New Moon Astrology: Embracing Cosmic Beginnings


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New Moon Astrology: Embracing Cosmic Beginnings


Life often seems to work in cycles, and the lunar phases can be one of the most impactful cycles in our daily lives. From the heavy energy of a full moon to the growth and expansion of a waxing moon, each step in the lunar event cycle brings its own unique angle. A new moon is one of the best astrological gifts you can get and it refers to the astrological event where the moon and the sun meet at the same conjunction in the sky. This sets off a brand new cycle of light and brings renewed energy that permeates everything from our mood to our mindset.  Let's take a closer look at the new moon and what it means for you. 

The Astrological Significance of the New Moon

The new moon is an ideal time for personal growth and self-reflection. During this time, the sun and the moon conjoin, and the dark side of the moon faces the Earth and sets a precedent for new beginnings. The new moon will align with the zodiac sign that the sun is in during that moment. The zodiac sign will also lend its own energy to the new moon - for example, if the new moon is in Taurus, it may mark a period where your intentions align with themes and behaviors around stability and practicality. 

The new moon impacts everything from our daily routines to our emotional body, our communication skills, and all those complicated emotions that sit in between. Of all the moon phases, this is one of the very best times for setting intentions, revisiting your goals, and taking stock of where you have been and where you are going. 

New Moon Rituals and Practices - How to Make the Most Out of a New Moon

Aligning your energy with the energy of the lunar cycle is smart work if you want to make the most of the cosmic vibes that are naturally in play. New moon energy is centered around celebrating the ending of one cycle and moving into the next. Of course, this can also be a period of strong emotions and correcting your course if you feel like things aren't on the right track. We take a look at some of the best new moon rituals and practices to help you make the most of the new moon. 

Setting Intentions During a New Moon

One of the best things you can do during a new moon is set your intentions for the period of time ahead. The new moon is an auspicious time and a period where you can manifest your desires, so start planting those seeds, sowing those new projects, and letting your dreams flow and grow.

Incorporating Rituals & Habits During a New Moon

A new moon is also a great time to incorporate new habits. During this time you may want to embrace journaling, meditation, or choose a new spirtual practice that you can carry forward with you. This is your time to choose affirmations, write down your intentions, and to work with crystals to set the mood for the period of time ahead.

Working with the Energies & Forces at Play During a New Moon

Lunar energies are always best when they are worked with rather than worked against. The energy of a new moon can bring heightened sensitivity and heightened intuition which truly gives you a chance to get in touch with your deepest self and to practice releasing that which no longer serves you.

New Moon in Different Zodiac Signs

Aries new moon - this is a time for bold and bright beginnings as an Aries new moon isn't short of energy and can be a perfect time for practicing courage.

Taurus new moon - sink into softness and practicality with the Taurus new moon. This is a great moon for getting grounded, harnessing financial goals, and building security so you can welcome abundance.

Gemini new moon - as the zodaic sign of curiosity and communication, the Gemini moon is good for questions and connecting with people. This is a perfect time for networking and using those collaborative skills.

Cancer new moon - a cancer new moon can be an emotional time and this is the best time for setting intentions aligned with the home, family, and for releasing any emotional baggage you have.

Leo new moon - bold and brassy, a Leo new moon is the best time to get all that creative fizz sparkling and to pick projects or a career path that allows you to shine.

Virgo new moon - hardworking and meticulous, a Virgo new moon invites you to hone in on those daily habits, rituals, and details regarding your health and wellness. 

Libra new moon - the Libra new moon links to partnerships, romance, and all the ways in which you can cultivate harmony in your personal world. Use this period to get back into balance.

Scorpio new moon - Scorio new moon can be an intense time so you may want to use this period for working on those transformations. Deep dreams, personal growth and introspection all belong here.

Sagittarius new moon - expansion and optimism are the hallmarks of the Sagittarius zodiac sign so use this new moon to usher in positive vibes, push yourself forward, and even for travel.

Capricorn new moon - discipline and ambition should be the theme of goal setting under the Capricorn new moon. This is the time to work hard on your career goals with the help of this cardinal earth sign.

Aquarius new moon - the astrological sign of Aquarius is all about embracing your individuality and your community. Use this new moon to use your compassion for people. 

