A Guide to Popular Crystals and Their Spiritual Benefits


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A Guide to Popular Crystals and Their Spiritual Benefits


Shimmering in all different shades and with a wide range of healing properties, crystals should be in everyone's spiritual wellness kit. The world of crystals is ever fascinating - vibrant colors, positive vibes, and amazing energy; it's no wonder that people have been turning to crystals to elevate their life experience since the beginning of time. Across continents and centuries, various cultures have considered and utilized the healing power of crystals. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Native Americans, Sumerians, and right up to modern age medicine, crystals have been called on for protection, chakra healing, physical assistance, mental clarity, emotional balance, and so much more. We take a look at the most popular crystals to add to your pack so you can start making the most of these precious healing gemstones. 

Understanding How Crystals Work

Energetic Properties: Crystals are strongly believed to have abundant healing abilities, with different stones tapping into different powers. As crystals have a very stable atomic makeup and high vibrations, they interact with the vibrations of our bodies and impact our energy fields. This means that crystals can influence and harmonize our energy—almost like a tuning fork, bringing us to pitch perfection.  

Chakra System: Crystals also influence our chakras. The body has seven different chakra points (energy points), and each chakra aligns with a different area of our life - from communication to how we give and receive love to our spiritual connections, how grounded we are, and our confidence levels. Each chakra has a certain color, which often corresponds with the color of the crystals - for example, the crown chakra is purple, and purple color crystals like Amethyst connect with the crown chakra. Sometimes, our chakras get blocked, and we cannot operate at the pinnacle of our powers. Crystal healing can help shake out these blockages and bring us back to a clear flow of energy. 

Top 10 Popular Crystals and Their Meanings


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Description: Amethyst is a purple quartz crystal known as the Stone of Tranquility. This semiprecious stone has a glassy or vitreous luster, and its shades can vary from lavender to deep purple crystals. 

Meaning: Amethyst crystals promotes inner peace, intuition, and spiritual growth. It helps the body, mind, and soul by promoting a calm and serene energy. It encourages solid sleep and emotional balance and reduces negative energy influences. 

Use: Place Amethyst near the bed for restful sleep or hold it close during meditation to enhance awareness and align with your intuition. 

Rose Quartz

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Description: Rose Quartz is known as the Stone of Love. This pink quartz crystal is one of the most beautiful stones in its shades of pale pink. 

Meaning: Rose Quartz encourages compassion and emotional healing and helps you perfect the art of self-love. This stone invites loving care for yourself and for others. It heals emotional wounds and is one of the most powerful crystals for relationships.

Use: Wear Rose Quartz Bracelets to carry its loving energy wherever you go. You can also place Rose Quartz Crystals in the bedroom and nightstand to nurture relationships and improve emotional health. 


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Description: Sunny Citrine is a bright yellow quartz often called the Stone of Abundance. This golden-yellow crystal often has a smoky or cloudy look. Its shades can vary from deep amber to the brightest shades of yellow.

Meaning: Citrine is a stone that attracts prosperity and success and sparks creativity. It is a type of crystal that radiates positive energy and has feel-good vibes. Citrine is also an energy booster and can help you out of a slump. 

Use: Place Citrine crystals on your work desk or carry it in your purse or pocket to boost confidence and bring extra energy to your motivation. 

Clear Quartz

Description: Clear Quartz is called the Master Healer because it works on the body, mind, and soul. This stone has a vitreous luster and is also sometimes called rock crystal. Its shades can range from clear to white. 

Meaning: Clear Quartz is one of the most common crystals in the pack despite its high-flying powers. It is a true healing stone that amplifies intention, enhances clarity, and aligns energies. Clear Quartz has protective properties and can keep you clear of negative vibrations. It also connects with all the chakras and can remove blockages. 

Use: The best way to call on Clear Quartz crystals is to use them during meditation. You can also pair it with other crystals as it is a natural amplifier and can elevate the healing properties of other stones.


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Description: Selenite is known as a Cleansing Stone. The Cleanser gem is white and translucent, also known as the goddess stone. 

Meaning: Selenite is a stunner. This is one of the best healing crystals for clearing negative energy and promoting tranquility. Adding Selenite to your crystal collection will help you to shift anxiety and find mental clarity. It's uplifting energy keeps you open to the messages and moods of the universe. 

Use: Selenite crystals are powerful healing stones that can be placed in meditation spaces. Its cleansing energy can also cleanse and recharge the energy levels of your other crystals. 

Black Tourmaline

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Description: Black Tourmaline is a powerful protective stone famed for its grounding properties. This gem is a style of silicate crystal and often has an inky black color scheme. 

