Best Crystals for Manifesting Money: Tips and Practical Uses


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Best Crystals for Manifesting Money: Tips and Practical Uses

If you are looking for intuitive ways to be more flush and hit those financial goals, certain powerful crystals can help you become a magnet for money. Crystals have long been associated with manifestation, and certain stones are believed to amplify financial intentions and align your energy with prosperity. The belief is that by manifesting, we send energy and purpose out into the universe, and these beliefs emit vibrations that attract similar energies. Crystals are powerful vibrational tools that can align with this energy and pull all that we desire closer to us.  Whether financial success, better relationships, higher personal power, or spiritual up-leveling - crystals are amazing conduits of energy and intention. We are looking at crystals that can help direct the flow of financial abundance your way.

Understanding How Crystals Work for Money Manifestation

Energetic Properties: Everything in the world is energy, and each crystal has unique and stable energy. These precious stones emit vibrations that can be aligned with certain areas of our being or certain energy points (chakras) in the body. These vibrations also interact with our own energy fields to better influence our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. 

Manifestation Basics: Crystal energy also folds into the principles of manifestation. When we direct our thoughts, emotions, and intentions toward a certain goal - we align positive energy toward something, which can draw it toward us. Part of manifestation practice means having clear intentions (AKA knowing with clarity exactly what we want), visualizing, without doubt, our desired outcome, and doing all we can to take action towards those goals. In money matters, this may mean knowing that we want financial success and the amount of money we want to land in our bank account. Then, visualize exactly how this will happen and how it will feel and cultivate all the emotions and energies that come with it. Then, you can get to work by welcoming these crystals for wealth into your life, alongside taking dedicated action like investing time and resources into activities that support your financial goals, taking calculated risks, and seeking opportunities to support your goals. By combining intention and action, you have all you need to make it happen.

Top Crystals for Manifesting Money


Description: Known as the Merchants Stone of the Success Stone, Citrine is a quartz crystal with a golden yellow glow. This gemstone is often translucent and comes in shades of yellow or orange. 

Benefits: Citrine is famed for attracting success and positive energy. It is a gemstone that enhances confidence, reduces self-doubt, and boosts your motivation levels to achieve all you desire.

Use: You can carry a piece of Citrine with you or wear Citrine jewelry, like a Raw Citrine Necklace, for a Citrine energy bracelet to always have those high-abundance vibrations with you. You can also place Citrine crystals in your workspace to maintain a positive mindset. 


Description: The shiny metallic luster of Pyrite is often called 'Fools Gold' as it resembles the precious metal in many ways. 

Benefits: Pyrite is a protector, keeping you safe from negative energy and toxic thought patterns that can hold you back. It also supports your journey towards confidence and builds an assertive nature. It can attract abundance and the flow of creative thinking.

Use: Place Pyrite on your desk or near cash registers to encourage a consistent flow of wealth. You can also wear a Raw Pyrite Necklace or a Pyrite Energy Bracelet to carry its healing properties and powerful attraction.

Green Aventurine

Description: Green Aventurine, also known as the Stone of Opportunity, is a green, often mottled stone with platy minerals that grant it a shimmering quality known as aventurescence. 

Benefits: Green Aventurine is famed for opening the doors to new financial opportunities. This abundance crystal aligns your energy with prosperity and builds your confidence from the start. 

Use: Place Green Aventurine crystals in your wallet or pocket to attract luck and success. You can also work with a Green Aventurine worry stone when you want to redirect financial woes into something more productive. 


Description: Malachite is known as the Stone of Transformation and comes in shades of green with banded black patterns. 

Benefits: Malachite is known to transform negative energy patterns that can block prosperity. Not only will this beautiful crystal elevate your mindset but it also brings protection and encourages smart financial decisions. 

Use: The best way to call on the healing power of Malachite crystals is to meditate with them or keep them close to your important financial documents. 

Tiger’s Eye

Description: Tigers Eye is a warm brown and golden-banded stone with a deep grounding energy. It takes its name from sharing its shades with the fierce protector of the Tiger.

Benefits: Tigers Eye is known for being a big confidence booster but is also a gemstone that enhances willpower and delivers a dose of motivation. It can be used to help you overcome fears and sharpens mental clarity. 

Use: The best way to use Tigers Eye crystals is to wear it as jewelry like the Tiger Eye Raw Gemstone Necklace. This will help you to stay focused and motivated and to carry its energy with you.

Green Jade

Description: Green Jade is famed for being one of the best crystals for abundance with its gentle green coloring and its smooth surface. It is a stone of luck and loved by business owners.

