The Big Guide to Green Gemstones: Properties, Uses, and Care


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The Big Guide to Green Gemstones: Properties, Uses, and Care

Glimmering Green Gemstones come with all the promise of spring growth, glorious joy, and heat-centric healing. There are many kinds of green gems from the illustrious Emerald to the cooling touch of Jade and the enigmatic green swirls of Malachite. Green gems hold a host of healing properties, but most are known for their ability to reconnect you with nature, open the heart to love and trust and bring joy, luck, and better emotional balance to all who wear them.

Historically green gemstones have signified something important across a range of cultures and civilizations. Emeralds in Ancient Egypt were a favorite of Cleopatra and were said to symbolize fertility and rebirth. In China, the Jade stone has long held significance and is not only cherished for its aesthetic but also because it was believed to welcome luck and symbolize purity and integrity. 

We examine the various kinds of Green gemstones available and decipher exactly what makes them special, which ones you should add to your collection, and how to spot tip-top green crystals with dazzling cut, color, and clarity. 

Understanding Green Gemstones

What Are Green Gemstones?:

Green gemstones can signify any precious or semi-precious stone, crystal, or mineral that falls within the green spectrum in terms of color. This can fall under a range of colors - from deep, vivid colors of forest green to deep olive green, brighter pops of lime green, mint green, or cool blue geens, too. Some popular green gemstones include emeralds, peridot, green fluorite, green jade, green tourmaline, but there's also green apatite, green tanzanite, green quartz, green agates, green calcite, green zoisite, green chrysocolla, green prehnite, green aventurine and more.  

Green gemstones often take their coloring from the presence of chromium or iron, which can impact how intense colors are (along with the gemstone's crystal structure, of course). 

Historical Significance:

Green gemstones have a profound meaning and have done since the beginning of time. These gemstones are often connected with themes of nature and personal growth. In China, green gems are considered highly lucky, and in Ancient Egypt, they were linked to fertility. In Ancient Rome, it was considered that green gemstones had healing properties which is why it was common to wear green in everything from pendants to statement rings. 

Some famous green gemstones that are celebrated for their remarkable clarity and timeless beauty include the Crown of the Andes - a famous religious artifact featuring a large number of emeralds, including the renowned "Atahualpa" emerald. There's also the Chalk Emerald - a stunning emerald set in a platinum and diamond necklace, once owned by Indian royalty and now housed in the Smithsonian Institution.

Popular Green Gemstones and Their Properties


Description: The vivid green precious stone of Emerald is one of the most prized gems on earth and comes from the beautiful Beryl family.

Properties: Emeralds are found in shades of bright or deep emerald green. They have exceptional color and clarity, which add to their high value. They score 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them a durable choice for crystal jewelry.

Sources: Emeralds are mined worldwide but are often mined in Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia.

Uses: You can wear elegant emeralds in rings earrings, and necklaces. The meaning of emerald is fidelity, fresh beginnings, and peace.

Tsavorite Garnet:

Description: The Tsarvoite Garnet is a bright green garnet that glows with possibility.

Properties: The Tsarvoite Garnet is a special stone, and its coloring can lend itself from a vibrant pop of mint green to a darker, deeper green. It scores a 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Sources: The Tsarvoite Garnet is often sourced in spots like Kenya and Tanzania.

Uses: With its bold energy and bright beauty, the Tsarvoite Garnet looks glorious when incorporated into jewelry like rings and pendants.


Description: Peridot is a color pop with its yellow-green to olive-green or even lime green shades.

Properties: Peridot's unique coloring makes it a much-loved gemstone. It also scores a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a solid choice for those wanting a durable gemstone.

Sources: Peridot can be found in Myanmar, Pakistan, and the USA adding its appeal of being a popular choice of gemstone to get hold of for everyday wear. 

Uses: Peridot has the right coloring and strength to be seamlessly woven into jewelry designs like earrings, necklaces, and braclets. The meaning of Peridot is joy.


Description: There are different types of jade out there in many common colors, but jadeite is a rare green variety.

Properties: Jadeite scores 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning it’s a relatively strong stone. It comes in different green colors, but you can also find Black Jadeite.

Sources: Jadeite is a highly sought-after stone celebrated as a bringer of luck. It is mined in places like Myanmar and Guatemala.

Uses: Jadeite is popular in jewelry, but it is also commonly used in carvings and home decor. For example, a Jade Green Worry Stone is believed to bring luck, positivity, protection, and joy.

Green Tourmaline:

Description: Green Tourmaline is a versatile green gemstone that is known for its rich healing properties.

Properties: Tourmaline comes in many variations, from pink to purple and, of course, green. The shades of green can vary, but you can expect it to score a 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Sources: Brazil, Afghanistan, and the USA are all places that mine Green Tourmaline making it a stone with great availability.

Uses: Green Tourmaline brings a calming energy to jewelry and is popular in bracelets, rings, pendants, and earrings. Find out about the Tourmaline crystal meaning.


Description: Malachite is an opaque green gemstone with banded patterns of black. It is often an earthy, rich green, with the patterns appearing like swirls.

Properties: Malachite has a unique pattern scheme, with beautiful banding adding to its appearance. It scores low on the Moh’s hardness scale, coming in at 3.5-4, which makes it a pretty soft stone.

Sources: You can find Malachite crystals from places like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Russia, among others.

Uses: With its impressive coloring, Malachite can be used in jewelry like Malachite bracelets, carvings, and decorative objects around the home. Find out more about Malachite crystal energy.

