How To Charge & Program Crystals For Maximum Healing Power


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How To Charge & Program Crystals For Maximum Healing Power

bowl of crystals for charging under plant

Why Charging Crystals is Crucial

Just like your cellphone can run out of juice, your crystals too can benefit from being spiritually plugged in and recharged to their fullest healing power. Like our own energy, sometimes the supply can become depleted especially after heavy lifting sessions. Crystals are tough little nuggets of sparky strength and seemingly endless stamina. They help cleanse spaces, they mop up bad moods, they release blockages in the chakras, and they help us to live in balance and bright harmony. They have a big job and as a result, they can use a little TLC and a recharge every now and then to kickstart their healing heart.

Crystals hum off high vibrations and as they are sponges for energy, sometimes they flow with whatever energy is in the room. This is why regular cleansing of crystals is essential, just like we take on the emotional load of others, crystals do the same and cleansing and charging these little gems is the equivalent of a spa session for unwinding our muscles and finding our bliss. Charging our crystals keeps them grounded, connected, and at full strength instead of stuttering along weighed down by negative energy. Power is never unlimited but like a long walk in the woods, a cleansing swim in a clear lake, or just a slant of sunlight on your face, we can recharge by reconnecting to the natural elements of this world. It’s the same for crystals. Keep reading to find out exactly how you can charge your crystals.

Charging Methods 

Refuel your Clear Quartz, charge up your Citrine, and soak your Selenite in brand new energy as you get ready for a charging session. Crystals love to be cleansed and charged as it helps them to stay connected to the deep power of the universe. These gems do a lot of serious work, they carry emotional weights, EMF’s, psychic fall out, and so much more. By cleansing and recharging, you can make your stone squeaky clean and as good as new. Check out all our favorite ways for charging up crystals and saying a heartfelt yes to superior healing powers…

1) Full Moon

Grandmother moon is the queen of the tides, giver of light, and rouser of goddess energy. It’s no surprise that this orb of white light is a divine way of bringing energy back to depleted crystals. Moonlight can wash away all that built up bad energy and can fill every corner of your crystal with a healing light that strengthens its power once more. A full moon represents the turning of a page and the promise of new beginnings. As it falls in a regular sequence, it's also a good calendar benchmark for reminding you that it's time for a cleanse and recharge.

A simple technique, you can place your crystals on a windowsill in the light of the full moon or place them in a safe space outside (as long as you have clear skies). Leave your gems out overnight to fully bask in the rise and fall of the moon. All stones can benefit from a full moon cleansing, particularly those laced in feminine energy like Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Angelite.

 close up of sage smudging over light and crystals

2) Smudge 

Pull out the Palo Santo and fire up your sage, smudging is another beautifully beneficial way of charging up those crystals. Smudging is a ritualistic and spiritual way of sweeping a buildup of vibes away and healing space. This can also be applied to crystals. Palo Santo is known as the Holy Wood, and this earthy and sweet smoke can instantly bring a positive power to all that passes through the smoke.

Smudging your crystals is a fabulous method because it connects with the sacred nature of the stones and brings them into a ritual. Hold the stone in your hand as you waft the smoke using your other hand. The cleansing smoke should encompass the crystal's space for 30 seconds at least so it has time to draw out the negative and fill with the new. All crystals can be smudged but its especially potent and powerful for stones with fiery earth energy like Tigers Eye, Obsidian, Bloodstone, and darker Agates. Lapis Lazuli also works wonders as it matches those mystical higher properties of sage.

3) Singing Bowl 

Give your stones a sweet sound bath as you recharge their energy with the healing vibrations of a singing bowl. Singing bowls are an often underused method of cleansing and clearing crystals but it's also a method that comes with a ton of benefits. Sound baths are safe, effective, and can help cleanse and charge your own soul at the same time. Singing bowls work as the pitch or vibration the sound emits can wash over the crystal and drain it of bad energy before refueling it with pure power.

This is a great practice of charging for those who have a large collection of crystals where individual attention would take forever. Sit with your singing bowl on its cushion and surround yourself with crystals. Gently strike the bowl so it emits a ringing sound and keep your stick rubbing against the outside of the bowl so the sound continues. You can do this for a few rounds until you feel the energy shift. Stones that love this practice include Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline,

woman with singing bowl sat cross legged

4) Direct Sunlight 

Sparkling sunlight is the life-giver. As anyone who is impatiently awaiting the end of winter knows, the sun can bring a time of rebirth and rejuvenation, forever ready to chase the shadows away. Some stones flourish into their own when placed in direct sunlight. The rays of the sun are radiant and bring energy, prosperity, and the promise of brighter times.

Leave your stones on the windowsill or outside in a safe and sacred space where the sunlight can reach. Let them sit and bask in the brilliance of the sun for a couple of hours. Be aware that not all crystals are made for the magic of direct sunlight as it can cause their brilliant coloring to fade. Some of the best stones for sunbaking are the darker stones or those with fierce red and orange energy. Carnelian, Obsidian, Jade, Labradorite, Sunstone, and Tourmaline will all soak up that sun with love.

5) Tuning Fork 

Just like the singing bowl, cleansing your crystals with sound is a stunning way to bring them back to full health. The high pitched sound that emits from the tuning fork can dislodge stagnant energy and cleanse the crystal to the bone before filling it back up with high pure vibrations once more. As with all sound cleansing techniques, the tuning fork is fuss-free and safe to use on any kind of crystal.