Benefits: Green Jade is known for balancing emotions, enhancing wisdom, and welcoming luck. It can be used for financial growth and personal growth and has all the good vibrations you could wish for.  

Use: The best way to welcome Green Jade Crystals into your daily routine is to keep it on your desk or near financial documents to maintain the flow of abundance and clarity in your financial life. You can use a Green Jade Heart or a Green Jade Worry Stone.

How to Use Crystals in a Manifestation Practice

Cleansing and Charging Crystals: The first thing you want to do before calling on the metaphysical properties of your crsytals is to cleanse and charge them so they are refreshed and ready for intention setting. As crystals collect energy (good and bad), it can be important to regularly cleanse them and recharge them so they can work at the best of their abilities. There are different methods you can use including smudging them with sgae or your favorite herb, leaving them on a windowsill under the light of the moon, placing certain sun-safe crystals in sunlight, placing grounding stones in the earth, and using sound baths. Another popular method is to place your crystals near Selenite or Clear Quartz as these are excellent stones for charging.

Setting Intentions: Getting real clear on your intentions is another part of the manifestation process and often follows the three steps that can help cultivate a positive mindset and call on crystal healing to help you get what you want.

Goal Clarity: Clarity is essential for getting the best out of these popular crystals. You want to be clear and specific when it comes to your goals. Simply saying, I want to attract wealth may not be clear enough - be specific about the amount of money and be specific about how you will bring this into being. This saves any confusion from the universe. 

Visualization: The next step is to use visualization. Sit in meditation with your crystals and visualize exactly how it will feel to receive the abundance you are seeking. Imagine yourself filled with joy and gratitude and channel this good energy into your prosperity crystals. 

Affirmations: Another excellent method for adding to your crystal therapy is to use affirmations. By speaking words aloud of using a mantra inside your mind you can reinforce your intentions and align your mindset with the energy of abundance. For example, you could say 'I am worthy of receiving financial abundance' or 'I am a magnet for money' or 'wealth flows towards me effortlessly and with ease'. 

Crystal Grids and Jewelry: You can also use crystal grids to attract money. Crystal grids work by setting up money magnet crystals in a grid pattern or shape and letting their energy illuminate each other and align. You want to choose crytals for monetary success like the ones mentioned above. There are different crystal grid patterns that are designed to work in harmony with certain intentions - Pyrite, Citrine, Green Aventurine, and placing a Clear Quartz crystal in the middle of the grid can be a proactive way of making a grid with crystals for prosperity and to encourage the generous flow of money. 

Wearing crystal jewelry is another glorious and easy way of welcoming luck, abundance, and the flow of money. By wearing necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more, the crystals can directly interact with your energy fields and skin on stone contact can infuse you with even more crystal power and instill you with a sense of confidence you will carry with you.

Real-Life Examples and Testimonials

Those who use crystals for attracting wealth and abundance may find that new business ventures or opportunities start to open up for them. You may find yourself more confident and empowered to take bold action and well calculated risk. You may find that your money mindset changes and you have clarity of mind about your financial goals. You can use crystal healing to mend your relationship with money matters and may find that a healthier and more balanced money mindset fosters a more positive and open mindset which attracts more money towards you. Even beyond monetary gains, using crystals for wealth and abundance can place you in a more positive mental space generally. Crystals can open the chakras, create an atmosphere of abundance and joy in all areas, and help us break negative patterns and forge deeper spiritual connections - all of which can bring us deep and profound delight in life.  


Crystals can be an amazing way of shaking up financial patterns and encouraging an abundant mindset. Using specific crystals that know how to cultivate opportunities for growth and that have a close connection to wealth is an excellent way of hitting those abundance goals. Play around with different crystals and don't be afraid to experiment with practices to find what works best for you in finding your own abundance mindset. 


What stone is good for manifesting money

The best crytals for manifesting money and reaching your abundance goals are Citrine, Green Jade, Green Aventurine, Pyrite, Malachite, and Tigers Eye. All these stones have the energy of luck, wealth, and abundance. 

What crystal is best for money

There are several crystals that can be used for cultivating a healthier money mindset and welcoming abundance. These stones include Citrine, Green Aventurine and Malachite, Pyrite, Green Jade, and Tigers Eye. Each of these stones has its own powerful properties but all are excellent for luck, abundance, and a positive money mindset.

What quartz attracts money

Clear Quartz can be used for attracting money as it is known as being a stone for clear thinking and encouraging opportunities for growth. Citrine is also a quartz family member that is known for being a stone of success. 

How can I attract money and luck

You can use crystal energy to attract money and luck. Using abundance crystals for luck alongside intention setting, affirmations, and meditation can all be ways of channeling positive energy and pursuing new opportunities with confidence. 


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