Crystals for Decoration: How to Enhance Your Living Space


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Crystals for Decoration: How to Enhance Your Living Space

Introduction to Crystals for Decoration

Throwing color and light and glittering with energy, crystals can heighten the aesthetic of any home. With a rainbow array of gems, crystals, stones, and minerals - using crystals in your home decor is an amazing way of channeling energy, adding vibrancy, and bringing even more healing into your space. From crystal towers to crystal spheres, crystal suncatchers, and even adhesive crystals on display - are lots of home ideas with crystals you can consider. We take a closer look at some of the creative ways in which you can display crystals in your home. 

What are Crystals?

Crystals have been around for millions of years. These natural gifts are often formed deep in the earth as a result of extreme heat and pressure. Naturally formed by atoms with repeating crystalline patterns, these stones are not only known for their fascinating beauty but also for their energetic properties and metaphysical healing powers. Different crystals bring different energies, but all these stones work on a theory of high frequency. Crystals are said to help the body, mind, and soul find balance and healing as they raise your own vibrational frequency and bring it into alignment with your own. For these reasons, many people turn to crystals for harmony and healing - they do this through myriad means, such as wearing crystal jewelry or using natural crystal stones during meditation, or using crystal decorations in the home.

Benefits of Using Crystals for Decoration

Crystals bring so many benefits to your environment. Not only are these gems gloriously eye-catching and bring a slab of stunning color to your room, but they also promote healthy and harmonious vibes too. Different crystals come with different healing powers, so you can actively make choices that change the energy in your space to suit your needs. For example, if you want to be sure of serenity, you can welcome an amethyst crystal into the home, or if you want to boost energy, you can choose citrine. Certain crystals and stones can also lend a protective power to your home - by absorbing negative energies or blocking EMFs. Crystals can also be used to amplify intentions and to bring your emotional well-being and your chakras into alignment too. Here are some beautiful benefits that come with choosing crystal stone decoration for the home...

  • Raise vibrations
  • Set intentions
  • Channel energy
  • Block negative vibes and EMFs
  • Align your chakras
  • Promote harmony 

Selecting Crystals for Decoration

Popular Crystals for Home Decor

There are many different kinds of crystals in the world, and choosing the right ones for your home crystal decoration really depends on energetic preferences, taste, and what kind of ambiance and mood you want to bring into your living space. Deciding which stones will work for your crystal display or which gems you want in your home really relies on intuition and a basic understanding of crystal energy. It's always encouraged to choose crystals that naturally call to you, but you can also pick gemstones based on their color associations and their unique characteristics. For example, blue stones can offer calming energy, and as they work with the throat chakras - they can also encourage clear communication. Red and orange stones can bring heat, sensuality, and vibrancy, and green and pink crystals promote growth, love, and understanding. Here are some popular natural crystal stones that are often used in crystal decoration...


The Amethyst crystal is one of the most popular choices for crystal stone decoration. This vibrant purple gem has gorgeous energy and exudes calm. It works wonders on clearing negative energy from a space and easily brings everything into harmony. Because of its ability to bring things into balance and promote rest - you can welcome it into the bedroom or into places where many people and their energies gather. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the master healer, and it is one of the most well-known gemstones out there. This clear variety of quartz is known for its amplifying properties, which means it can turn up the dial when it comes to the energy of other crystals too. Not only can clear quartz crystals 'clear' the air, but as it empowers other gems, it also makes sense to have it alongside your other crystal stone ornaments to boost their power. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz brings its soft loving energy and sweet compassion to any space. Known as a heart healer, this pale pink stone is famed for being a heart chakra crystal and for helping you nurture trust and understanding. Rose Quartz crystals are glorious stones to put in spaces where you want to cultivate love and compassion - the pretty pink color also makes it a favorite for crystal ornaments. 


Sunny citrine makes for a beautiful colorful crystal suncatcher and is well-known for promoting happy go lucky energy and raising everyone's moods. If you have a dark space, citrine crystals can also be used to bring forth a feeling of light and to pull your mood out of a depressive space. Citrine can be a good stone to place in working spaces as it can hone focus and keep the mind clear.  

Matching Crystals with Intention

When picking crystal stone ornaments, you can also look for gems that align with specific intentions. We all want to curate a certain energy in a space, and using crystals as decoration can be an easy way to set that energy into motion. Perhaps you want to bring more romance and closer connections to your bedroom with a Rose Quartz crystal, or maybe you want to create a family space built on harmony with Amethyst or a workspace designed around creativity with Citrine or Labradorite - whatever intention you want to set - there will be a stone out there to suit that. 

Creative Ways to Display Crystals

There are many different dreamy ways to display crystals in your home - from crystal crafts to crystal jars, crystal pyramids and pendulums, crystal towers and spheres, and even just creating an altar with various gemstones. We have some enticing ideas for displaying your crystal formations and for nurturing the kind of healing energy you want.


