Am I Psychic? Signs You Might Be & How To Tap Into Your Abilities


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Am I Psychic? Signs You Might Be & How To Tap Into Your Abilities

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While the idea of being psychic may sound like something only certain people are born with, we all have the potential to tune in to our deepest intuition and nurture these gifts. Maybe sometimes you get a gut feeling that turns out to be true or you can tell what’s just around the corner. Maybe deja vu plays a major role in your life or your manifestations always seem to bloom into fruition. All these things could mean that you have psychic abilities. Here, we explore what psychic abilities are, signs that you may be psychic and ways in which you can strengthen your powers. 

Psychic Abilities – What are They?

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Psychic powers refer to the ability to call on our extrasensory perception. Also known as our sixth sense, it’s a way in which we collect or garner information without using our known five senses. This can come in the form of telling the future, reading people‘s minds or energies, seeing auras, and even communicating with spirit guides or higher entities. The more you 


Clairvoyance is an extrasensory power where you know things or see things in ways outside of our usual sensory channels. It’s a way of seeing people, places, or things outside of our regular vision. Clairvoyance may not show up as crystal clear, to begin with - maybe you just feel like you ‘know things about people before you actually know it. Maybe you have vivid dreams that often come to fruition. Some ways in which you can nurture your clairvoyance is through dream journals, meditating, and automatic writing. 


Clairaudience is an extrasensory power where you hear things outside of our usual sensory channels. It could also be a way of hearing or communicating with those that others cannot see and is a way of receiving psychic messages. 


Clairsentience is an extrasensory power where you can sense other people’s emotions. It loosely comes from words which mean ‘clear feeling’. People who are clairsentients may be able to sense and receive energy through feelings and visuals not apparent to others.


Claircognizance is an extrasensory power where you know something without knowing it. It loosely comes from words which mean ‘clear thought’. It can show itself in ways of feeling like you know something before it happens or if you have a ‘hunch’ about something. Finding out if you have claircognizance as a skill can be tricky, but if you often find that your intuition is spot on and leads you in the right direction, this could be a sign. You can strengthen this power through meditation, energy clearing, and crystals. The more you turn your gaze within, the stronger your skills will be. 


Channeling is an extrasensory power where you can communicate with higher beings. This could be connecting to spirit guides, guardian angels, ethereal beings, or those who exist in the spirit realms. By channeling, you can become a vessel or a mediator in sharing messages. In order to channel you need to e free from energy blocks otherwise, the messages will have trouble landing. Be sure to keep your aura cleansed and your chakras well and truly open. Crystals, reiki, and other energy healing modalities can help with this. It’s also important to stay protected.


Telepathy is an extra sensory power where you can communicate or read other people‘s thoughts without the need for verbal communication. Telepathy isn’t just linked to reading words but can also be linked to reading moods, energies, and more. If you want to nurture your telepathic gifts you should meditate, dabble in sensory deprivation to tune out your external senses and use visualization techniques and clear thinking in order to create connections and share information. 

Can Anyone Become Psychic?

Yes! While being psychic may seem like a far and distant dream, we all have the power. Remember, psychic abilities are linked to the sixth sense - which is a sense we all have. However, it’s important to nurture your psyche and this means actively engaging with your subconscious and making every effort to strengthen your powers. Of course, some people are more attuned to energy which means that they may discover their psychic abilities earlier or easier than others.

Signs That You May Be Psychic

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Provide a short introduction to this section explaining that even though there is no hard and fast rules surrounding this phenomenon, there are some signs that will likely mean the reader has psychic gifts. 

Gut Feelings 

Having a strong gut feeling could be a sure-fire sign that you are psychic. We all have instincts but if yours feels especially strong this is a good sign. Having a strong feeling about something with limited information means that you are in touch with your intuition. 

Prophetic Dreams

If you have dreams that are intense and vivid and often hold messages or things that come to pass, this is another big nod towards being psychic. You may also be susceptible to lucid dreaming and astral travel in the dream world too. 

