Crystal Colors & Their Symbolism - a Comprehensive Guide


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Exploring Crystal Colors and Their Symbolism | Comprehensive Guide

Forged by the elements of the earth and the hands of time, crystals have long been a source of fascination. Many of these precious gems have been with us since the start of civilization and have been revered in many cultures as objects of sacred energy and divine healing. From the amulets and jewels of Ancient Egypt to the tools of spiritual connections of the Ancient Greeks and the symbols of prosperity and luck in Ancient China, gemstones have dazzled us since the dawn of time. In our modern world, the enduring power of crystals still keeps us captivated. Whether used in meditation to clear negative energy, cleanse the chakras, or bring the body, mind, and soul into alignment - each crystal has its own special healing powers. 

Understanding Crystal Colors

Color also plays a meaningful role in the energy and meaning of these powerful stones. Every crystal comes blessed with its own vibrations and a certain type of energy, which also plays into color. Each color comes with its own energy, too, and making your crystal choices based on color also hints at what kind of healing vibes crystal is bringing to the table. Crystal colors can also be connected to the chakras, with certain colors representing and sharing the same shades as each of the seven individual chakras. For example, if you need a little TLC around the heart chakra - you may feel drawn to pink or green crystals, as they are the same color as the heart chakra. Understanding crystal colors and their symbology can help you choose stones and minerals based on your own healing needs and their crystal color meanings. Let's take a closer look at everyone's favorite beautiful crystals and their color frequency.

White crystals - Purity 

The color white is a symbol of purity and peace, and higher thinking. White crystals can bring mental clarity for decision-making and higher spiritual energy and purify your inner and outer space. White stones tend to be connected to the higher chakras, especially the crown chakra.

Moonstone - known for its feminine energy, assisting with new beginnings, and igniting inner power. 

Calcite - an amazing amplifier, this stone not only has the color of purity but encourages softness, forgiveness, and the ability to surrender and let go.

Quartz - another great amplifier and a stone that assists with clear vision, balancing emotions, and harmonizing the energy of a space.

Selenite - loved for its spiritual energy and angelic vibes and for charging up the energy of other crystals too.

Apophyllite - can help with releasing energy and finding enlightenment. 


White Jade - a great detoxer, this white color stone also brings joy and harmony and improves practical thinking. 

Clear Quartz is famed for lending clarity to situations and is considered a master healer stone. 

Purple crystals - Creativity 

Purple stones are known for their mystical magic and for boosting creativity. Connected to the crown and third eye chakras, they help with intuition and wisdom and bring peace and serenity to your daily life.

Amethyst - one of the best crystals for promoting peace and serenity. It also eases anxiety, encourages sleep, and has deep spiritual meaning.

Taaffeite - can help change up cycles of misfortune and activates energy in the body.  

Lepidolite - a natural anti-depressant, this stone comes in the color of peace and is known for its soothing energy. 

Halite - glowing with grounding properties, this gem can help release emotional tension and can be helpful in overcoming grief.


Sugilite - full of nurturing energy, this stone can offer support and help you heal from heartbreak and other emotional challenges. 

Blue Crystals - Trust & Communication 

Blue crystals bring harmony, communication, and gentle energy to the surface. The color of water and sky, blue stones are all about going with the flow. These gems also work with the throat chakra, the center of our truth and expression.

Lapis Lazuli - mystical magic, this blue stone helps strengthen intuition, opens the third eye, and boosts self-awareness. 

Rhyolite- known for improving strength and drive and encouraging you to pursue your dreams actively. 


Blue Lace Agate - clears the throat chakra, encourages gentle communication, and is one of the best crystals of harmony. 

Sodalite - can encourage creativity and self-expression and balances the rational mind.

Kyanite - calm and cool, this blue stone encourages you to delve into conscious thinking and speak up when needed.  

Fluorite - a neutralizer of negative energy; this blue stone is all cool colors, charm, and self-confidence. 


Azurite - enhances inner vision, connects with the heart and the throat chakra, and sweeps away anxious feelings. 

Angelite - soothes fear, anger, and anxiety and helps heighten perception.


Aquamarine - pure water energy; this stone is good for going with the flow and teaches you to trust yourself. 

Green Crystals - Renewal Growth 

Green crystals bring the beautiful energy of spring and a sense of renewal. Green stones can be excellent at refreshing tired energy levels, and this shade is also symbolic of growth and natural cycles, and in some cultures, it is the color of money and the color of joy. Green also represents the heart chakra.

Malachite - a stone of transformation, this green gem is a magnet for positive energy.

Green Aventurine - a lucky cool-headed stone known for bringing abundance into your life.

Moss Agate - full of mother nature's energy, this gem restores vital energy and brings you into alignment. 

Peridot - twinkling with light positive energy, this good-mood gem helps with growth and alignment. 

Chrysoprase - known for manifesting joy and optimism, this gem cuts out toxic emotions and opens the heart space.

Green Calcite - heart-healing vibes and harmony can all be balanced with this lime-fresh stone known for its bright vitality. 

Chrysocolla - re-energizes all the chakras, boosts personal power, and helps you get your life on track. 


Green Jasper - a growth crystal, this stone helps with balance, confidence, and having the strength to step forward into your future. 

Amazonite - personal power, focus, and getting those personal projects done are all encouraged by this blue-green stone. 


Emerald - a stone of love, this classic stone is known for encouraging unconditional feelings and bringing lightness to life and the birth of something new.  

