Ruby: The Lustrous July Birthstone


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Ruby: The Lustrous July Birthstone

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The sizzling summer month of July is all about bold energy and brightness, which makes the ruby a perfect birthstone. The deep red ruby is a symbol of love, passion, courage, and even opulence. With a long history and holding its place steady in the lore of royalty, nobility, and warriors, ruby has long been celebrated in gemstone jewelry. July takes its name from Julius Caesar and is also ruled by Jupiter - the god of the sky. Its flowers are waterlily and larkspur, blooms that represent simple joys and beautiful bravery. All of this weaves together to create an illuminating feel for this precious stone, where we embrace strength and simplicity, bask in light and love, and always know our worth. This is the energy of the ruby - let's take a closer look. 

The Allure of Ruby

One of the most striking things about ruby is its rich colors. The most expensive gemstones in the ruby family are famed for their deep, blood-red color laced with a hint of blue color - often referred to as pigeon's blood. But rubies come in myriad shades, with their reds ranging from the darkest delights of deep, vibrant red to paler pinker shades. Beyond the blaze of red, you may also find a variety of colors under the banner of this gem - yellow colors, purple shades, black gemstones, and even deep blue can all be found in dazzling ruby jewelry. 

Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones—sapphire, emerald, and diamond. It is a variety of the mineral corundum family—the same as the striking deep blue sapphire stone. Ruby tends to get its lush coloring from the chromium content. 

Historical Significance and Lore

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The ruby birthstone has been around for centuries and is soaked in historical significance. It was believed to have been one of the most precious stones of the 12 gemstones created by God and to be the inextinguishable flame. In ancient history, it was traded for whole cities and worn by ancient warriors to bring courage and commitment. In Medieval Europe, it was believed to be one of the most protective stones to keep people safe from harm.  Nobility and royalty would often adorn themselves in this stunning gemstone as they believed it would keep evil spirits from their door. It was believed that this stone, the rarest of gemstones, had the power to predict misfortune or danger. Beyond its powerful protective properties, the ruby was also associated with love, passion, and power - bringing vitality, bravery, and heady aphrodisiac energy to all who wore it.

Symbolism and Healing Properties

Those lucky enough to have ruby representing their birth month can enjoy endless delight from this stone that carries the power of life. Ruby represents vitality, wealth, and prosperity, and is believed to have deep healing properties that work across the body, mind, and soul. In the physical sense, it's said that ruby can improve blood circulation, soothe menstrual pains, and help with issues around sexuality and fertility. As a stone that shares its shades with blood, it can help with blood disorders. Ancient beliefs also say that natural ruby could help with plague and pestilence. 

In the emotional sphere, ruby is a stone of opulence, which can help you find your joie de vivre in life. It puts us on the pathway of love and life, stirring up self-confidence with its lively appearance and channeling wealth and status in our direction. Spiritually, ruby is a protective gemstone that can ward off negative energy and activate the lower chakras. The lower chakras are connected to our sense of safety, creativity, sensuality, and self-confidence. 

Sourcing Rubies

Rubies are sourced worldwide, and these precious gemstones can be found in Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. The Burmese Ruby is one of the most coveted rarest gemstones. Rubies mined in Myanmar are known for their vivid color, exceptional clarity, and glorious cut. They also can showcase fluorescence when placed under certain lights, bringing another element of beauty to their allure. 

Rubies from Thailand are famed for their rich red coloring, even if their intensity doesn't match the stones from Myanmar. Still, Thailand rubies have a strong color saturation and range from deep, vivid hues to medium shades. Sri Lankan rubies have lighter hues - ranging from gentle glowing red to stones with an almost purplish hue. Some rubies from Sri Lanka have needle-like inclusions, which give the gemstone a star-like effect. Rubies from Madagascar have a spectrum of colors from pink to orange to the color purple, and even stones with a green color. These rubies are celebrated for their fancy colors and being mined in relatively large sizes. 

Ruby in Jewelry

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From antique jewelry to modern birthstone pieces, ruby in jewelry is always a win. This glowy red stone looks beautiful when paired with gold or sterling silver, placed alongside other colored gemstones, or with individual stones placed in dazzling diamond bands. Ruby looks great in statement pieces thanks to its bold coloring and gorgeous glow of fiery energy. It can also be found in many antique jewelry, like Victorian jewelry, as it was a popular status stone. It's often paired with diamonds so that you can see it in a diamond necklace, a diamond cocktail ring, or even diamond drop earrings. But the ruby is also one of the most popular choices for a stand-alone stone, and as one of the traditional birthstones, it makes for a beautiful gift for July babes. If you adore deep red gemstones, Red Jasper crystals also makes a good July alternative.

When looking for your ruby, look at its color and clarity. You want a stone with a rich, saturated hue that tempts with its flashes of color. The richer the red, the more expensive and prized the ruby may be - but with different color of rubies, you can also find a shade you are drawn to. Look for rubies with good transparency and check if the gemstone has significant flaws or inclusion that can retract from its light color saturation.  

Caring for Ruby Jewelry

Ruby scores a nine on the moh's scale of hardness, making it a durable stone suitable for daily wear. Despite being a strong and resilient gemstone, you still want to ensure that you take good care of your ruby so it stays bright with brilliance for a long time. Always make sure that you are gently cleaning your ruby birthstone jewelry. A soft cloth, a soft brush, warm, soapy water, and a mild detergent can be the best way to remove dirt and debris. Always avoid using harsh chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, or anything that may scratch, chip, or damage your ruby. You can also have regular checkups and routine care appointments for your jewelry piece to ensure the prongs and settings are in good condition. 

The Modern Appeal of Ruby

Ruby holds a special place in our hearts and remains a highly coveted stone thanks to its popular associations with love, protection, power, and vitality. In contemporary jewelry, it is seen as a symbol of passion and eternal love, which makes it a good gemstone for engagement rings, wedding anniversaries, and more. As a birthstone for July, this gem also looks stunning when set in beautiful birthstone pieces, from rings to crystal bracelets, ruby necklaces, and earrings. Finding ethically sourced rubies is becoming increasingly important to modern-day consumers, so never be shy about working with gemstone companies and crystal shops who offer transparency and traceable stones. There has also been an uptick in demand for lab-grown rubies as an ethical and environmental alternative to natural stones. If you are drawn to the energy and vitality of ruby but are looking for a similar stone - garnet crystals can be a good choice.


The ruby is one of the most beloved and beautiful gemstones passed from antiquity to the modern day. This glowing fire-like gem is the color of life-giving blood and beauty and can bring healing, harmony, and vitality to your day. For those born under the heady summer air or July, few gemstones capture the spirit of passion and power quite like Ruby. Explore ruby jewelry like the Ruby Kyanite Worry Stone and Ruby Silver Stud Earrings, connect with this gemstone's rich legacy, and even tap into that energy yourself. 


Is the birthstone for July Onyx

The two July birthstones are Ruby and Onyx. Onyx is the traditional birthstone, and Ruby made the modern birthstone list. 

What is the color of the month July

The color for the month of July is red, coral, or yellow. These colors perfectly capture summer energy and hold themes of vitality, life, joy, excitement, and fun. 

What is the rarest birthstone

The red diamond is considered one of the rarest gemstones out there. It is believed that only a handful of these specimens exist in the world. 

What color is ruby

The ruby is primarily a gemstone known for its red coloring, which can range from deep dark red to paler shades. Reds can also have flashes of colors like purple or blue. You can get yellow, pink, purple, black, and brown rubies. 


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