Unveiling November's Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine


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Unveiling November's Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

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Shiny and bright, November birthstones bring a spark into your world. The birthstones for November are Topaz and Citrine, two gems that are both dazzling in their color and relatively easy to find. November is a month driven by divinity and is considered to be a highly spiritual month, as it is the eleventh month of the year. Some see November as a mirror month and a time for welcoming truth, tapping into your warrior spirit, and finding your own powers of protection. In the Northern Hemisphere, November can mark the transition into winter, and these warm-colored birthstones can be a firm reminder to stay connected to the light even when passing into the dark. We look at the two special options for birthstone jewelry for those born in November.

 The Vibrant Spectrum of Topaz

Topaz is one of the birthstones for November, and this gem comes in a thousand splendid shades. From the cool and calm allure of blue topaz to the sunny warmth of yellow topaz, the splendor of colorless topaz, and the mystical vibes of white topaz, the topaz color scheme ranges from deep orange colors to vibrant pink topaz shades, and the prized reddish-orange imperial topaz. Topaz takes on an array of colors, which makes it such a sought-after gemstone. 

If you are lucky enough to have a high-quality topaz in your life, you may notice the stone's color-changing phenomenon. Similar to the elegant style of Alexandrite, some Topaz specimens can shift their shades and change color beneath different lighting. This tends to be down to trace elements stashed inside the crystal structure. 

Topaz can be found across the world, but Brazilian topaz mines are one of the main providers of these stones. Topaz stones from Brazil come in a wide color range, and this is also one of the places you can find that highly coveted Imperial Topaz, with its regal gold, pink, and reddish shades. Other places that mine Topaz include Russia, Pakistan, and the US. 

Topaz: Symbolism and Historical Lore

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Topaz takes its name from where the precious stone was found. It was said to have first been discovered by the Romans on the island of Topazios in the Red Sea. The meaning of Topaz in Sanskrit means fire—perhaps a hint at the shifting light flickering beneath the surface of the stone. It was loved by the Egyptians, who believed the sun god Ra poured his powers into the gem; it was also used in South America by certain tribes who believed the Topaz amulet could cure sickness.  

Imperial Topaz is believed to have taken its illustrious name from the Russian Tsars who were smitten by this warm-colored stone in the 19th century. It was highly sought after and considered a true status piece in the Russian courts. The Brazilian Emperor, Pedro II, also added value to the Imperial Topaz, as he was an avid collector of gemstones and had a penchant for these beautiful pieces. 

Topaz has many spiritual meanings. It is believed to be a symbol of strength and intelligence and taps into the powers of protection. Topaz can help ward off magic spells and dispel anger. It can help balance your feelings and stop you from slipping and becoming overwhelmed with everyday wear. 

The Golden Glow of Citrine

The Citrine birthstone is pure sunshine. This golden yellow color variety of quartz is famed for its warm hues. Citrine crystals comes in many shades of yellow - from warm brown colors to pale yellows, vibrant gold, and deep, reddish oranges, there are a range of colors within the Citrine palette. Natural Citrine is quite a rare stone, and often, Citrine in the modern market will be Amethyst that has undergone heat treatment to turn it from purple to the golden hues of Citrine.  

Natural, unheated citrine can be found in certain mines worldwide, with Brazil being a major supplier of this beautiful golden birthstone. Brazil mines (particularly in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and the Serra do Mar Mine in the Uruguay region) are known for producing Citrine splashed in vibrant shades. Zambia is also famed for the quality of Citrine, especially for sourcing stones with impressive clarity. Russia and the USA also produce the Citrine gemstone. 

Citrine: Meanings and Folklore

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Citrine is a popular gemstone known as the sunshine stone. It is loved for its beautiful pop color and warm-hearted vibes. Of course, the coloring lends itself well to Citrine's feel-good moods and the stone is believed to hold the energy of vitality along with being a magnet for money and success. In folklore and since ancient times, Citrine has been celebrated as being 'the merchant's stone as it is believed to be a lucky stone closely connected to wealth and success.

Citrine has always been associated with the sun, even as far back as the Ancient Greeks and Romans. This decorative gem was often used in jewelry and ceremonies, as it was believed to have powerful properties that helped with everything from protection to healing and welcoming luck. This ethos hasn't changed even in our modern interpretation of Citrine. In medieval times, Citrine was also used to chase away shadows and to ward off evil. 

Today, Citrine is celebrated for many of the same things it always has been. Still considered a gemstone that can keep you infused with light and luck, it is also used to manifest. As a yellow gemstone it is also said to be connected with the sacral and solar plexus chakras and can help remove blocks and move us into a space of creativity and sensuality. 

Caring for November's Birthstones

The warm color gemstones for November look beautiful when studded or worked into a piece of jewelry, but it's also essential to learn how to care for these precious gems. On the Mohs hardness scale, Citrine is softer than Topaz. Topaz is an 8 on the scale, which means it's quite a durable stone. Citrine is a 7 when it comes to its mineral hardness score. While both aren't super soft stones, you still want to approach them with care and should avoid using abrasive cleaning techniques. Both gemstones can be cleaned with warm water, mild detergent, and soft cloths or brushes. Always dry them thoroughly and store them away from direct sunlight or extreme temperature changes, which could impact the birthstone color. 

Styling with Topaz and Citrine

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Both Citrine and Topaz look stunning when worn in jewelry. Citrine jewelry enjoyed a renaissance buzz back in the golden era of Hollywood as the likes of Greta Garbo would wear statement Citrine pieces on the red carpet. Wearing large faceted Topaz or Citrine jewels in necklaces makes for a showstopper. You can also wear Citrine earrings and Blue Topaz earrings studded in the riches of gold or silver. This warming combo weaves together flashes of color and fire and adds to a timeless, elegant aesthetic. 

Citrine gemstone bracelets or Yellow Topaz Bracelets and stackable rings that blend gold-blue topaz and citrine's yellow make lovely jewelry choices, especially for everyday wear.  You can also wear Citrine or Topaz as birthstone jewelry and carry the energy and intention of November's moods wherever you go. The yellow colors in the gemstone Citrine and the variety of shades you can find for Topaz make these stones truly versatile. 


Citrine and Topaz make beautiful jewelry for those born under the shifts and shades of November. Stacked with historical richness and everlasting in their allure, you can pick your favorite gemstone from this delicious duo or opt to wear them both in harmony. The dual offerings of being born in November allow you to treat yourself or make a thoughtful birthday gift for those seeking something special for November babes. 


Why is there 2 birthstones for November

November has two birthstones, probably because the Jewelers of America wanted to invite more options into the birthstone market and wanted to open their choices on which gemstones were available. This is why there is the traditional birthstone of Topaz and the more modern birthstone of Citrine. 

What color represents November

The traditional birthstone colors for November come from Topaz and Citrine. Topaz comes in many shades, but Imperial Topaz is a yellow-orange color. Citrine also shares that sunny and warm yellow coloring. 

What is the birthstone for Scorpio in November

There are two birthstones that Scoripos can choose from, as November has two birthstones associated with it. Scorpios can choose from the Citrine Stone or the Topaz Stone.

What is the rarest birthstone

One of the rarest birthstones is considered to be the Red Diamond, which is a version of the birthstone for February. One of February's birthstones is the diamond, and the red diamond is a truly rare specimen. 


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