Crystals for Virgo: Enhancing the Traits of the Zodiac Sign


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Crystals for Virgo: Enhancing the Traits of the Zodiac Sign


  • Personality Traits: As a Virgo, you are characterized by your practicality, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills, combined with a deep-rooted, hardworking nature and a tendency towards perfectionism.
  • Challenges: You may struggle with being overly critical of yourself and others, and your perfectionist tendencies can sometimes lead to feelings of being overwhelmed or self-limiting beliefs.
  • Top Crystals for Virgo: Your ideal crystals include Clear Quartz for clarity and organization, Amethyst for emotional support and balance, Carnelian for motivation and self-confidence, and Amazonite for soothing anxiety and enhancing communication.
  • Using Crystals: To make the most of these crystals, engage in practices like meditation, creating crystal grids, chakra cleansing, affirmations, and creating sacred spaces, aligning their energies with your Virgo traits and needs.

Virgos are full of earthly energy. The sixth sign of the zodiac and with their mascot as the maiden, Virgos are pure kindness, positive energy, and problem-solving masters. It's no surprise that this earth sign knows how to keep one foot on the floor even when they seem to be forever striving for greatness. Virgos are sure to take a lot of comfort, cleansing, and calm from the influence of healing crystals in their life. In short, they should seek healing stones that are known for clearing out negative energy, promoting better emotional balance in the perfectionist nature of Virgos, along with supporting their practical and logical way of thinking. We take a look at some of the best crystals for Virgos you can pick.


Virgo and Crystals

Understanding the Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgos are born at the end of the sweet summer months in many countries - a traditional time to reap what you sow as you move towards harvest. Their symbol is the maiden and a sheaf of wheat, or the goddess of wheat, which pays homage to their hardworking nature, earthly splendor, and the fact that they are deep-rooted people. Virgos have a tendency to be purely practical and very logical in their thinking. This means that they are great problem solvers and active doers. Virgo's love, desire, and organization and this also folds into their perfectionist tendencies. Virgos make for amazing friends as they are fiercely loyal and have a huge heart space which makes for strong connections -  although sometimes they may fall into criticism quite easily of both themselves and other people. 

Harnessing the Power of Crystals for Virgo

Harnessing crystal power and adding Virgo-supportive stones to your crystal collection can help build upon those already amazing traits, along with balancing out some of those self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that can hold you back. Crystals can bring comfort, support, natural energies, and spiritual connections with higher realms into your life. Each crystal has its own unique set of healing properties, which is why it makes sense to pick healing stones with metaphysical properties that serve your star sign and own unique set of traits. Look for gems that offer mental clarity, soothing energy, and a sense of going with the flow.

Best Crystals for Virgo

Clear Quartz

Shining with clarity, Clear Quartz is a perfect stone for those born under the Virgo banner. Known as the master healer, Clear Quartz is a powerful amplifier meaning that it takes a smidge of energy and turns up that dial. This is especially helpful for assisting Virgos in their love of focus, as the clear-thinking gem encourages efficiency, problem-solving, level-headed thinking, and the art of organization. Clear Quartz is also a light bringer meaning that it can stir up brighter feelings and align all the chakras which further supports a sense of balance and clears out those negative thought patterns that can sometimes lead to Virgos being overly critical. 


Super soothing Amethyst is an excellent stone for Virgos. This purple color gem can instantly bring your heartbeat down and serves up a high helping of inner peace. Virgos may need a little emotional support and balance when it comes to reducing their perfectionism, and Amethyst can provide this. Amethyst is also an ascendant crystal with deep spiritual significance and meaning. This can be another beautiful way for Virgos to balance out their earthy energy with some ethereal vibes. 


A stone of passion and fire, Carnelian comes soaked to the bone with energy and vitality. As Virgos can sometimes fall into quiet contemplation, this is where Carnelian sweeps in to bring its life force energy and stir up your chi. Carnelian crystals will boost that motivation and increase self-confidence so that Virgos can soar. This sense of perfectionism that Virgos are so familiar with can sometimes lead to imposter syndrome, but Carnelian makes sure to kick that out. This comes in particularly handy when this star sign is on the edge of burnout or feeling a lack of energy. Carnelian is also a grounding stone that works well alongside the practical nature of those born under a Virgo sun. Known as the singer's stone, Carnelian also lends supportive energy to good communication.  


Amazonite is a beautiful stone with huge complementary energy when it comes to those born under the Virgo sign. Known for soothing anxious feelings, having a positive energy field, and being a talisman of truth and hope, Amazonite crystals helps Virgos enhance their essential relationships by ensuring quality communication and connection. As Virgos can be truth tellers, Amazonite can help them to find the right words to express their thoughts and opinions in a way that doesn't alienate or lead to upset. Amazonite also encourages self-healing, soft thinking, and a sense of inner peace that can provide Virgos with much-need respite from their forever full 'to do' lists.