You can also get special crystal tuners that are said to resonate at the same frequency as quartz crystals. This is also the same frequency needed to connect with the angelic kingdom too. You can use the tuning forks and crystal tuners and make a sound by gently tapping them against the crystal in question. Letting the vibration pass through the stone, loosening any trapped energy, and amplifying the strength of the gem. Lapis Lazuli is a good gem for this.

6) Running Water 

A quick and easy way of draining stagnant energy from your stones and purifying them with new power is to hold them under running water. Anyone who has shaken off a bad day with a steamy or cold shower knows exactly how invigorating this can be. Running water has the power to wash away any emotional build-up and moves energy easily.

To charge your crystals with running water is super simple. You just hold each stone under the tap or even better if you have a natural stream or babbling brook close by. Make sure that the water is tepid and gentle rather than too hot, too cold, or blasting. Not all stones work well with water as they are too delicate and can even dissolve. Stones that should avoid water bathing include Pyrite, Selenite, Hematite, Fluorite, Malachite, Labradorite, Lepidolite, and Azurite, among others.

woman holding large quartz above her head in snow

7) Thoughts

The mind is a powerful tool and we can also use it to help heal, cleanse, and recharge our crystals in similar ways to how they help us. You can sit with your crystals in hand and focus on filling them with a clear white light to boost their energy or you can also use reiki practice too.

Try and cleanse your stones before charging them with reiki practice so they are ready and roomy to receive all that energy you have to bring. You should also be sure to match your crystal to the chakra that you are working with.

8) The Earth

Born from the earth, planting your crystals like little seeds of love is one of the best ways of keeping them grounded and gorgeously charged up. Earth energy is one of our most natural sources of strength. Remember any time you have kicked your shoes off to stand barefoot on the warm grass, soil, or sand. It centers us, holds us, and reminds us that we have roots and are powerful too. The same energy can be granted to crystals.

Find yourself a small patch of earth or if you don’t have an outside space that feels safe to leave your gems in, you can carry in earth and make a small garden with a tray and some soil. If you have any plants at home you love you can also bury your crystal in a pot with it. If you don’t want your gems to get dirty you can bury them in a glass jar or a thin cloth bag. Leave in the earth for seven hours to allow complete charging and reconnection with the earth. Any stones can be buried in the earth, stone that love it include Citrine and Calcite.

9) Fire

While fire may be seen as an element of destruction it is actually full of life-giving force. Fire warms us, it gives us energy, and it is one of the most essential connections that has helped humankind to thrive since we first stepped foot on this mortal realm. Fire can also bring that inspiration to crystals. It can strip them back of all that they have been clinging onto and it can make them pure and passionate once more.

To use fire in your crystal charging process you can use a candle flame. Simply pass your stone across the flicker of the flame or in the smoke of a small fire to instantly burn off that old energy and fill with new. Of course, be careful not to burn yourself and remember the stone only needs a fraction of a second with the smoke or flame. Stones that react well to fire include Agate, Pyrite, Bloodstone, Tigers Eye, Jasper, and Obsidian.

 gemstones in glass jar of saltwater

10) Saltwater 

The sea is one of the most powerful elements on earth and fills us with deep healing. The expanse of saltwater that makes up our planet is intrinsically connected to our world emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This is why saltwater is such a strong force for recharging our souls. Whether it’s a dive into the ocean or an Epsom salt bath, remember all the ways that the wonder of salt and water can bring us back from the brink. The same can be true for crystals too. If you live near the sea you can collect natural saltwater or you can make your own at home.

Fill a bowl or clear vase with water and sea salt or Himalayan salt for an extra dose of spiritual mountain cleansing. Place your stones in the bowl and leave for a few hours. As mentioned, not all stones will benefit from water and can dissolve. Stones that should avoid the saltwater bath include Amber, Turquoise, all the Calcite stones, Angelite, Selenite, Kyanite, Kunzite, and any raw stone too.

How to Program Your Crystal

Now you have beautifully cleansed and charged your crystals you can set them with an intention or program them to align with your spiritual needs. Programing a crystal helps the gem to focus its energy with direction. We can guide the gem to our own specific dreams, goals, and gorgeous intentions. When they are programed they can work with us on a more intuitive level.

Programing your crystal is super easy. Simply quieten your mind and hold your stone in hand. Focus on the goal or intention that you want to achieve and let that energy radiate into the gem itself. Be as clear and specific in your mind as you can as muddied thoughts can throw your stone off-kilter and make it difficult for the gem to know exactly where you are going. Long term goals don’t need to be reset especially when you wear the stone everyday. and if your changing direction, be sure to cleanse and recharge your stone in-between programs so as not to clog it up. 


Cleansed, charged, and programed crystals are when these incredible stones can truly bloom into their own power and work with you to manifest all your amazing dreams. Working with crystals is an intuitive heartfelt practice and one that requires love and grace and give and take. Regular charging will keep those vibrations riding high.

What are your favorite ways of charging up your crystals? Do you prefer saltwater or sound when it comes to filling your crystal cup with healing energy? Share all your experiences with us in the comments.


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