Empower Your Workspace: Best Crystals for Work


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Empower Your Workspace: Best Crystals for Work

From beginner crystal collectors to those who have stacks of sparkly stones for every occasion, part of the pleasure of healing crystals is applying them to daily avenues of your life so you can up the experience. From pretty gemstones to bring you luck to protective stones for vulnerable times, the perfect crystal for cultivating love and crystals that bring vibrant, positive energy to your day - it's no wonder we are so obsessed with adding to our crystal collection. Another side of life that can benefit from beautiful stones is your work life. Crystals in the workplace can take an amazing toll on productivity, creativity, and stress management. We take a closer look at the most popular crystals for your workspace and how you can utilize them to get the best experience. 

Why Crystals at Work?

For centuries, crystals have been used in a multitude of ways, from personal empowerment to physical healing, emotional balance, protective energy, and to attract luck and abundance. The belief is that crystals emit certain frequencies, and these vibrations can have a direct influence on your own energy fields - affecting everything from emotional balance to clearing out unwanted energy, clearing blockages from the chakras, and bringing clarity of mind, deeper connections, and a sense of inner peace. 

If all of this sounds like exactly the vibe you want in your creative or office environment, then Workplace Crystals could be your next investment. Each crystal has its own energy, intention, and integrity, meaning you can select crystals that align with your desired healing purposes. Say, you find yourself vulnerable to energy vampires at work who are always seeming to suck the life out of you - this is where protective stones come in useful. Or perhaps you want to boost your motivation, so a highly energizing crystal would help.  

The energies of different workspaces do vary, but similar themes can emerge —a healthy work environment may be motivating, full of good energy and positive vibrations, a collaboration of teamwork, beneficial for your mental health, and brimming with healthy communication skills. Welcoming crystals that facilitate these elements can truly be a game changer.

Choosing the Right Crystals for Your Workspace

Several elements can help you select a stone that suits your needs when choosing crystals. There is no right or wrong choice - often, we are drawn to a stone for a significant reason, even if we don't know why. This is why intuition plays an important role in choosing the right stone. Intuition doesn't have to feel like a lightning strike - it can truly be as simple as loving the color or cut of a stone or being intrigued by its name. Another good way of picking the right crystal can be knowing its specific healing properties and wanting to call on those powers. If you know that you want a stone that can be a magnet for financial success, you choose this - if you want one more aligned with emotional healing, you take that. Reading crystal guides can be a great way of finding out which common crystals have certain energies and selecting gems that can provoke the outcome you want.  

Top Crystals for Enhancing Work Performance

Amethyst: The Calmness and Clarity Stone

Attributes: Amethyst is a gemstone of calmness and clarity. Work can be stressful, and when we are stressed, we may not always make the best decisions. When maxed out, Using Amethyst crystals in our daily routines can bring us back to a balanced emotional center and help with decision-making as it enhances intuition. 

How to Use: Place Amethyst on your desk for immediate stress relief and to create an environment of calm, or wear your Amethyst bracelet or Amethyst anklet, particularly during presentations when you want to project an aura of calm confidence. 

Clear Quartz: The Master Healer

Attributes: Clear Quartz is known as the master healer because it is an amazing all-around winner when it comes to crystal healing. This gemstone is all bright and light and helps you to get very clear on what you want. It can boost concentration, clear negative influences, and shake out emotional blockages. Clear Quartz crystals are also an energy amplifier, meaning that wearing it alongside your other stones can boost their powers, too.

How to Use: Place a Clear Quartz cluster near your workstation to amplify focus and creativity. You can also hold a Clear Quartz heart or worry stone when you want direction on a decision or wear Clear Quartz bracelets.

Citrine: The Success Stone

Attributes: Citrine is very special and is known as the Merchant Stone. This pays homage to the fact that Citrine crystals were often used to call in abundance, attract wealth, and improve prosperity. For those who want financial gain, lashings of positive energy, sharper mental clarity, and an overall sense of joy - Citrine is the stone for stimulating motivation and fostering a positive work environment. 

How to Use: The best way to use Citrine is to carry it in your pocket or place it in a space used for financial transactions or negotiations because it is famed as being one of the best crystals for prosperity. You can also wear Citrine Bracelets.

