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Psychic Powers: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you have ever pulled a tarot card from a deck, held seances with your friends, or simply got a feeling about something that later turned out to be spot on - psychic and supernatural powers, premonitions, and other extrasensory experiences ring true for many of us at some point in life. Understanding psychic powers, how they work, and how you can foster a more active approach to psychic phenomena gifts you the knowledge you need to make a decision if walking down this path is right for you. We are all on the spectrum when it comes to our powers, it’s just how much we choose to nurture them.

What are Psychic Powers?

The term psychic powers can relate to anything that calls on extrasensory perceptions or what we sometimes call the sixth sense. This can be any information gathered through a special sense that isn’t one we normally call on in the physical world. This can be anything from telepathy to clairvoyance, communicating with higher entities, open to receiving messages from the universe, aura reading and other powers and perceptions within a similar vein. 

How Do Psychic Powers Work?

Psychic powers are deeply connected to perception and intuition and we all have this to a point. You may have experienced a feeling, a hunch, or a vision that actually came to fruition. Rather than calling it a fluke, this could be the unnurtured sparks of psychic powers. These powers show up in many different forms and some are more open to them than others. Their manifestation depends on the energy and the perceptive strengths of the individual. It is about expanding your sensory connection beyond the physicalities of this world. 

We all have the ability to access psychic powers - they are in us all but maybe with time and outside influence, we have packed away our intuition and have dampened our perception and have become more closed to this realm of possibility. By acknowledging these powers, taking the time and practice to reconnect to them, and starting to nurture them, you can find your own pathway into this realm. 

Psychic Powers vs Conventional Science

Psychics have had a bad rap over the years particularly when it comes to conventional science. This may be because there is a lot of fraud out there when it comes to people claiming psychic gifts and charging for their services. It can be tricky for conventional science to meet psychic powers as the latter can be near impossible to verify. How can you measure that which does not rely on the physical world? There has been some mixed evidence however when it comes to the phenomena of psychic ability with some reports saying that there is inconclusive evidence and others acknowledging the possibility of ESP existing but without the cold hard facts to back it up. J.B Rhine and William McDougall were two of the leading psychologists studying parapsychology using ‘Zener cards’ and while their findings did point towards the existence of psychic tendencies, they came under scrutiny from other scientists and probability statistics seemed to muddy the waters. However, conventional science does seem to agree that quieting the mind and calling on intuition can lead to psychic like experiences. 

Other Psychic FAQs

What are the symptoms of psychic powers?

Symptoms of strong psychic powers may include having strong gut feelings, vivid dreams and visions, synesthesia, seeing lights around other living things, and perceiving messages or deep instincts about someone or something.  

What is an example of psychic power?

There are many examples of psychic powers including divination, clairvoyance, telekinesis, energy healing, prophecies, channeling and more. 

What does the term "psychic powers" refer to?

Psychic powers refer to skills or powers that come from extrasensory perception. It can pertain to the gathering of information from resources beyond our physical world. 

What is the psychic power of telepathy?

Telepathy refers to communication, thoughts, ideas, and information shared without the use of words or any kind of physical interaction. Instead, it is shared from mind to mind without speech or signs or any of our known senses.  

What are psychic powers?

Psychic powers refer to any kind of powers that exist outside of our human known senses or the physical world. This can be anything from telepathy to mediumship, vision work, clairvoyance, and other forms.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A medium refers to someone who has the psychic powers to reach beyond and communicate with higher entities, the spirit world, or our angel guides. Every medium is a psychic but not every psychic is a medium as their powers may be in different fields. 

Are psychic powers real?

While there is no hard evidence that psychic powers are real there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. Proving psychic powers can be difficult although there has been proof of ESP from some studies. 

