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What is a Psychic Medium? What To Expect & More

For all those who have wanted to connect with the other side or reach across the divide to communicate with past loved ones, a psychic medium may be able to help. Mediums are believed to have the skills needed to bridge a gap between our realms and other realms. While popular narratives will simplify and say that mediums can speak to the dead, this is a loaded term - as instead of calling the dead back, a medium may see that they are able to become messengers and vessels for those who have transformed from physical beings into solely spiritual beings. For those who want to find out more about what a psychic medium can do and what to expect from visiting one, we take a quick look at all the invaluable energy that a medium can offer.

What Does a Psychic Medium Do?

A psychic medium is someone who has extrasensory capabilities and can tap into things unseen or unknown by our usual sense of perception. This may also be referred to as the sixth sense. A psychic medium may be able to perceive and even interpret and communicate messages that come through paranormal channels. Some mediums are also able to speak or receive messages from souls on the other side and can interact with otherworldly, ethereal spirits. They can do this if they have vibrations that are high enough to connect to that other side

What to Expect During Your Reading

People attend psychic medium readings for a wide range of reasons. Maybe you are seeking clarity on a situation or feel like you have unfinished business with someone who has passed to the other side. Whatever your reasons, it helps to tune in with yourself and check where you are at and what you are expecting from the reading. 

Choosing the reading

What happens during the session depends on whether you pick a private session or a group seance session. Private sessions can certainly have more benefits as they ensure that your connection is paramount and also offers privacy. However, some people do find comfort in shared group circles as it can be a reminder that you are not alone in this process of wanting to reach across the great divide. 

Before the reading

Before attending a reading with a spiritual medium because you are hoping to connect with a lost loved one or family member, you should make sure that you are feeling grounded in that grief as having time to process the loss can play a role in whether someone will connect and come through or not. You also want to leave skepticism at the door as this could also hinder the process of a spirit entering the space.

During the reading 

When it comes to the supernatural, it is always worth entering these occasions with an open mind and no expectations. The process will be slightly different for each psychic depending on their own style and their skills. Some mediums may want you to ask direct questions whereas others may prefer to work ‘blind’. They may want to know if there is anyone you want to connect with directly so they can write a name down and use it as a calling card for connection. You can expect your psychic medium to be gentle and if they do have a message that doesn’t make sense to you, you can ask them to try and get clarification. Some mediums will allow for questions and answers to be delivered according to your wishes, whereas others may let the situation unfold naturally. Some may use tarot cards whereas others may rely on spirit guides to contact them in other ways through the use of seance or simply tapping into that extrasensory perception.

How to Become a Psychic Medium

While some people are naturally born with psychic gifts and can be attuned to the spirit world without even trying, for others it may take a little time and practice. We all have the intuitive ability to deepen our psychic nature and nurture those skills. If you want to deepen your psychic toolbox and step closer to the spirit world, these tips can help you…

Raise your inner voice

Intuition is the first step in any psychic journey and learning to connect to, listen to, and honor that inner voice is imperative. All information from the spirit world and connections from other realms will go via your own spirit, so you need to clean your inner house and make sure that you can tune in, hear and trust yourself. Some common work we often need to overcome to truly honor our voices includes recognizing fear, being too distracted all the time, indulging in negative self-talk, and numbing or disconnecting from the body.

Take time to meditate

Meditation can be a great tool for those looking to deepen their psychic awareness. When we practice meditation, we learn to cut out distractions, tap into the body, and connect to our deepest sense of being. This can clear channels and raise your vibrations - both of which are essential for receiving messages from the spirit realm.

Practice and patience

Many people think that dealing with messages from other realms will be this big experience, that they will see and hear things with absolute clarity as they do in life. Whereas, really these messages and connections and clear hearing experiences can be super subtle and may come through in more curious ways. Dreams, visions, a thought that crops up out of nowhere, or a different emotion washing over you - all of these can be messages. Stay patient, stay connected, and work to strengthen your intuition. 

Other Types of Psychic Abilities

Being a medium isn’t the only psychic power out there and in fact it is actually one of the more complicated abilities to master. By exploring the realm of other extrasensory powers, you may also have a positive impact on your mediumship skills as these abilities also rely on tuning in, tapping into intuition, and being open to the messages and powers that go beyond our peripheral vision. Here are some other psychic gifts and abilities to explore…


Psychics refers to those with powers or capabilities that sit outside the physical sphere of science or knowledge. These can be extrasensory abilities that are linked to the mind and emotions over the body, it can be seeing and hearing things that are not always present in the physical world, knowing intuitively what is going to happen, or being able to understand a person’s thoughts or mental state without the need for verbal communication. The skills of psychics are wide and varied. 


Clairvoyancy is a skill in which you garner information outside of our usual channels. While in this world we tend to collect information through our physical senses, clairvoyants are able to ascertain information via other more ethereal channels. They may be able to see things that have happened in the past or things that have yet to happen.


Empaths tend to be deeply attuned to the thoughts, feelings, and emotional states of those around them. They can sense what others are thinking and feeling through energy rather than through talking. By being able to feel what someone else is feeling, you are highly attuned to the vibrations of others. As an empath, it is also super important to have good boundaries.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear things outside of our usual earthly channels. You may be able to hear messages from other beings or those who have passed over. If you are well versed in clairaudience it can be a good way of receiving messages from the universe and those outside of our plane of existence. 


If you are clairsentient you may be able to receive energy, thoughts, feelings and visuals through sentience rather than the physical realm. The term loosely means ‘clear feeling’ which refers to letting intuition and feelings guide you above all else. 


Clairgustance refers to the ability to taste something without having the item make contact with your mouth. It’s a skill in which taste may come from the spiritual or ethereal world rather than the physical world. 

Psychic Medium FAQ

What are the differences between a psychic and a medium?

A medium is also a psychic but their skill range means that they can communicate or receive messages from those who have passed over into other dimensions or the spirit world. Not every psychic is a medium, as being psychic can refer to a range of extrasensory skills and abilities. 

What is a psychic medium?

A psychic medium has skills or capabilities that mean they can tap into things outside of our usual levels of perception. They can often communicate or become a channel for messages from the other side or from those who have passed over.

Do psychic mediums have to be born with psychic abilities?

While some people are naturally born with psychic abilities, we all have the power to tap into that energy within ourselves. Some mediums are naturally blessed but others may have to nurture that sense through visualization, practising intuition, and meditation. 

Are psychic mediums real?

There are people out there who work in the realm of extrasensory capabilities although scientific proof can be hard to get as these gifts work outside of our physical understanding. 

Psychic mediums can be a link between our world and other worlds. They can help provide guidance, clarity, and answers to questions that may be keeping us from moving on when it comes to themes around grief and loss. Whether you want to visit a psychic medium for your psychic reading or if you feel compelled to nurture your own psychic skills - an open mind, suspended disbelief, and a connection to your intuition and one true voice are essential.


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