Magic Morning Routines For Setting Your Best Intentions


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Magic Morning Routines For Setting Your Best Intentions


Choosing to set your own tone before stepping out into the bustle of the day can bring morning health, radiance, and soothing moods that last well into the afternoon. In the modern world, even before we crack open our eyes, we can be found reaching for our phones, checking our inboxes and letting schedules and social media plunge us into work and play. By taking a few minutes and setting up a morning routine, this can hugely benefit your spiritual health and wellness, inviting you to settle gently in your body, to acknowledge your mind and to approach events ahead with complete alignment. Here are a few simple spiritual suggestions for magical morning routines…


Tap Into The Body


Start the day with a morning meditation that recognizes the body. Before you step out of bed and do anything, keep your eyes closed and start at the toes. Take a moment to visualize your toes and see how they feel before slowly moving your mind up to the knees, the hips, the stomach, the back and all the way to the tip of your head. Make a mental note of where you are holding tension and where feels relaxed. Just five minutes of this practice invites you to connect with the body and to move through the day in complete awareness.


Commit to Morning Pages


Rather than reach for your phone first thing, reach for a notebook and pen instead. Many people swear by the idea of morning pages. The idea is to commit to filling three pages with automatic writing. This doesn’t need to be earth-shattering thought-provoking creative writing but more a purge of all the personal issues that are whirling around your head. Once you have split your mind all over the page, you are free from the shackles of these thoughts all day and can go about feeling clear and focused and ready to reach your fullest potential.


Meditate for a Moment


Carving out lashings of time for morning meditation can be a challenge, but how about taking five minutes to sit peacefully with your favorite crystal, or to draw two tarot cards and consider how to approach the challenges of the day. Holding your crystal, clearing your mind, and visualizing how you want the day to play out can help you to harness your inner power and to feel more in control in a soft and positive way.


Take Five for Yin


If morning yoga sounds a little too activating for you, then take five minutes to practice a little yin yoga. Yin yoga is all about the practice of slow gentle movements and holding poses. This practice allows you to gift your body the stretches it is craving but also gives your mind the chance to clear and invites you to sink into some soft slow breathing. We live in a very yang world, so balancing it out with a touch of yin puts you perfectly back into alignment.


Make Three Goals


To-do lists can be long and winding and cause undue anxiety. Instead of spiralling with an arm long list of things to accomplish – simply pick three. Consider what absolutely needs to be done today, and even better – choose one item each for your body, mind and soul. Perhaps taking a walk, completing your morning pages, and calling a friend. Committing to three items a day that benefit your mental and spiritual health sets you on the right path.

Which morning routines will you be weaving into your day? Share your intentions in the comments.


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