Discover Black Gemstones: Types, Uses, and Metaphysical Properties


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Discover Black Gemstones: Types, Uses, and Metaphysical Properties

Dark and dreamy, black crystals are not to be overlooked. These are some of the most powerful protective stones you can find—from Black Obsidian to the healing properties of Hematite and lesser-known gems like Black Moonstone and Black Star Diopside; there's a whole treasure chest of dark stones waiting to sweep you off your feet.

While some may feel drawn to the sparkle and shine of rainbow-colored gems, dark color stones can be hugely significant for your life and well-being. Healing, protective, grounding, and working gloriously with the root chakra, we look at some of the most popular gemstones with inky hues and consider how these crystal healers can elevate your life. 

History and Cultural Significance of Black Gemstones

Ancient Civilizations: Black gemstones have a long, deep healing history spanning continents and healing civilizations. The Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians used black gemstone varieties to ward off evil spirits and were popular as amulets and talismans for protection. 

Indigenous Cultures: Some Indigenous cultures also call on beautiful black gemstones, which are believed to hold deep spiritual significance. For example, some Native American tribes believe Obsidian can create a shield against negativity and can also contribute to huge transformations, as its mirror-like sheen can show inner truth.

Victorian Era: In the Victorian era, Black gemstones symbolized a mourning period. The Victorian era was one that sprung a fascination with death, and this fascination was reflected in black gemstones becoming a crystal of choice in jewelry. Mourning jewelry was commonplace, with grievers wearing deep black jewels in the first year before moving onto greyer shades in the second phase and integrating pearls and amethyst as time went on. 

Modern Metaphysical Beliefs: In the modern era, a wide array of black gemstones are loved and celebrated for their striking appearance and metaphysical benefits; it's believed that black gemstones can help protect against negativity and EMFs, assist with grounding, and ward off psychic attacks while strengthening spiritual energy and nurturing transformation. 

Popular Black Gemstones

Black Onyx

Characteristics: Black Onyx is a solid black member of the Chalcedony family and is often used in jewelry. 

Metaphysical Properties: One of the most powerful stones for protection and grounding. Onyx can also help ward off negative energy and bring strength and willpower to the wearer. 

Care Tips: Onyx has a deep dark color and should be stored separately from other gemstones that may scratch its surface. Clean your Black Onyx Chakra Bracelet with a soft cloth to bring out its shine.

Black Diamond

Characteristics: Black Diamonds are rare natural gemstones blessed with deep dark coloring and all the beauty and shimmer of the OG diamond.

Metaphysical Properties: The Black Diamond symbolizes action, passion, and power. It is also one of the toughest stones, which gives this precious gemstone even more strength to pass on.

Care Tips: Handle your Black Diamond with care due to its glorious inclusions that make it one of a kind. The best way to cleanse your gorgeous stone is with mild soap and water.

Black Tourmaline (Schorl)

Characteristics: Black Tourmaline crystals, also called Schorl, are opaque and deep black in color. It is a common healing stone born from the core of the earth's energy.

Metaphysical Properties: Rich in earth energy and ancient healing, Black Tourmaline has a strong protective energy and is a glorious grounding stone. It can be a great gem for empaths as it helps prevent negative people from draining all your precious energy stores.

Care Tips: The best way to clean your Black Tourmaline bracelet is to avoid harsh chemicals affecting its physical properties and cleanse it with a soft cloth.

Black Opal

Characteristics: Black Opal is a sight to be seen. This gem boasts a dark body color with a vibrant range of colors flashing when it hits the light. 

Metaphysical Properties: Like other Opal stones, Black Opal enhances creativity and provides emotional protection. It does this by amplifying positive emotions and encouraging the release of thoughts and feelings that may be holding you back.

Care Tips: Black Opal can be sensitive to temperature changes. To keep it cleansed and shining with its variety of colors, gently clean it with a damp cloth.


Characteristics: Obsidian is a form of volcanic glass with a shiny, jet-black appearance. It is made from quickly cooling lava stone and carries the powerful energy of fire and earth. 

Metaphysical Properties: Obsidian provides powerful protection and has plenty of grounding elements. An Obsidian Worry Stone knows how to cut through bad noise and how to dissolve blockages in the body, mind, and soul. It also helps to keep you safe from psychic attacks and those who would cause harm.

Care Tips: Avoid dropping your Black Obsidian or your Golden Obsidian Bracelet as it is a form of glass. The best way to cleanse it is to use a soft cloth and buff it to a beautiful shine. 

Lesser-Known Black Gemstones

Black Jade

Characteristics: Beautiful Black Jade, also known as Black Jadeite or Nephrite, is one of the common types of Jade used in carvings and jewelry. 

Metaphysical Properties: Black Jade is known for its fierce protection and connection to nature. Similar to Jade, it can also bring powerful healing and make you a magnet for good luck. 

Care Tips: Look after your lush Black Jade by avoiding scratches and keep it shiny and bright by cleansing it simply with a soft, damp cloth. 

Black Garnet (Melanite)

Characteristics: Black Garnet is a deep black variety of Andradite Garnet. It is one of the rarest types of garnet and gets its shades from the presence of titanium. 

Metaphysical Properties: Black Garnet is known for its grounding powers and ability to bring one into emotional balance. It also boosts psychic powers and protection and ups one's confidence, lending extra emotional strength. 

