Exploring the Dazzling World of October Birthstones: Opal and Tourmali


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Exploring the Dazzling World of October Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline

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Opal and Tourmaline are the two birthstones for October. October is a month of transition and transformation. It's a time when the veil falls and reveals what lies beneath. It is often associated with mysticism and the ending of cycles, surrendering to the changing seasons, and honoring all that has been. Opal and Tourmaline are the perfect gemstones to match that mood.

Opal is a stone of balancing energy and represents light, purity, and play. Shimmering in opalescent shades, this hope stone can help us emotionally heal, clear the chakras, and connect to higher consciousness. Tourmaline is also a balancing stone that can help us find our feet and stay protected. 

October is a month lucky enough to have not one but two precious stones to choose from. Let's take a closer look at this dynamic duo so you can choose which birthstone is best for you. 

 The Traditional October Birthstone

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Formation and Characteristics

Opals are one of a kind with their shimmering shades opalescent fire, and light-like looks. These glowy gems are blessed with a certain sheen that few other stones have. One of the most striking things about precious Opals is how they look - with a range of colors glistening beneath the surface. 

Opals are formed similarly to other gemstones (despite being a different makeup) - in the cracks and fissures of the earth in places where high heat, pressure, and mineral reach waters meet. With Opals, silica-rich waters permeate rock and soil where host rocks like basalt and shale or sandstone wait. Over time, the waters will evaporate and leave behind a silica deposit - AKA common opals. Whereas most gemstones have a crystalline structure, Opals have silica spheres scattered and arranged in patterns. These spheres diffract light and lend Opal the color play it is famed for.

There are several different kinds of Opals - from fire opal to white opal and black opal, not to mention green opal, pink opal, and more. White Opal is the most common, but other mixed colors can be found relatively easily. Each different shade of Opal also has its own healing properties. Fire Opal is about boosting passions and sexuality, whereas Green or Pink Opals help flush out negative feelings and welcome love into your heart.  Australia is one of the most known producers of Opals. 

Symbolism and Folklore

Opal crystals are soaked in myth and legend, and with their sense of fire and light, it's no surprise that they trigger the imagination. The Ancient Greeks believed that Opals were the joyful tears of Zeus. In Arabian folklore, they were considered to be born from lightning strikes and carried the power of prophecy. In some aboriginal cultures, they were believed to be a message of peace from the creator god. All of the synergy and symbolism of this traditional birthstone are related to hope, joy, purity, and the power of truth. 

Care and Consideration

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Opals have many unique properties and are also a stone of high water quality. This helps them capture the energy of flow but also requires special care to keep their brightness shining. If an Opal stone becomes too dehydrated, it can affect its durability and make its appearance dull. To avoid this, you are best keeping your Opal jewelry out of high temperatures and away from direct sunlight. On the Moh's scale of hardness, the Opal scores a 5.5 or 6.5. This means they can be soft and delicate, and while they are suitable for jewelry, you need to be careful that these stones don't get scratched or scuffed. 

Always keep your Opals away from harsh chemicals. When cleansing, use mild, soapy water and a soft brush to wash away dirt and debris. Use a soft cloth to dry and buff your Opal to its intricate brightness. 

Tourmaline - The Modern Companion

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Formation and Characteristics

As a modern birthstone, Tourmaline is a receptive and enlightened gemstone that comes in an array of shades. From glowy Green Tourmalines to protective Black Tourmaline, these colored stones can be found around the globe. Tourmaline tends to be born from pegmatite veins deep in the earth's crust. As these veins are rich in water and mineral elements and can be found in high-pressure environments, this is the perfect condition for Tourmaline gems to form. 

The elements within Tourmaline can affect its coloring, which is why you get such a range of rainbow shades. Different trace elements and atomic structures will lead to a wide range of colors. This makes Tourmaline a brilliant choice for birthstone jewelry, as you can choose from a dazzling array of colors to suit your own preferences and styles. 

As mentioned, Tourmaline can be found all over the world, but some notable places include Brazil, which is famed for the Paraiba Tourmaline with its vivid blue and neon green hues. Madagascar and Afghanistan are both known for their Tourmaline stones in shades of green and pink and California, in particular, produces pink-hued Tourmalines. 

