Speedy Vegan Lunches For Mindful Munching


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Speedy Vegan Lunches For Mindful Munching


Grabbing lunch on the go doesn’t need to mean another avocado sandwich with these easy vegan recipes. Making a home lunch to take to work or wherever your day takes you also doesn’t need to be a long and arduous task. Simply taking five or ten mindful minutes to piece together a healthy nutritious and delicious lunch can make all the difference to your day. Here are our favorite easy vegan recipes to work into your routine…


Roasted Chickpea Gyros


Chow down on a lunch that will have you dreaming of siren songs and golden olive groves with this Roasted Chickpea Gyros. This particular recipe invites you to blend with homemade tzatziki, but to make it vegan you can easily swap it out for hummus or make tzatziki with soy yogurt. The roasted chickpeas bring plenty of heart, especially when lovingly wrapped up with fresh salad inside delicious warm pillowy bread.


Smashed Chickpea Avocado Sandwich with Cranberries and Lemon


OK, I know we promised no more avocado sandwich but trust us, this one is well worth breaking a vow for. A creamy ripe avocado smothered on top of your favourite crusty bread, topped with smashed chickpeas, zested with bright lemon, and studded with cranberries – what’s even better is you can build on this fabulous foundation. Add in arugula, red onion, and whatever salad goodness takes your fancy.


Kale and Basil Flatbread Pizza


Don’t have time to curate a whole organic pizza? Not a problem. Instead of a long process kneading dough simply grab some flatbread, whizz up a quick basil pesto, throw on some chargrilled kale and broccoli, and top with a sprinkle of yeast flakes to lend that salty cheese-like taste. This recipe here is a gorgeously green example of a great kale and pesto flatbread pizza. You can even whip it up the night before and pack in a brown paper bag to take with you.


Tabbouleh Hummus Mason Jar


A gorgeous grain bowl on the go, this easy vegan recipe looks pretty and will give you that perfect level of protein you want from a quick and fuss-free lunch. A simple cup of tabbouleh is followed by an overtly generous dollop of hummus, some crisp romaine lettuce leaves, shredded spinach and the dressing of your choice. Pack a fork alongside your jar and you have one of the sweetest speediest lunches to pull out anytime or place.


Falafel Burger


A food processor, chickpeas, harissa paste, salad and pitta bread are all you need to piece together this chock a block filling falafel burger. This recipe shares the basics of making your smoky zingy falafel burger loaded with garlic and cumin, but of course – feel free to build on top. Tomato salsa, all kinds of salad, your favorite leaves, and even a soya yogurt and dill sauce for dipping all add up to the kind of dish that will have you drooling in delight.


Loaded Sweet Potato


Bake a sweet potato and pack it to the brim with kale, earthy black beans and a rich dreamy creamy green dressing. Filling, fabulous and fast if you pre-bake the sweet potato to avoid having to hang around your oven for an hour, this easy and tasty textured loaded sweet potato is a pure stomach hug and a great choice for those chilly winter days.

Which vegan lunches will you be whipping up from this list? Share your favorite recipes with us and let’s get a mindful munching list together.


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