Discover Gemstone Meaning: Unlock their Hidden Properties


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Discover Gemstone Meaning: Unlock their Hidden Properties

Gemstones are so much more than just a pretty facet. Sparkly, sublime, and with a whole variety of colors and healing properties, it's no wonder that our fascination with these precious stones has carried over from the ancient world to modern times. From feminine jewelry designs that make the most of gorgeous gemstones to home decor, meditation tools, tumbled stones, and so much more - gem enthusiasts (or even those who are just curious about the compelling nature of crystals) will find a fascinating landscape opening up before them. Rich in spiritual, metaphysical, and historical symbolism, healing crystals haven't lost their luster. We delve deeper into the historical and cultural meaning of gemstones and highlight some of the most coveted crystals to help you understand the hidden potential of crystals. 

The Historical and Cultural Significance of Gemstones

Ancient Uses: Beyond the power of beauty, the ancient world revered crystals and semiprecious stones for reasons beyond physical properties and pure aesthetics. From Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece, India, Mesopotamia, and Native American tribes, gemstones were often used in various rituals, ceremonies, and medicinal practices. For example, in Ancient Egypt, it was believed that Lapis Lazuli was connected to the heavens. In Ancient Greece, Amethyst was believed to ward off drunkenness even when drinking glass after glass of wine. In Ancient Ayurvedic medicine, crystals were sometimes used to balance energy in the body. Carnelian and other healing stones in Mesopotamia were believed to keep you safe from evil. In Native American culture, Turquoise, in particular, is believed to have huge cleansing and purifying powers.

Religious and Spiritual Beliefs: Different religions also incorporated gemstones into their mythology and symbology. Aaron's breastplate was believed to have been studded with twelve precious stones, representing the twelve tribes. These included the beautiful stones of ruby for leadership, sapphire for divine power, amethyst for spiritual insights, and jasper for endurance (among others). In Buddhist practice, certain stones like cool and calm jade are revered for their healing properties, and it's common to see the natural stone of jade placed in jewelry designs or Buddhist art. 

Healing and Metaphysical Properties: Different gemstones have been associated with different healing properties, and various cultures and histories have influenced these beliefs. For example, the Greek belief that Amethyst gemstones could protect you from delirious states and that it was added to Aarons's breastplate for spiritual insight has boosted its appeal as a gemstone used for clarity and heightened spirituality. The Native American connection to turquoise and its ability to purify also add to the modern belief that this piece of mineral crystal can ward off negative energies. 

Popular Gemstones and Their Meanings


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Description: Amethyst is a stunning purple quartz crystal often connected to peace and perfect tranquility themes. It ranges in shades and can be anything from pale lavender to dark and deep purple. 

Meaning: Amethyst is a gemstone that represents peace, clarity, and intuition. It connects with the higher chakras, particularly the crown chakra, making it a very spiritual stone. 

Uses: Amethyst's best uses include promoting restful sleep, reducing anxious thinking and stress factors, and overcoming the monkey mind in meditation. You can wear Amethyst jewelry, place Amethyst crystals beside your bed, or hold a worry stone during meditative practice. 

Rose Quartz

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Description: The loving light of Rose Quartz is one of everyone's favorite gemstones. This perfect stone is a pink quartz and is associated with love. 

Meaning: As pretty as a picture and brimming with healing properties centered around the heart, Rose Quartz crystals symbolize love, emotional healing, and the harmony of self-care. This heart chakra stone can help you overcome emotional wounds and cultivate a space of self-love.

Uses: Wear your Rose Quartz bracelet to carry loving energy and light with you, or keep this gemstone in your intimate spaces to nurture loving and strongly bonded relationships.


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Description: A bright yellow quartz stone known for abundance, Citrine is all positive energy, high motivation, and good moods. 

Meaning: Citrine is a stone that represents prosperity, positivity, and the spark of creativity. This gemstone is connected to the sacral and solar plexus chakras, which means Citrine wants you to up your confidence, say yes to self-esteem, and welcome all shades of pleasure and play. 

Uses: The best way to step into the light with Citrine crystals is to wear Citrine jewelry or to place this stone in your workspaces to boost productivity and keep confidence running at an all-time high. 


Description: The precious sparkling Emerald stone is a gemstone with a deep green coloring often connected to growth and renewal themes. 

Meaning: Emerald is a stone that represents truth, fertility, wisdom, and love. It is one of the four precious gemstones and connects to the heart chakra. Emerald can bring a sense of calm and fill us with loving compassion. 

Uses: The best way to use Emerald is to wear it as a green gemstone made to be shown off. When wearing Emerald, you will find that your emotions feel better balanced and your intuition is enhanced. 


Description: Sapphire is a precious gemstone often linked to royalty. It is a stone of deep blue hues and sparkles like the sea. Sapphire is highly sought after and has been since ancient times. 

Meaning: Sapphire symbolizes wisdom, fidelity, and spiritual clarity. It brings calming energy and has protective elements. Sapphire can keep you safe from negative energies, and as it's a natural gemstone that connects with the throat chakra, it also assists us in matters of clear communication. 

