Opal 

Black Tourmaline birthstone

As the darker nights start to close in those who are born in October could certainly use a protector by their side. Black Tourmaline is one of the most potent protectors in the pack when it comes to gemstones. Dark and dreamy, this stone is ever ready to fend off negative energy and mop up bad vibes that are being fired your way. It keeps you safe from EMF’s, steers you towards the positive side of thinking, and helps you keep those beautiful boundaries well and truly in place. For those who crave other stones with high healing powers, there's always Onyx and Bloodstone. 

Opal is another incredible stone choice for those born in October. The gleaming light of the Opal brings its rainbow beauty into your world. It’s a stone that symbolizes confidence, faithfulness, and hope. It’s shifting colors serve as a sublime reminder that life is dancing light and nothing stays the same.


November Stone - Yellow Topaz/Citrine

citrine birthstone

Bring a slice of sunshine to the winter months with the soft and warm glowing light of Yellow Topaz. The November birthstone is often used as an amulet for peace and protection, ever ready to bring it’s flicker of pale sunlight to your soul. It’s a stone used to celebrate friendship, to temper spinning thoughts that flow out of control, and serves to strengthen the root chakras so you feel safe and secure in this big wide world we all share.

Citrine is pure sunshine, bringing its vitality and burst of Vitamin D to the November birthstone party. For those who love it when life gives them lemons, Citrine is sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s a stone that brings a sense of playfulness, clears out stuck energy, and invites juiciness and joy to flow. its a gorgeous good luck charm and the perfect gift for a loved one.


December Stone - Blue Topaz/ Tanzanite

blue topaz birthstone

As the winter solstice rolls in, December’s birthstone brings the icy touch of Blue Topaz as its beautiful birthstone. Blue Topaz is a gem of deep peace and healing, ever ready to soothe, recharge, and stimulate the heart chakra. With its pale and icy sparkle, this precious stone works closely with the throat and third eye chakra, sowing seeds of open communication and shielding you from bad vibes that may be heading your way.

Tanzanite is the second birthstone of choice for those born in December. This stone of transmutation is ever ready to help you reach for those high vibrations. With its deep purple hues and stimulating connection with the crown and third eye chakra, this is the stone for those who want to see beyond the periphery. Dissolve old patterns, learn to slow down a little, and let the blessed solstice of winter nights and northern lights pave the way for reflection.


How to Cleanse Gemstones

Smudging Stones

It's important to keep your gemstones cleansed not only to protect their precious nature and keep sparkling with vibrancy but also on a spiritual level. Gemstones and healing crystals collect energies and vibrations and because of this they can become blocked. When a gemstone gets blocked with energy, it cannot hit the peak of its powers and you may not be getting the best of its ability. Many gemstones are easily cleansed with water and a soft cloth. Some like to be left out in slants of sunlight or to sit beneath a full moon to gather their strength. Some stones like to be smudged with sage or left in water with other tumbled crystals to reclaim their zing for life. Always research the best method for your exact stone when cleaning and charging.

Birthstones are said to bring deep healing and powerful protection to all those who choose to wear them. Whether you opt for astral stones and cosmic colors or if you prefer to let the modern gemstones guide you, the aim is to celebrate your unique connection with the planets when you entered this world. Every soul is special, and every stone can be a powerful talisman to bring balance, beauty, and endless benefits.

Do you love your birthstone or are you drawn to a different month? Share with us in the comments.


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