Symbolism and Usage

The different colors of Tourmaline each have a unique meaning and certain symbolism attached to their wide array of shades. Overall, Tourmalines are believed to represent joy, generosity, and attracting prosperity. But like all gemstones in a variety of colors, each shade brings its own magic to the table. 

For example, a Black Tourmaline Bracelet is a birthstone color that represents grounding and safety. Pink and Green Tourmaline can connect with the heart chakra and bring compassion, vitality, and emotional healing. Purple Tourmaline can help you to stay calm and present and connect to higher sources of information. With its rich color combination, Rainbow Tourmaline helps all your chakras flow. Watermelon Tourmaline is as juicy and joyful as the name suggests for those who adore a bright color palette. 

For those born in October, Tourmaline can bring positive energy and help you embrace this period of transformation and surrender. Since ancient times, Tourmalines have been known to protect against negative energy and can bring us into alignment regarding our emotional and spiritual health. 

Care and Maintenance

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Tourmalines score a 7 - 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means they are relatively tough and suitable for everyday jewelry wear. Still, you should be careful not to introduce your Tourmalines to harsh chemicals or abrasive cleansing techniques in case you scratch them. The best methods of cleaning your Tourmaline jewelry are washing it in mild, soapy water with a soft brush and buffing it dry with a soft cloth. This is the best way of keeping these colorful stones shiny and bright. Tourmaline stones can also be sensitive to extreme temperatures and may cause color changes, so you may also want to keep them out of strong direct sunlight and store them in a cool, dark place when not wearing them. 

Choosing Your October Birthstone

Aesthetics and Personal Preference

With two beautiful birthstones for those born in October, you can choose the right stone for your personal style. Some people may prefer a gemstone that is one certain striking color (taking their pick of the rainbow shades of Tourmaline or getting grounded with a raw Black Tourmaline Necklace), whereas others may want a stone that plays with light and color and captures a mesmerizing dance of iridescent shades (Opal). Opals also have the energy of being mystical and dreamy, whereas Tourmaline can be more grounded. Opals have a slightly bohemian style feel, and Tourmalines can be more appropriate for those who like minimalist or subtle designs. For this reason, Tourmalines looks stunning in a singular setting, whereas Opals can be more artistic and experimental when it comes to jewelry designs. 

Considerations for Durability and Wear

Opal is a softer gemstone than Tourmaline, so for those who have a more active lifestyle or want to wear their birth month jewelry regularly, you may want to pick the more robust and durable stone of Tourmaline. You can still keep your Opal jewelry for a splendid special occasion.  Tourmaline may be less likely to scratch and look stunning in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. With its mysterious light and play, Opal is a perfect gemstone for a statement or special occasion piece - from Opal earrings to Opalite Bracelets and dreamy, delicate rings or even Opal worry stones to take away your woes. 


Those born under the calendar turn of the tenth month are lucky enough to have two striking birthstones to choose from. Tourmaline is a truly rare and splendid kind of stone, as it comes in a multitude of beautiful colors—each bringing its own loving energy and chakra cleansing. Opal is rich in healing powers, and its display of colors and light is truly unique, making Opal fashion a fantasyland. Whether you want to choose birthstone jewelry for everyday wear or special occasions, both Opal and Tourmaline are lucky stones with characteristic colors and healing powers. Explore these gemstones further at your favorite crystal shop and find the birthstone that calls to your unique energy or give someone you love a deeply symbolic gift that incorporates these October stones. 


Why does October have 2 birthstones

The traditional birthstone for October was Opal, but later, Tourmaline was added as a modern birthstone to give those born in the autumn month a choice of stone. Some perceived Opal as too delicate, so Tourmaline was added to lend more color and style choices.

Is October birthstone opal or pink tourmaline

The October birthstones are Opal and Tourmaline. There are many shades of Tourmaline, but Pink Tourmaline can be a good choice for those who want a stone that helps them heal their heart chakra and welcome more joy into their world, whereas Black Tourmaline crystals can offer safety and grounding.

What is the birthstone for October Libra

Opal and tourmaline are the birthstones for the month of October and the zodiac sign of Libra. Both gemstones have unique physical properties, fascinating histories, and mystical powers. 

Is October's birthstone rose quartz

The October birthstones are Tourmaline and Opal. Tourmaline is a stone that comes in a wide array of colors, so you can choose colors in rainbow hues and find the one that suits your style. Opal is a vision of color and light, which makes it a favored gem of ancient mystics.


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