Chiron in Astrology: Revealing Your Path to Healing & Growth


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Chiron in Astrology: Revealing Your Path to Healing & Growth


Chiron is known in mythology as the wounded healer, but in astrology, Chiron is a minor planet orbiting the sun from a far-flung edge of the solar system. While it may be considered a minor celestial body and a mere icy comet traveling in the fringes, Chiron can have a major impact on your birth chart, your horoscopes, and your life path when it comes to dealing with your deepest wounds. If you have ever wondered why certain challenges or sore spots keep showing up in your life, this could be down to Chiron and its house placement in your natal chart. When we understand more about the most wounded of the planetary bodies, we can garner deeper insight into our healing process and find a way out of the mess and into the magic. Let's unravel the mysteries of the wounded healer.



The Mythological Background of Chiron

Chiron was an important character in Greek Mythology. He was a centaur, a wise healer, and a teacher. Apollo brought up Chiron, and he was known to be gentle and kind and, like all centaurs - immortal. Chiron sustained a wound in battle - a poisoned arrow struck him dipped in the blood of Hydra. He retreated to a cave and tried to heal himself but couldn't and even though he was in great pain, he couldn't die due to his immortality. He ended up trading his immortality for the release of Prometheus (the god punished for gifting fire to humans). Zeus honored Chiron's sacrifice and wisdom by allowing him to be placed among the stars for all eternity. 

Chiron was a beautiful healer but could not heal the wounds that were inflicted upon him. Thus, he became an important figure in astrology as he was seen to represent the pains that happened to us rather than the mistakes we made. But not all is lost with Chiron - he may be a wounded healer, but he finds his way to live among the stars. In astrology, Chiron is often seen as the bridge between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the planet of structure, and Uranus is the planet of revolution, which symbolizes Chron's journey from wound to wisdom.  

Chiron in the Natal Chart

Finding Chiron in your natal chart is easy with an online calculator. You need to know the exact time and location of your birth to see what was happening in the sky at the moment you came into this world. The natal chart will then highlight which planets were in your astrological houses and will also mark Chiron's position. The house and sign that Chiron was occupying during your birth will have an impact on where you experience the most vulnerability, healing, and transformation in your life.

Where Chiron shows up in your natal chart has meaning and may shine a light on your deepest traumas and the wounds that show up time and time again.

Chiron in Aries or the 1st house of the self can mean that you may feel isolated at times, and this can show up in anger, aloofness or feeling competitive.

Chiron in Taurus or the 2nd house may make you resistant to change or can lead to addictive personality traits and potential money pitfalls.

Chiron in Gemini or the 3rd house can nod towards you, fearing being alone or having anxiety around judgment and using gossip to connect with others.

Chiron in Cancer or the 4th house may mean that you struggle with your sense of safety in this world. You may also have a mother wound. 

Chiron in Leo or the 5th house can lean towards you being a magnet for drama in your life. It can also mean you crave validation and attention.

Chiron in Virgo, or the 6th house, points towards perfectionism, being highly critical and also susceptible to criticism and hypochondria. 

Chiron in Libra or the 7th house can mean that you struggle with your house of partnerships or committing in relationships or can overly romanticize things. 

Chiron in Scorpio or the 8th house can mean that you struggle with jealousy or have a tendency to be obsessive about things. 

Chiron in Sagittarius or the 9th house can point to you always chasing a new high or being overly aggressive in your communication style.

Chiron in Capricorn or the 10th house can mean that you are obsessed with ambition or may have a father wound.

Chiron in Aquarius, or the 11th house, nods toward rebellion or can mean that you struggle to feel like you fit in anywhere.

Chiron in Pisces or the 12th house can mean that you have an intense fear of putting down boundaries or lose yourself in magic thinking rather than reality. 

When we know what our sore spots are, we can then use our wisdom, knowledge, and gifts to turn that pain into healing and to overcome emotional wounds.

The Chiron return can happen around age 50 as the celestial body makes its journey around the astrological birth chart and ends up back where it started. This can be a pivotal moment in your life and can result in a more profound understanding or shift in your healing journey. It can be a time of revisiting early core wounds, finally seeking or finding inner peace around that issue, and re-evaluating your life purpose in the light of this return. 

Healing Through Chiron

While we often want to bury or shun our pain, Chiron's placement invites you to embrace your wound. By acknowledging painful experiences in our lives, we can utilize these events or feelings and turn them into an opportunity for growth rather than being locked into the pain. This can grant us power and we can unlock hidden potential and lean into ancient wisdom, resilience, and turning our suffering into something positive that leads us closer to our highest self. As Jung said -there is no coming to consciousness without pain.

Turning pain into wisdom takes courage, thought, and practical action, too. One of the first steps in identifying our weak spots and recognizing where our wounds are is to deepen our relationship with the self. You can do this through journaling, therapy, dream recall, writing letters to your younger self, inner child work, positive affirmations, and using the crystal guide to work with healing gemstone bracelets, zodiac bracelets, birthstones, and gemstones for your astrological sign or gemstones by month

Healing painful life experiences is never a straight-line experience and can be tough to go alone. It always helps to surround yourself with people who lift you up and to seek out supportive communities, so you don't have to walk this road alone. 

Chiron's Influence in Modern Astrology

While Chiron takes its name from ancient mythology, this former dwarf planet is still completely relevant in modern astrology and contemporary psychology. Finding our soft spots, core wounds, and those early traumatic experiences and acknowledging how they shaped us into our adult selves is a process of identity, wisdom, and profound personal growth. 

Astrologer Demetra George emphasizes the role Chiron plays in our life path by stating, "Chiron represents the wound that cannot be healed by ordinary means, yet it is the source of our greatest healing abilities."


The role of Chiron in astrology is one of the most important, as it highlights ways in which we may misinterpret things, take Umbridge with something, or what our own Achilles heel may be. When we are more aware of our weak spots - whether it's fear of failure, fear of rejection, feelings of inadequacy, intergenerational wounds, or something else - we can understand ways in which these pain points show up in our traits, behavior, and reactions. Knowledge is the key we need to turn deep pain into power, and this is what Chiron can grant us. 

Using the birth chart calculator, you can check exactly where Chiron was at the moment of your birth. The celestial object's placement then lets you explore where the wounded healer shows up in your life, and this can lead you along in leaps and bounds as you start to transform pain on your healing journey. 

FAQ Section

Who is the god Chiron in astrology

Chiron was the son of Apollo and is known in astrology as the wounded healer. He was a centaur (half man, half horse) and was a gentle and wise teacher and healer. In astrology, the planet of Chiron is called the wounded healer, as it often shows up in ways that help us understand our deepest core wounds. 

What is Chiron in Hindu astrology?

Chiron belongs to the Western branch of astrology and doesn't show up in Vedic astrology. In Vedic astrology, they focus more on the planets that we can see rather than those that are considered comets, which is what Chiron is.

Why is Chiron so important?

Chiron is important in modern Western philosophy as it represents our core wounds. Depending on where this celestial body was during the moment of our birth, it can highlight where we may have ancient hurts or emotional wounds that we need to face and overcome. 

How do you heal a Chiron?

Understanding our Chiron wound gives us the knowledge and insight we need to move beyond it. When we know where our core emotional baggage shows up, we can do deep inner work like therapy, journaling, and repairing so that we can transform pain into power. 


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