Meaning: Black Tourmaline crystals are known for absorbing negative energy. This protective gem can also repel the side effects of electromagnetic fields and bring us back to emotional balance. It is a root chakra crystal, which means it assists us in feeling steady and safe in the world. 

Use: The best way to use the healing benefits of Black Tourmaline is to place it near electronic devices to protect it from EMFs. You can also carry it with you for personal protection. 

Lapis Lazuli

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Description: Lapis Lazuli is known as the Stone of Wisdom. This wonder gem is a stunning crystal in shades of deep blue or deep purple as the midnight sky scattered with stars. It is often composed of lazurite with calcite, sodalite, and pyrite.

Meaning: Lapis Lazuli is a throat chakra and third eye chakra stone that enhances communication, clarity, and spiritual growth. This gem illuminates truth and self-awareness and encourages you to own your self-expression. It is a favored stone by artists and was even ground down and used to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Use: Keep Lapis Lazuli crystals on your desk to elevate and improve creativity and communication. If you have trouble expressing yourself, this is the perfect crystal for aligning your words with your inner wisdom. 


Description: Labradorite is an iridescent crystal connected with spiritual healing, intuition, and psychic abilities. This gemstone has various color shades that range from purple to grey-blue, green, yellow, and brown. It also has a Schiller effect, which lends it a look of sparkle. 

Meaning: Labradorite enhances spiritual awakening and provides energetic protection for those who call on its healing powers. Labradorite is connected to themes of creativity and consciousness and is also a known mood stabilizer. Connected to the throat and third eye chakra, it also brings us to truth and wisdom. 

Use: The best way to use Labradorite crystals is to meditate with this shimmering stone to strengthen intuition. You can also place it by the bed to aid in dream recall. 


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Description: Jade is a green stone linked to themes of abundance and good fortune. It is a lucky stone and falls under the mineral class. It is also believed to bring confidence, acceptance, and health. 

Meaning: The Jade gemstone is a magnet for prosperity, luck, and luminous social blessings. It is a soothing stone with calm energy and can nudge out negative thought patterns. Jade is joyful and puts you in a good mood. It is also connected to the heart chakra, which helps with themes of self-love, bonding, and connection. 

Use: Wear a Jade bracelet on your left wrist to receive blessings or place a Green Jade Heart in a prominent spot in the home to welcome luck and abundance into your sacred space. 


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Description: Rhodochrosite is known for being a gemstone of deep emotional healing. The soulmate stone comes in shades ranging from pale pink to reddish pink, with darker shades and patterns blended in. It has an opaque transparency and a vitreous luster. 

Meaning: Rhodochrosite is a stone that builds self-love, boosts confidence, and heals all kinds of emotional wounds. This gorgeous gem paves the way to purity, powerful self-acceptance, and ease of being. It connects to the heart and root chakra, keeping you stable and solid but still open to the transformative powers of love and connection.  

Use: The best way to use this gem is to meditate or carry it to improve your self-esteem and attract love. 

How to Integrate Crystals into Your Life

Cleansing and Charging: Cleansing and charging your crystals regularly will keep them working to the best of their vibrational ability. As crystals can collect energy (good and bad), they can sometimes become overloaded or heavy and need a quick cleanse and recharge. There are many methods for cleansing and charging, including placing your stones in moonlight, using sage smudging, sound baths and tuning forks, and using Selenite or Crystal Quartz wands or charging plates.

Jewelry: If you want to make the most of keeping crystal energy close, you can wear gemstone jewelry. Wearing crystal bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings all keep you closely aligned with the vibrations of your chosen stone.

Meditation: Using crystals during meditation can also help amplify intentions and keep you protected and surrounded with positive energy. 

Home and Workspace: Placing crystals around the home in certain spaces that benefit from their energy and healing powers will also infuse your home and workspace with that specific vibe. For example, a rose quartz in the bedroom will radiate love and connection, whereas a citrine stone in the office can heighten motivation. 


There are many crystals out there that you can call on for their healing powers. The most popular crystals are beloved for a reason, and they are some of the most user-friendly gemstones you can have in your pack. Working with crystals relies heavily on intuition, so when choosing which stones you want - don't be afraid to lean into feeling which crystals resonate with you. 


Which crystal is the most popular

Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz are the most popular crystals, loved for their healing benefits and ease of use. 

Which is the luckiest crystal

Green Aventurine, Jade, and Citrine are some of the luckiest crystals. Citrine is the success stone because it opens one up to abundance, and jade cultivates a good luck mood. 

What is the most special crystal

There are many special crystals, and each stone has its own unique healing properties. Two of the most unique and rare crystals are Taaffeite and Painite. 

Which is the most expensive crystal

Different colored forms of diamonds, including pink and blue diamonds, can be the most expensive stones in the world. Tanzanite is also a very expensive crystal, considered rarer than these diamonds. 


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