Black Tourmaline: The Protective Shield

Attributes: Workplaces can be a hotbed of energy and leave you open to the negative energy of colleagues or clients. Also, those who work around electronic devices may find themselves at the mercy of side effects from electromagnetic frequencies. This is where choosing a protective stone can help. Black Tourmaline is one of the best healing crystals for kicking out bad vibes.

How to Use: The best way to use Black Tourmaline crystals is to place them near electronic devices to create a shield against EMFs and to maintain a positive and powerful workspace that doesn't drain your energy. You can use a Black Tourmaline tower or wear a Black Tourmaline bracelet. 

Rose Quartz: The Stone of Love and Harmony

Attributes: Rose Quartz is one of the most loving, generous, and gentle healing stones. This is the best gem if you want to flush out bad vibes and create a harmonious working relationship with others. Connected to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz crystals promote empathy, understanding, and sweet social graces built on mutual trust and compassion.

How to Use: Keep a piece of Rose Quartz on your desk to enhance connected personal interactions and maintain cohesion within the team or wear a Rose Quartz bracelet or carry a Rose Quartz worry stone with you.

Pyrite: The Stone of Action

Attributes: Glittery Pyrite is a stone of wealth and abundance, but it also has the added energy of boosting leadership qualities and helping you overcome fear and anxiety. It is a very powerful stone and one that is all about action. Pyrite can be a true confidence booster for those who tend to hold back in a workplace environment and will help you reach your fullest potential.

How to Use: Pyrite loves to be center stage, and you can align with that energy of confidence by placing it prominently in your workspace. It can also be placed in spaces where you want to cultivate wealth. You can also carry it as a talisman for confidence and decision-making or wear a Pyrite necklace.

Integrating Crystals into Your Work Routine

  • Wear crystal jewelry to carry that energy and intention wherever you go.
  • Place crystals on your desk to attract and emit the energy you want. This can be great for motivation, creating healthy working environments, and boosting productivity.
  • Carry crystals with you into meetings or when giving presentations to improve confidence and for assertive power. 
  • Create a crystal grid in the workspace using multiple crystals to amplify your intention setting and to welcome heightened energy. 
  • Meditate with crystals when you are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or stressed to bring yourself back to emotional balance.
  • Place crystals near electronic devices to avoid electromagnetic smog. You can also use protective crystals as an amulet to ward off psychic attacks and avoid the bad vibes that others may carry.

Caring for Your Crystals

Caring for your crystals is important to ensure they work at their best vibrational energy. Crystals work hard, and it's important to flush them of stagnant energy, cleanse them, and recharge them regularly. Here are some ways you can cleanse and charge crystal energy. 

  • An easy way to cleanse certain water-safe crystals is to hold them under running water for a few seconds. Always be sure to dry thoroughly. 
  • You can also place crystals under moonlight for a few hours to recharge. 
  • Some stones may be suspectable to sunlight for brief periods, although prolonged direct sunlight may cause your stone to fade.
  • Safe, non-invasive cleansing and charging of your stone can be done through smudging and sound baths.
  • You can cleanse and recharge crystals in a Selenite or Clear Quartz bowl or plate.


Crystals are a wonderful addition to the workspace. Whether you want personal protection, to stay safe from the fallout of electromagnetic fields, to welcome wealth and abundance, to boost your motivation and confidence, or to nurture peaceful connections with co-workers - crystals can do it all. It's truly important to cultivate a healthy working environment for your body, mind, and soul; choosing the right stones can help you strike this beautiful balance. 


Which crystal is best for career success

Some of the best crystals for career success include Citrine and Pyrite, which encourage abundance and confidence. For better communication, you can also use Green crystals like Aventurine, Tiger's Eye for power and protection, Clear Quartz crystal for clarity, and Blue Lace Agate. 

What crystals are good for teamwork

Good crystals for teamwork are connected to communication and open-hearted love. Blue Lace Agate can facilitate good communication, and Rose Quartz is one of the best gemstones for clearing out negative vibes and keeping the energy of love and compassion.

Which is the most powerful crystal

Each crystal has its own powerful energy, even if some crystals express this more subtly than others. Clear Quartz is considered a great all-around powerful stone and a master healer. 

What crystal is best for focus

Some of the best stones for focus include Flurote, also known as the genius stone. Amethyst and Clear Quartz can also assist in clear thinking and decision-making. Citrine can help to boost your focus and motivation.


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