Assessing the Quality of Green Gemstones


Finding the best quality green gemstones can mean taking a closer look at the color. Of course, different gemstones will have different shades - from minty greens to deep forest greens and yellow-green stones or blue-green stones depending on the gem in question. Knowing the hue the gemstone should have can help you find one that is of high quality - for example, emeralds should have a pure green hue, whereas green tourmalines can exhibit a bluish-green hue. Tone will also play a role with more intense tones having a higher price and gems with a more vivid saturation also being a mark of quality.


A gemstone with excellent clarity will also be more expensive than one with inclusions and internal flaws. While most gemstones will have inclusions as a natural part of their makeup, those with inclusions that impact their natural beauty may come in at a lesser cost. Emeralds, for example, do have inclusions that add to their natural beauty (also known as Jardin), but when these inclusions are too prominent, they may affect the worth and finish of these beautiful gemstones.


The cut can also enhance or hinder a gemstone's brilliance. A well-executed cut welcomes elements of sparkle and light, whereas a poor cut can make even a valuable variety of gemstones appear dark and dull. The step cut is a popular choice for green gems like Emeralds, as it maximizes their brilliance. Oval and pear cuts can also be popular for green gems as they showcase their range of colors and make them appear to have a larger size.

Carat Weight:

Carat weight also impacts the worth of a gemstone with higher weights being more expensive. However, weight isn't always a determining factor in worth - if you find a smaller stone with amazing color and clarity, this could be worth more than a larger less impressive stone. 

Uses of Green Gemstones


Green gemstone in jewelry is always a winner. Whether you choose to wear emerald rings, peridot earrings, malachite pendants, or green tourmaline bracelets, green gems look lush against the skin. Emeralds have long been a popular alternative for wedding and engagement rings for those wanting something different than a diamond. They have also been statement pieces in high society for years. Wearing green gemstone jewelry also allows you to enjoy the benefit of being directly in that stone's energy field, which can raise your own vibrations.

Metaphysical and Healing Properties:

When it comes to health and healing, green gemstones are considered to be mighty healers of the heart and excellent tools for bringing you into emotional balance. Green gemstones connect with the heart chakra and can clear any blockages that could be making us hold back from the love we deserve. The heart chakra helps us to give and receive love with truth, honesty, and ease. When it opens, we may find that we can lean into love, compassion, trust, and of course - self-love and better esteem.

Decorative Objects:

Green gemstones also make a great choice when it comes to decorative objects, carvings, sculptures, and home crystal pieces. This is especially true of green gemstones like Jade. Jade is considered to be a lucky stone and excellent at attracting wealth. It is also a common gem used in Feng Shui, and because of this, it's normal to see lots of home decor items carved from Jade. You can also find green crystal towers, pyramids, spheres, and other sacred shapes making the most of green gemstone energy.

Buying Green Gemstones

Where to Buy:

There are many places you can find green crystals to add to your collection. Local jewelers will have green jewelry for those who want to wear Emeralds and Peridots close to their skin. Your local crystal shop may also have a solid mix of green gemstones to choose from and have the added benefit that you can pick the stones up and feel their energy. Online retailers can make an excellent place to find a wide array of gems outside of the common choices. With online retailers you can also find sellers that have other ethical stones. Whenever buying crystals of any kind - don’t be afraid to ask questions, request certificates of authenticity, and find out about the company's sourcing and fair trade policies.

Price Considerations:

Price will play a part in choosing your gemstone. The price point can vary depending on the quality, rarity, and size of the gem in question. For example, emeralds are precious stones and can be more expensive than the likes of Malachite or Green Tourmaline.

Tips for Online Shopping:

When buying your gemstones from online retailers, be sure to check the credibility of the company and individual so that you get the green gemstone of the quality that you deserve. Part of the process is, of course, due diligence in asking questions and using intuition. Gems that are too perfect in their photographs or that are too cheap can indicate that they may not be the real deal. You should always check return policies and try and read customer reviews before committing to your online purchasing decision.

Caring for Green Gemstones


Different gemstones have different cleaning needs, but an overall rule of thumb is to keep it simple and safe. You want to always avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaning products, and ultrasonic cleaners for your stones. Often, the best method is to use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. If your gemstone is lower on the Mohs hardness scale, this can indicate that it is a soft gem and needs extra-special handling. You should avoid being in the water too long.


Be sure to store your green gemstones with love and care to keep them safe and prevent scratches or damage to their surface. You can do this by placing them in separate compartments of a jewelry box or keeping them in soft pouches. You should also avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, as this can cause color changes in some gemstones.


Wearing and handling green gemstones is easy, as long as you remove any delicate jewelry or stones when exposed to chemicals. Some softer stones should also be removed when swimming, etc as water immersion may make them even softer.


Green gemstones are glorious, and for those who are drawn to their energy of new growth, the power of possibility, and the promise of emotional balance and heart healing, you cannot get better than adding dazzling greens to your collection. Explore the world of green gemstones, see which stones call to you, and don’t be afraid to experiment with the different varieties of green crystals out there. Feel free to share with us your favorite green gems and why you adore them.


What is the rarest green gemstone

The rarest green gemstone is the green musgravite. This variety of taaffeite may not be famed for its exquisite beauty, but its rarity pulls in a hefty price tag.

What do green stones symbolize

Green stones are known for their serene beauty, but beyond their aesthetic appeal, they are known for representing life, fertility, spiritual growth, a connection to nature, and the heart chakra. 

What crystal stone is green

There are a wide range of gemstones out there that fall under the green color range. Some green gemstones are Green Jade, Green Emerald, Peridot, Green Calcite, Green Agates, Green Fluorite, and more.

Is emerald more expensive than diamond

Yes, emeralds are considered to be more expensive than diamonds because they are rarer. Gem collectors, jewelry houses, and individuals may covet emeralds as they are considered a cherished choice and are highly precious gemstones. 


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