Developing and Strengthening Mental Powers

We all have the potential to tap into our stashed away psychic powers, but part of that process is learning how to develop and strengthen our minds and our mental powers in the first place. The stronger you can lean into your intuition and the more you practice opening up to the universe, the more potent your mental powers can become. Here are some methods you can use to tap into those psychic gifts…

  • Meditation - bustling busy minds don’t make a lot of space for psychic messages to come through. By welcoming stillness and giving room to your subconscious to open, you have more chances of creating connections with the unknown.
  • Visualization - this is a powerful tool that arguably sits at the heart of a lot of psychic gifts. Visualization redirects your subconscious, works with manifesting, and can help you to see beyond and even be prepped for what’s coming. From tea leaves to tarot cards, crystal spheres, pendulums and so forth - the more you play with these things, the stronger this connection and instinct will become. 
  • Zener cards - these were the cards originally used in the studies to test people’s ESP. This deck of 25 cards have five different symbols and by using your psychic powers to guess which cards have been chosen from the pack, you can learn to tune into those senses of psychic perception. 
  • Journaling - automatic writing and journaling can also be a way of strengthening the powers of the mind. Dream journaling can help you to decode messages from the universe and by penning a stream of consciousness you can also connect with your subconscious and your intuition. 

    How to Find Out Whether You Have Psychic Powers

    For those who feel like they may have psychic powers, trust those instincts and lean into it. We are often taught to ignore or squash down our extrasensory perception, swapping out the abstract for the concrete. But signs of psychic powers can show up in a range of ways - from being intuitive to seeing further and deeper and feeling more, odds are that you do have psychic powers and you just need to find a way to reconnect to that energy. 

    Some ways you can test your psychic powers involve - Zener cards, playing with tarot cards, writing down your pre perceptions before going to a new place to see what you get right, paying close attention to your dreams, ‘feeling’ into energy, bringing color to your emotions, and practicing communication without any verbal language leading the way.

    8 Psychic Abilities To Tap Into

    There are tons of different psychic abilities out there but we have chosen 8 of the most popular to introduce and to try your hand at. Again, we invite you to use your intuition and to play around with as many as you feel called to. Perhaps there is one ability or area that stands out above all others? Again, this is your intuition calling you and a thread that should always be followed. 

    Astral Projection

    Astral projection is also known as an out of body experience. It can be brought about on purpose or discovered accidentally. It’s an event where the astral body leaves the physical body behind, helping your consciousness to enter higher plains. Astral projection can be practiced through the use of mindfulness and meditation. 

    Aura Reading

    Aura reading is when you are able to see the energy of a person. We all have an aura (an electromagnetic field that is linked to our energy). Our aura can be felt or seen by those who are tapped in. It’s kind of like a spiritual version of a vibe check. Auras can also have colors and these colors are linked to certain personality traits. You can learn to read auras through practice if you have the right lighting, and set-up, and allow your eyes to relax into the possibility. 


    Clairvoyance is a method in which you can gather information outside of our usual sensory perceptions that exist in the physical world. It’s a way of receiving or knowing things through those extrasensory channels - to see things that have yet to pass or to see things that others cannot see. You can nurture clairvoyance skills through the practice of visualization. 


    The term divination often refers to the practice of trying to foresee events or to discover hidden meaning in an event that has already happened. This can be in the form of using tarot cards, tea leaves, crystal balls, pendulums, runes and other such tools. Divination has been around for centuries - and shows up in a lot of Norse and Greek mythology with people seeking advice and insight from oracles. 

    Energy Healing

    Energy healers can use their own energy to effectively heal other people. Healing through touch or the use of hands is one of the most common practices that even has links with old Christian and Buddhist practices too. One of the most popular forms of energy healing is reiki. You can practice energy healing but only when you are in a fine state of vitality. 


    Mediums are those who have the ability to communicate with spirits and those that have passed on. It's a form of clairvoyance and can come about when the person enters a trance like state. It can be an advanced form of psychic power and should be approached with care and caution. 


    Telekinesis is the ability to control objects with your mind. You may have come across it before with spoon-bending or in the children’s book Matilda by Roald Dahl. Telekinesis is another advanced skill that takes lots of care and practice. You can use visualization and energy transferring to try and move or levitate objects - start small. 


    Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others or scan other people’s thoughts without the need for verbal communication. In short, its mind-reading. However, this can go much deeper than simply reading minds, and can also refer to reading moods, experiences, and more. Telepathy is an art that can be practiced especially if you truly believe in it and already have a potency for high empathy and intuition. 

    Learn More About Psychic Powers  

    Psychic powers are a potential for everyone so you don’t need to go through life, thinking that you don’t have what it takes. By leaning into your beliefs around psychic powers and undertaking mind training, meditation, and becoming more aware of both your inner and outer world, you can start to weave psychic powers into your everyday world. Remember crystals, pendulums, spheres, and scrying tools can all help you explore your powers so be sure to check out our range.


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