Care Tips: Black Garnet is a durable stone that scores high on the Mohs hardness scale, but you should still take care of it to avoid hard impacts. Cleanse your Black Garnet bracelet with a mild soap solution. 


Characteristics: Hematite is blessed with a metallic luster, and it comes in shades of deep black, ranging to reddish-black. 

Metaphysical Properties: Hematite is an organic gemstone with a strong earth connection, which is why it is so effective at helping you get grounded. Wearing a Hematite Bracelet can also absorb negative emotions and energy and clear out your root chakra so you can feel safe and steady during difficult times. 

Care Tips: Protect your Hematite crystals from water exposure. Clean it with a soft, dry cloth.


Characteristics: Jet is fossilized wood, giving it a smooth and lightweight feel. 

Metaphysical Properties: Jet is often used for protection and breaking through negative thought patterns. Thanks to its strong grounding energy, it can help one let go of feelings of anxiety, depression, and downward spiral thinking.

Care Tips: Jet is from the wood family, which means that it is a soft stone that can be easily scratched. To keep it safe, clean it with a soft cloth. 

Black Spinel

Characteristics: Black Spinel comes in shades of opaque black and is highly reflective with a brilliant luster and play on light. 

Metaphysical Properties: Black Spinel's radiant themes are renewal and energy. It can enhance inspiration and empowerment while helping you release sadness and open your world to fresh joys. 

Care Tips: One of the best things about this black color stone is the fact that it's so hard and durable. You can easily cleanse your Black Spinel with soap and water without any trouble.

How to Choose Black Gemstones

Purpose and Intuition: When choosing from a wide variety of black gemstones, it can be tough to know which stones will work for you. The best way to pick your stones is to combine knowing their healing properties with picking one based on personal resonance and intuition. For example, if you know you want a gemstone with protective properties, you can pick a gem known for having that power.

Authenticity: So how do you know if your black color stone is the real deal? The first is to ensure you buy your gemstones from a trusted seller. Don't be afraid to ask questions and even ask about certifications to ensure your stone or jewelry piece is genuine. A visual inspection also goes a long way, especially if you are familiar with the properties of the stone. It's worth noting that there is rarely such a thing as a perfect gemstone, so seeing inclusions and marks and uneven coloring is often a sign of authenticity, whereas bubbles or unusual patterns can hint at synthetic processes. 

Quality Indicators: Quality factors such as color uniformity, clarity, and cut must also be considered. Black stones are better quality when they have minimal inclusions and an even(ish) color tone. High-quality black gems will have even coloring throughout with a rich dark hue. A good cut will also play on the light and have a shining luster. 

Caring for Black Gemstones

If you want to keep your gemstones ticking over in terms of their beauty and spiritual benefits, it's essential to care for them and keep them cleansed and safe from scratches and damage. The best way to care for most gemstones is to avoid invasive cleansing practices and use a simple solution of mild soap, water, and a soft cloth. If you have a softer stone, don't leave it exposed to water for too long; like all gemstones, you should dry your stone thoroughly.

When storing black gemstones or your piece of jewelry, you want to store them separately so that your gemstone doesn't become scratched or damaged, as this could show up more on a black stone. You can keep your types of jewelry separate in a different box or compartment or use soft pouches for each piece.

It's also worth investing in getting your black gemstone jewelry professionally checked every year so a professional can ensure that all the settings and prongs are solid and your powerful gemstone is safe, healthy, and snug.  

Of course, different stones will require slightly different care, and this is mostly dependent on their makeup but also on where they rank on the Mohs hardness scale. For example, a type of gemstone that scores high on the hardness scale (like black diamonds) has a more robust nature than the fairly soft Obsidian or the truly soft Jet. 


There's a lot to love about the transformative properties you can find in those darker-shaded crystals, from common gemstones to rare gemstones. Black gemstones have a certain vibe and huge transformative properties that can enrich your life in all the right ways. Whether you want to feel more grounded, embrace crystal healing and the spiritual properties of the color black, or wish to embrace protection and inner power, black gemstones can be some of the most powerful tools in the pack. Don't be afraid to play around with these black stones and to embrace their energy. Feel free to share your favorite black gemstones and whether you find their emotional healing harmonious. 


What is the rarest black stone

Black Opal is considered one of the most precious and rare black stones. It can be found only in Australia, and because it is so rare, it fetches a huge price tag, especially compared to other types of Opal. 

Is onyx stone expensive?

Black Onyx is considered a mid-range gemstone in terms of price. While it may be more expensive than a simple variety of quartz or other common black gemstones, it isn't as expensive as Black Opals or Black Diamonds. Black Onyx can still be rare, and its price will vary depending on the cut, clarity, color, and carat. 

What is the most expensive black gem

Black Opals are among the most expensive black gems because they are so rare. Other black gems, such as black diamonds, are also considered expensive, however, the Black Opal comes in a staggering $10,000 per carat or more which is truly a testament to its worth.

Are black stones worth money

Some black stones will be worth more money than others and it depends on the type of gemstone you have and its own physical properties. Black Opals, for example, can be worth a lot of money as they are so rare. On the other hand, Black Tourmaline can be considered quite an affordable stone. The higher the quality of the gem, the heavier the carat, and the better the cut and color, the more expensive it tends to be.


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