Using Crystals for Virgo

Personalized Crystal Practices for Virgo

Crystal practices help you to make the most of your fave spiritual stone. As Virgos can be caught up in solving problems and can even fall into workaholic and chronic worrier tendencies, it helps them to set time aside to connect with their core and to utilize crystal energy. Through meditation practice, crystal grids, affirmation settings, and other simple daily routines, Virgos can call on crystal healing in a way that works with their personality traits. Here are some ideas for personalized crystal practices for all you organized Virgos out there...


Meditating with crystals is a great way to balance your energy, take some chill time, and bring your body, mind, and soul into harmony. As Virgos love to be busy so much it makes sense for them to take some dedicated time and space to sit quietly and to learn to let go of all consuming thoughts. Meditating with crystals doesn't have to be tricky - you can simply sit quietly with your stones in a peaceful space and let their energy wash over you. 

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids can encourage those under the Virgo sun sign to harness the energy of multiple crystal energy all at once. Set your Virgo stones out into a sacred shape that suits your purpose or mood - it can be a square for order and organization, a circle for finding flow, or a flower of life for those seeking answers and guidance. Activate your crystal grid by envisioning light and a strong flow of energy connecting all the crystals and a protective space surrounding you. 

Chakra Cleansing

Crystals have high energy frequencies which means they can be a very useful tool for chakra cleansing. Different colored stones resonate with different chakras and the aim is to clear blockages from these chakras so you can be bought into alignment. For Virgos you may want to look to your throat chakra to encourage compassionate, clear communication skills. Blue stones are best for the throat chakra. Third eye chakra and crown chakra stones would also benefit steady grounded Virgos who want to expand their spiritual growth. 


Affirmations are another way of connecting with crystal energy. You can use affirmations to set intentions and manifest all your heart desires. You can either vocally speak your affirmations aloud when holding the crystals or you can create a ceremony and write them down on paper and burn them with a candle in the presence of your crystals to send that energy out into the universe. Good crystals for affirmations can be Carnelian, Clear Quartz, and Black Obsidian. 

Sacred Spaces

Creating a sacred space around your crystals is another way to honor their energy and provides a dedicated place for when your mental health is feeling overwhelmed or you just want to calm an overactive mind or get a dose of positive vibes. Creating a crystal alter can be as simple as laying your stones out on a tray or piece of wood and having a flower and candle or smudge stick there. 

Crystal Jewelry for Virgo

Wearing crystal jewelry is one of the easiest and best ways to make the most of these powerful tools. While the traditional birthstone for Virgos is the Blue Sapphire, you can wear any crsytal that calls to you. Many times, crystals rely on you using your intuition to make that perfect match - if you are drawn to a crystal its probably for a reason - because you crave its energy or are drawn to the balance and healing it can bring into your life. By wearing crystal jewelry like gemtone bracelets, gemstone earrings, rings, and necklaces, you are offering the stone a direct connection with your skin. When crystals come into contact with your skin, they are better equipped for raising your vibrations and having a positive impact on your energy field. Another benefit is that wearing crystal jewelry allows you to carry your intentions with you throughout the day in a low key way that doesn't require thought - it is an unconscious act of connecting with the universe. Crystals can also clear your chakras easier when they are in contact with the body.


Choosing the right zodiac stones for the Virgo sun sign is a perfect way of welcoming personal growth, expanded connection, and to help balance some of those traits that may tie you down. Virgos have so much going for them - they are whip smart, have highly analytical minds, and are incredibly hardworking people. Choosing stones that bring a little more balance into life and that soften those perfectionistic tendencies can work wonders for their emotional health and keep those Virgos burning bright. 


Can virgo wear Tiger Eye?

The Tiger Eye stone can work well for some Virgos but if you are someone who struggles with rest and downtime, you may find the active energy of Tiger Eye a little too much. It does have an earthy nature and is good for grounding so it complements Virgo energy in these ways.

Is rose quartz good for virgo?

Rose Quartz can be a useful stone for Virgos as it has very sensitive nature and is the ultimate soother. As Virgos can have a tendency for criticism (of the self), this pink stone can calm an over thinking mind and can help strengthen and heal friendships and relationships. 

Can virgo wear lapis lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli can also be a good stone for Virgos. Lapis Lazuli is a communication stone and a third eye chakra stone. It can help Virgos to share their truth in an illuminating way but with clarity and kindness. It also encourages them to tap into their wisdom and can attract luck - which can assist Virgos in their can-do attitude. 

What crystals are good for virgo full moon?

Some good crystals for a Virgo moon can be Clear Quartz as it invites clarity of thinking and is a powerful healing stone. Full moons are also a good time for releasing what is no longer serving you and this can be useful for Virgos who want to cut through feelings of confusion and old emotional wounds. 


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