Yellow Crystals - Optimism

Yellow stones are full of positive energy. Sharing their shade with the sun, these stones are blessed with intellect and creative spirit. Yellow crystals also work with the solar plexus chakra, bringing clarity of mind and decisive action. Yellow gems can be the perfect pickup for those with low moods in the colder months.

Citrine - a sunshine stone known for boosting energy levels, bringing joy, and attracting wealth and wonderful luck. 

Yellow Tiger Eye - a powerful protector, this stone is known for grounding, healing, and bringing objective grace to problem-solving.


Yellow Calcite - cleansing the solar plexus and the sacral chakras; this stone can cut out old negative cycles and bring wisdom, wonder, and wit. 

Pyrite - creative spirit and an abundance of wealth come from the magnetic energy of this hunk of fools' gold. 

Orange Crystals - Creativity

Orange crystals are ripe fruits of creativity. With a high color energy, orange crystals are full of joy, appetite, pleasure, and personal power. Orange stones also touch base with the sacral chakra and can boost intimacy. 

Carnelian - kissed by fire, this red color gem is good for grounding, strengthening self-expression, and bringing fearless energy to your heart.

Orange Sunstone - the warmth of summer washes over you with this bright and balmy gem. Known for lifting your mood, sweeping out negative energy, and raising creative thinking.


Orange Calcite - fizzy fresh joy and clearing out old ways are waiting for you in this soda pop stone. 


Orange Agate - emotional stability and sweet equilibrium - this orange crystal helps you to take action without hesitation. 


Red Crystals - Energy & Courage 

Red-colored crystals have warrior energy and are known to stir up courage and strength. The color of passion, red stones, can stir up our inner chi. Red crystals are also connected to the root chakra, which helps us to stay grounded. 

Red Tigers Eye - fierce and protective, this stone is also known for raising courage and 


Ruby - the color psychology of this gem is all about regality, self-reverence, and divine will. 

Red Goldstone - turn up the dial on your motivation and drive with this precious gem.


Red Jasper - a stone known for rousing vitalit, this gem can also help you overcome health issues thanks to its loud life power.

Garnet - composure, courage, and the ability to rouse slumbering passion - this deep red gem knows how to put its warm colors and rich energy to good use.

Red Sunstone - summer vibes and softness, this gem chases away negative energy and pulls you out of codependant patterns. 

Plum Jade - pretty as a plum, this stone brings a feeling of renewal, joy, and sweet spring energy.

Red Coral - famed for helping heal physical wounds, tissue, and bone, this stone also boosts strength and determination. 

Pink Crystals - Love 

Sweet and serene, pink crystals are pure color magic. Pink stones are often synonymous with the heart chakra space and are known for their soothing energies, emotional healing properties, and encouraging peace and compassion. 

Rose Quartz - a stone of love, compassion, and self care, this gem can heal the heart space and help you to trust again.

Rhodochrosite - pure heart medicine, this stone encourages growth and helps you find freedom within your understanding of love.

Pink Tourmaline - ease anxious thoughts and fill your life with kindness and serenity.

Rhodonite - good for helping you push through boundaries and break down walls, this soft pink stone is all about replacing fear and hurt with positivity and joy.

Pink Opal - a gem of resolution and soothing old wounds, this stone delivers a gentle and joyful type of healing. 


Gold Crystals - Success & Enthusiasm 

The color of royalty and wealth, gold crystals have the energy of success. They also encourage light, luck, and preciousness. Gold is linked to all kinds of wealth - emotional, physical, spiritual, and material. The color symbolism of gold also relates to the lower chakras.

Gold Quartz - full of high frequencies, this stone can deliver a deep energy boost and assists in cell regeneration. 

Gold Beryl - good for learning to trust in your own decision making process and for purifying bad energy. 

Golden Tourmaline - reduce the stress of EMFs and help the body shake of fatigue with this bright and shiny stone.

Black Crystals - Negativity Destroyer 

Black crystals are known for clearing out negative energy and keeping bad vibes at bay. Black stones are also great for helping to keep us grounded and for being a revealer of truth and clarity. Black crystals also work as a shield and have big protective vibes.

Shungite - strong enough to purify water, this stone can help shield you from EMF's and can cleanse the body, mind, and soul.

Onyx - prevents you from becoming overwhelmed and encourages healthy shadow work. 

Obsidian - known for cutting through chaos and clearing up bad energy. 

Jet - a well known grounding stone that can lift you up emotionally. 


Lava Stone - good for encouraging raw assertive energy and passion while keeping you connected to balance.

Smoky Quartz - a divine detoxer, this stone sweeps out negativity and helps you feel nurtured.


What color crystals are for peace?

Purple crystals like Amethyst are known for their peaceful energy. White crystals can also bring purity and peace; blue crystals are known for their tranquil vibes. You can also use pale pink crystals for softness and peaceful compassion.

Which crystal is best for anxiety?

Amethyst is one of the best crystals for anxiety, as it has soothing vibes. Lepidolite is another good gemstone as it works as a natural antidepressant and can balance moods. Black Tourmaline can help you to feel protected and grounded.

What color crystal is for money?

The best color crystal for money and wealth is the color green, as it symbolizes growth and good luck. Gold is another good crystal color for wealth and good fortune. 

What is the most popular crystal color?

There are many different colors of crystals. Some of the most popular crystal colors are purple (such as Amethyst), white (Clear Quartz), and pink (Rose Quartz). Yellow, red, and blue crystals are also highly in demand. 


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