Sapphire: The Dazzling September Birthstone


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Sapphire: The Dazzling September Birthstone

Beautiful in the deepest shades of blue, the famous sapphire is the birthstone for September. September is a month of harvest in the Northern Hemisphere, and for many, it also marks the start of the school year and the return to learning. This means that September has the energy of being a month of wisdom and virtue and reaping what you have sown. It's a time of growth and abundance and takes its name from the heavenly number Seven - a highly spiritual number. The sapphire is the perfect popular gemstone to match September's moods. Sapphire is revered worldwide for being a wisdom, fortune, and virtue gem. Let's take a closer look at the historical significance of sapphire and why it is so revered across the globe. 

The Allure of Sapphire

With its hues ranging from deep ocean blues to vibrant sky shades, the blue variety of sapphire is a timeless delight and the poster child for this stunning stone. Sapphires also come in rarer shades, such as yellow sapphires, pink sapphires, and even white sapphires. One of the most revered colors of sapphire is the 'cornflower blue' variety, a delicate hue of intense blue with hints of violet. This blue color sapphire is highly sought after and shares the traits of the delicate cornflower as a symbol of purity and tranquility. There is also a term used in the jewelry world by gem collectors called pigeon blood sapphire. This type of sapphire is truly very rare and takes its rather dramatic name from the deep and intense red color that is almost reminiscent of a ruby.

Historical Significance and Lore

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The beautiful sapphire has always been considered precious, an ancient stone soaked in significance and lore. In ancient Persian mythology, it was said that the world rested on a giant sapphire, which lent strength and stability to the earth. This gave it the status of being a stone of high power and divine favor. In medieval Europe, the sapphire was a gemstone of nobility and royalty and represented high status. Sapphires could be found adorning crowns, scepters, and other royal jewelry. Not only was it a stone of status, but sapphire was also believed to have protective and healing powers. Wearing a sapphire ring  or jewelry could ward off evil spirits and keep you free from harm. In some countries, sapphire was seen as a medicinal stone that could cure the plague and keep your eyes clear and bright - just like the blue stone itself.

Sapphire's Symbolism

Sapphire gemstones are stones of sincerity, truth, faithfulness, and nobility. Their preciousness means that they represent high worth and deep value, which can symbolize how you should treat yourself. Sapphire birthstones are also considered to be connected to divine favor, which is why they are used in ecclesiastical rings for clergy leaders who lean on divine wisdom and illumination from above. 

Sapphire engagement rings are also very popular choices, as these blue crystals represent eternal love. The long-lasting beauty of a sapphire stone symbolizes the long-term commitment of love and marriage—not to mention the vision of timeless elegance and rare romance.

Geographical Sources

Sapphires are mined around the world, but the most famous spots for finding sapphires are in Kashmir, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Montana in the United States. The Kashmir region of the Himalayas produces some of the most beautiful deep blue sapphires in the world especially those cornflower blue sapphires mentioned earlier. Kashmir sapphires are known for their clarity, intense color, and silky luster formed by inclusions shimmering beneath the beloved birthstone. 

Sri Lankan sapphires produce a rainbow of colors when it comes to the precious stone. You can find sapphires in yellow, the traditional birthstone shade of blue, and pink and purple color sapphires. These bright gems are not only vivid in their shades but are also high quality when it comes to clarity. 

The sapphires mined in Myanmar also go beyond the blue, and this area is known for its sapphires that strike different shades, with deep pinks and vibrant yellow colors also being popular among the depths of blue. Their intense hues and clean clarity make these vivid stones highly sought after. 

Madagascar may be a newer player in mining this protective stone, but it also produces beautiful gems in a range of colors. Montana in the USA is known for finding blue sapphires in various shades - ranging from the darker navy blues to those sapphires that seem to fall from the sky on a summer day. 

Caring for Sapphire Jewelry

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It is important to keep your sapphire stone sparkling to make the most of this truly stunning gem and its ethereal glow. Sapphires score high on the Mohs scale - coming in at a nine, which is just one step down from the hardness of a diamond. This means that sapphire is a durable stone suitable for everyday wear. However, you still want to keep it cleansed and free from any potential damage. One of the best ways to clean your sapphire stone is with warm water, a dash of mild detergent, and a soft brush to slough away any dirt and debris. Be sure to dry thoroughly, and you can even use a soft dry cloth to buff your gemstone to brilliance and let those beautiful colors shine out. Avoid cleansing your sapphire birthstone jewelry with harsh chemicals, abrasive materials, or ultrasonic cleaners. Regular professional checkups will also help maintain your gemstone's brilliance and ensure no problems with prong settings. 

Incorporating Sapphire into Jewelry

Fancy sapphires, with their richness, deep shine, and range of colors—from blue sapphires to orange sapphires, purple sapphires, and even black sapphires—make stunning jewelry pieces.  Sapphire engagement rings are the pinnacle of perfection, combining beauty and deep spiritual meaning. The sapphire birthstone also imparts wisdom and good fortune to all born in the birth month of September, and sapphire jewelry makes for stunning gifts for September babes. Timeless elegance can always be found in sapphire earrings, a blur or white sapphire pendant, an ocean sapphire ring, or when combined with a diamond ring. Sapphires in any rainbow variety look stunning when set in white gold, which truly brings out the blooming beauty of colors. Sapphire jewelry can always be a statement piece, or pick something understated and simple for daily wear. 

When selecting your sapphire stone, consider color, cut, and clarity. The most prized sapphire color is the cornflower blue or darker hues with hints of violet. The clarity should have minimal inclusions so as not to affect the brilliance and shine, although some inclusions are certainly expected as this makes the stone so real and rare. 

The Modern Appeal of Sapphire

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Since ancient times, sapphire has been a stone that draws people in with its beauty, grace, and power, and this hasn't changed. Sapphire has enjoyed long and enduring popularity and still holds its status as a stone of nobility and truth. Sapphire is versatile, thanks to the fact that it comes in a range of colors. It's also a stone that suits classical settings and brings statement style to more modern and avant-garde designs. There has also been an uptick in consumers seeking ethically sourced gemstones, which is why buying your sapphires from companies that offer tracing and transparency when it comes to their precious gems can be important. For those who want to be sure they are getting their stones from ethical sourcing, lab brown sapphires are also increasing in popularity as an ethically and environmentally friendly alternative to mined natural gemstones. 


Sapphire is one of the most stunning precious stones you can find. Known for its noble energy, promises of truth, and nurturing of inner wisdom, it enchants and intrigues at every turn. Sapphire jewelry will never lose its allure, and for those born in September, it makes for a perfect gift. Explore our crystal shop and find your favorite sapphire pieces, along with gemstone bracelets, worry stones, and zodiac bracelet sets.


What are the 2 birthstones for September

September's two birthstones are Sapphire and Moonstone. Sapphire is the traditional choice, but moonstone is another option for those who want a different, more affordable gem. 

What is the birthstone for Virgo September

The birthstone for Virgos and all those born in September is the Sapphire stone, which represents truth, sincerity, and wisdom. 

What is the new September birthstone

The traditional birthstone for September is the Sapphire gemstone which is one of the big four precious gemstones in the world. There's a newer edition of the September birthstone, also the Moonstone. 

Which months have 2 birthstones

June, August, October, November, and December are traditionally months with two birthstones or more. However, more recently, in other months, consumers have also been granted an additional birthstone to offer them more choices. 


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