Pisces new moon - soft and sensitive, the Pisces new moon is all about aristry, healing, and using your inner wisdom. It's also a great time for setting intentions around spirituality. 

What to Expect When Experiencing a New Moon

Positive Changes in Your Life during the Time of the New Moon

A new moon can usher in plenty of positive changes whether that's new goals, relationships, habits, or happenings. During this time you may feel more positive and this allows you to send out those good vibes into the universe and to create channels of abundance. 

Challenges That May Come Up During a New Moon Phase

No lunar phase is free from challenges and the new moon may be a time of heightened emotion and sensitivity as you are encouraged to look deep inside and practice letting go. If you are resistant to change, this can be a time of overcoming obstacles but ultimately will lead to personal growth. 

How to Best Handle Difficult Situations During This Time

One of the best ways to handle challenges or tricky connections with people during the new moon phase is to be open and foster as much positive energy as possible. Even if strong emotions show up, you can practice mindfulness and work to keep your emotional body in balance.

Benefits to Keeping Track of Your Personal Calendar During This Time Period

Align your schedule and your personal calender with the energy of the lunar phases and you can optimize opportunities, overcome challenges, and navigate your personal feelings with a better understanding of where your mood is at.

The New Moon and Lunar Eclipses

If a solar eclipse happens during a new moon, you may find all of the new moon energy is heightened and intensified. A solar eclipse during this phase would only happen during a new moon if the moon and the sun are in direct alignment and the moon casts its shadow on the earth and blocks out some of the suns light. During this time, you may experience big shifts both on a personal smaller scale level and even globally. There may be accelerated growth and expansion and a period of fast impactful change.

The best thing you can do during this time is to step out of resistance and embrace the changes. You can also use this heightened period of energy to set powerful intentions and to claim or direct the narrative. If you are feeling overwhelmed, check the crystal guide and choose grounding crystals that will help you to stay stable and solid in your root chakra even when the world is rocking.

New Moon Calendar

  • New Moon in Capricorn – Thursday, January 11 
  • New Moon in Aquarius – Friday, February 9 
  • New Moon in Pisces – Sunday, March 10 
  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries – Monday, April 8 
  • New Moon in Taurus – Tuesday, May 7 
  • New Moon in Gemini – Thursday, June 6
  • New Moon in Cancer – Friday, July 5 
  • New Moon in Leo – Sunday, August 4
  • New Moon in Virgo – Monday, September 2 
  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra – Wednesday, October 2
  • New Moon in Scorpio – Friday, November 1 at 
  • New Moon in Sagittarius – Sunday, December 1
  • New Moon in Capricorn – Monday, December 30 

New Moon Myths and Misconceptions

From the moon being invisible in the sky to it being a bad time to spark new projects, there are many new moon myths and misconceptions that can get in the way of you using this lunar energy to its full and bright capacity. During a new moon, some of the common beliefs are that it affects your emotional state, but not everyone will experience the same feelings during this moon and different sun signs and the nuances of your natal chart will all play their own unique role. A new moon can be one of the best times to start a new project as its a time of fresh starts, new beginnings, renewed energy, and turning your gaze inwards to nurture personal growth. 


Keep track of your activities, thoughts, and feelings during a new moon to understand how this tick of the lunar calendar affects you. For those who want to call on the energy of a cosmic refresh, the new moon can be a treat - leaving you feeling ready to let go and embrace whatever new cycle comes next. Check out our gemstone bracelets, worry stones, spiritual necklaces, and birthstone necklaces to help you on your new moon journey.


What does a new moon mean in astrology

In astrology, a new moon can signify fresh starts, new beginnings, and a period right after you release something and are ready to welcome change. It is a great time for rituals, affirmations, and sowing seeds you want to grow.

What does new moon do spiritually

Spiritually, a new moon can help you to harness change, growth and expansion. It's a period of reflection, ushering in change, and deciding on what direction you want to go. New projects, thoughts and feelings are at their ripest during this time.

What does a new moon do to you

For some people a new moon can be a time of renewed energy and for others, it may lead them into an introspective place where they need to evaluate what needs letting go off and what direction they want to turn next.

What is the new moon intention

A new moon invites you to set intentions, to channel your thoughts, and to use your refreshed energy to focus on what you want to achieve. 



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