Déjà Vu

If you often get deja vu vibes as though something has happened before, this could be a link to psychic powers. Deja vu gives us that uncanny feeling that this place or experience has been visited or felt before and this could be down to premonitions seeping through. 


Psychics are usually very open to other people‘s emotions and can be hugely empathetic. If you find yourself feeling all the feels when it comes to other people, places, and situations then this could mean that you are heavily attuned to the emotions of others because of psychic abilities. 

Other Psychics

Psychic powers can also be passed on through family lineage so maybe your grandmother, mother, or another relative also had psychic abilities, strong gut feelings, vivid dreams, and insights that actually came to pass. This could mean that you have inherited these traits.

Tools to Strengthen Your Psychic Powers

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We are all on the psychic spectrum but some naturally have more ability than others. However, using your psychic powers is like a muscle - the more you build on it, the stronger you will become. Leaning into your intuition, sharpening your connection to energy, and learning to blur the lines between the physical and spiritual realms can be a big boost to your psychic toolbox. Here are some ways you can strengthen your psychic powers.


Quieting the chatter of the mind and learning to be still allows room for our mind to tune in to its own innate sense of being and also helps us to connect more to the world around us. Meditation is an amazing way of being in the body and opening ourselves up to the messages of the universe - as we are more relaxed and open when we are taking a break from our rampant inner dialogue. By making space to meditate every day, you can effectively tap into that inner peace and grow your intuition.


Journaling and in particular automatic writing is another amazing way to exercise your psychic powers. By giving space to the page and letting your hand roam free with a pen, you may find that you give validity to visions, feelings, readings, and premonitions. Automatic writing comes from deep in the subconscious rather than the conscious and can even be driven by the spirit world. It helps us to give space and voice to our inner wisdom and to bring any hidden messages to the surface.

Energy Healing

Energy healing comes in many shapes and forms but most practices share the same end goal - to cleanse any blockages or stagnant energy from your body, mind, and soul. We are all made of vibrational energy and sometimes our frequencies can get blocked, hold a negative charge, or dip low and this can have an impact on our mental and psychical states. By clearing these blocks, you can create a smooth flow of energy from the earth to the universe. You need a clear channel for energy to flow to harness psychic powers. Energy healing can be anything from reiki to aura cleansing, chakra balancing, using crystals, qigong, and healing touch. 

Am I Psychic FAQ

How often do you think of your psychic abilities?

If you have psychic abilities, you may have fleeting knowledge of their existence or you may think about them a lot. Often, if we think we may have psychic abilities - we naturally do and this curiosity is being piqued for a reason. The more you learn to harness and strengthen your psychic powers, the more they will become second nature to you.

What is the meaning of being psychic?

The meaning of being psychic is used to describe having powers or abilities that are outside of our usual physical senses. It’s often used to describe extrasensory perceptions and knowing or gathering information outside of our usual channels. This can be through telepathy, clairvoyance and visions, communicating with the spirit world, and mediumship.  

What should I do if I think I might be psychic?

If you think you may be psychic then you should lean into it as odds are your intuition is correct. Strengthening your psychic abilities will help you to become more attuned to your gifts and you can do this through journaling, meditation, energy healing, and more. You can also play with tarot cards, crystal balls, and do all that you can to nurture your own psychic gifts.

Find Out More About Your Abilities

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Tapping into your psychic abilities is something that is well within reach for everyone as long as you have the belief and an open mindset. There are many incredible benefits that come with nurturing your psychic powers and it can help provide guidance, deeper intuition, universal wisdom, and a higher form of living. Of course, if you are going to utilize psychic powers it‘s also very important that you learn how to construct boundaries to keep yourself safe in this practice. Even just having protective crystals or talismans close by can help with this. 

Do you feel like you have any psychic gifts? Are you interested in strengthening your connection to your subconscious mind? Whether you want to be a psychic medium or if you are simply interested in growing your empath and intuition skills, learning to pay attention to your intuitive abilities is always a good idea.


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