Uses: Say yes to the amazing metaphysical properties of Sapphire by wearing it for creativity or placing it in a sacred space for added protection. 


Description: Turquoise is a beautiful blue-green gemstone linked to earth energies. All ocean vibes that ooze a sense of clarity and calmness keep you feeling in the flow. 

Meaning: The Turquoise stone is a gem that represents protection, healing, and harmonious communication. It is a perfect gemstone for the throat chakra and assists in helping us feel heard and understood - while putting our own truth out into the world with clarity. Turquoise has a very chill energy and is a great source of comfort in the flux growth process.

Uses: Wear Turquoise crystals for protection or place this gemstone near entrances to keep negativity at bay. You can also wear Turquoise Howlite bracelets for added peace.

How to Choose Gemstones Based on Meaning

Intention and Purpose: There are many ways to pick colored gemstones that you want in your life. This can be as simple as feeling drawn to the appearance of gemstones, or it can mean relying on intuition to guide you. One of the easiest ways to pick your gemstones is to select a stone that aligns with your intentions and purpose. Choosing a stone that aligns with your life purpose, your short-term goals, your immediate challenges, or your desired improvements is a great way to elevate your crystal experience.

  • For example, if you want to improve your relationships or your connection to love, you can choose heart chakra stones and loving pink crystals like Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite. 
  • If you want loose gemstones that help with motivation, success, and creativity, look to highly energized stones like Citrine or Pyrite to pull in wealth.
  • You could look to Amethyst, Moonstone, or Lapis Lazuli for spiritual growth and deeper intuition. 

Understanding the personal powers and healing abilities of different gemstones is a glorious way to make choices regarding your ever-expanding crystal collection. 

Elemental Connections: Another way to pick natural gemstones is to select stones that align with certain elements. Earth, fire, air, and water are the four energetic cornerstones of the elements, and by working with these certain stones, you can bring your elemental energies into balance. 

Fire stones can include red gems like Carnelian or Garnet. These beautiful gemstones often ignite a fire within and are often associated with themes around courage, boldness, passion, vitality, and heightened motivation.

Water stones will be perfect gemstones with a blue color. These can be Aquamarine, Turquoise, Labradorite, and even semi-precious gemstones like fancy Sapphire.  These gemstones are often associated with calmness, wisdom, depth, clarity, and communication themes. 

Earth crystals include tigers' eyes, jade, moss agate, and even darker stones like black tourmaline. These gemstones are often associated with a sense of stability and being rooted and have powerful protective properties, making you a magnet for abundance. 

Air gemstones can be Fluorite or Sodalite. They are often associated with clarity, creativity, and adaptability. They can be crystals with a lighter edge to them and can also greatly help decision-making. 

How to Cleanse and Charge Gemstones

Keeping your gemstones cleansed and charged is all part of your crystal connection. As these gemstones are busy doing heavy healing and energy work, they can become full of various energies or stagnant. Cleansing and charging them will flush out any old or unwanted energy and give them a boost so they can work at the best of their powers again. 

Cleansing Methods

 There are many methods for cleansing your gemstones, but non-invasive methods are best. Using elements like moonlight, sunlight, a quick water dunk, or even salt baths can be great ways to clean your stones. However, you must ensure that you align your cleansing method with the stone's safety. For example, some bright stones may fade in sunlight, and some softer stones may not be suitable for water or salt. All-inclusive cleaning methods include smudging, moonlight placement, and burying in the earth. 

Charging Techniques 

Sunlight: Sunlight can be a great way of charging your gemstones and building them back to their fullest power. However, this is only suited to stones that are not prone to fading. Don't leave your gemstones in direct sunlight for too long—short bursts are more than enough. 

Earth: Earthy and grounding stones can also be buried in soil or placed beneath trees and plants to reconnect with the earth's natural energy. This is a pretty safe method for recharging your stones. 

Sound therapy: is another safe and inclusive method for recharging gemstones' depleted energy levels. You can use singing bowls, tuning forks, or even chanting to help raise the vibrations of your precious stones. 


Crystals are fascinating, fabulous, and full of healing powers. From ancient civilizations to new age healers and even those drawn to the colored sparkly gems, there is a crystal out there for everyone. Each stone has its own complete history that spans history, culture, and metaphysical meaning. Explore the world of crystals, research their elements and healing properties, and add those that fit your needs to your crystal collection. 


What are gemstones used for

Gemstones can be used for many purposes. Some people use them in jewelry designs and for aesthetic purposes. Others use them for their physical, spiritual, and emotional healing benefits. They can also be used in chakra healing and for bringing vibrational energy into a space. 

What are gemstones known for

Gemstones are known for their beauty and for being valuable in jewelry designs. This is particularly true of precious gemstones. There is a whole world of gemstones, some known for their spiritual healing properties. 

Is a diamond a gemstone

Diamonds are considered gemstones as they come under the same category of gems formed naturally by the earth. Diamonds differ (despite being in the same category) as they are composed of a single element - carbon. 

What is the luckiest stone

Several stones are connected to themes and energies of luck and abundance. Some popular lucky stones include jade, green aventurine, and citrine. 


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