Working as both a colorful crystal suncatcher and as a guide through life, crystal pendulums are an amazing way to call on the intuitive energy of crystals. Pendulums are usually designed to be used when you want guidance for a yes or no answer - you hold the string, ask a question, and the crystals swaying response gives you your answer. When not being used in oracle fashion, you can hang them in windows to act like crystal suncatchers. 


Place a crystal pyramid in your space and let this sacred shape welcome grounding energy and cosmic charm. The pyramid is one of the best shapes for crystals - especially when you are interested in activating the rising chakras from the root to the crown. With its solid base, all sides working in harmony, and its pinnacle point - the crystal pyramid is great at channeling and releasing energy. 


A crystal sphere can be a solid shape for crystal decoration - especially as they can double as scrying tools. The sphere, as a sacred shape, is considered to be a symbol of unity, perfection, oneness, and completion. Not only does the crystal sphere bring harmonious and whole energy, but its shape is also excellent for use in reflexology and for relieving tension in the body.


Crystal towers can emit clear and focused energy thanks to their shape and strong stance. Having a crystal tower in your room cleanses energy, absorbs bad vibes, can help with spiritual growth clarity, and even actively encourages psychic abilities to shimmer to the surface. 

Crystal Placement in Different Rooms

Crystal stone adornment can light up your life, and each stone can be strategically placed in a different room. As each crystal has its own unique energy and vibrations, you want to consider this before choosing where to place your stones. For example, energetic crystals should steer clear of rooms where you want to rest and respite or sound sleep, as the energy of the crystal could have an impact on this. Energetic crystals or crystals that encourage motivation and focus can be placed in workrooms or studios. Crystals that promote harmony, love, and communication can go in family rooms or spaces where people tend to come together. 

Crystal Arrangements and Clusters

There are many creative ways in which you can arrange your crystals to make the most of their energy and create a compelling aesthetic. While singular crystal ornaments like spheres and pyramids can be placed in a stand-alone fashion, you may want to find decorative ways to showcase a wider range of crystals and clusters. Whether it's a beautiful bowl filled with crystals or a crystal tree, a display box, a crystal shelf turned into an altar, or even displaying crystal jewelry on hanging stands - the aim is to make a mindful space that sets an intention and celebrates the energetic flow of your sacred stones. 

Crystal Home Decor Accessories

Another way of welcoming crystal decor into your home is to seek out accessories carved from crystals. Look for crystal candle stick holders for table centerpiece displays or crystal lamps, crystal bowls, crystal mirrors, a crystal flower vase, and other home items and accessories that blend crystal energy with a touch of cozy elegance.  

Harnessing Crystal Energy in Your Living Space

Cleansing and Charging Crystals for Decoration

Whatever way you welcome crystals into your home space, its also important to make sure you keep them cleansed and charged so they can work at their fullest power. This is especially true if you have been working with crystals in direct healing - such as chakra cleansing or as space protectors. As crystals soak up negative energy it's a good idea to discharge them often. You can do this easily by holding them under running water or smudging them with sage. You can also recharge them so those vibrations stay strong. Some ways to charge crystals include leaving them in direct moonlight or sunlight (for some crystals like clear quartz). You can also use Selenite and other naturally charging crystals to boost their power.

Activating Intention with Crystals

Setting intentions around your crystals is always a wonderful way of putting energy into motion and kickstarting the manifestation process. The first step is making sure that the crystal you are working with or adorning a space with has an energy that connects with your intention and to do a couple of small steps to cleanse and charge it so its ready for action. Activating your crystal can be as simple as holding it in your hand and speaking aloud your intention - the more specific the better. You can also use affirmations to program and activate your stones and use visualization and meditation to truly channel the right energy into the stone.


Crystal decor is always a beautiful idea for your home. With so many diffffernt crystals out there - each boasting its own unique color, vibes, and style - you can truly choose pieces that bring your home into energetic harmony. Whether you want to use crystal decor for divine healing or if you are simply seeking the spiritual aesthetic that crystals bring, these gorgeous gems can truly uplift your space and help make your house a sacred space. 


Where should I keep crystals in my house?

There are many ways to keep crystals in your house. You can choose crystal ornaments like spheres, pyramids, and towers and use these in stand alone places to encourage high vibrations. You can also display multiple crystals on crystal trees, shelves, altars, and in beautiful bowls. 

Can I put crystals in my room?

Yes, you can place crystals in your room but you may want to consider which crystals will go well with your space and the energy you want to activate. If you want to encourage sleep and rest in your room you can look for serene stones like Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

Where do you put crystals for good luck?

You can place crystals in your hallway if you want to protect your premises and create an energy of good luck within the home. You can also place stones like Green Jade or Citrine in your work space as they encourage wealth and abundance. 


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