12 Best Crystals for Travel - Create Elevated & Calm Energy


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12 Best Crystals for Travel - Create Elevated & Calm Energy


Whatever style of sojourn you are stepping out on - it's always an adventure. Travel can be so rewarding - it can be a time of change, challenges, facing ourselves and our relationship with the world, and also a time of huge spiritual growth. It doesn't even have to be big far-flung travel to evoke big far-flung feelings - even just leaving behind our comfort zone for a few days can have a profound effect. While travel can be exciting, it can also have moments of overwhelm. You may find yourself surrounded by different energies and vibrations, and this can have an impact on our own energy fields. Carrying crystals that can help protect, shield, and nurture our nervous system can help to curate a calm and elevated energy so that we can facilitate safe travel from the moment we step out the door. We take a look at some of the very best stones for travel you may want to pack for your next adventure. 

Benefits of carrying crystals for travel and adventure

Crystals come with their own unique healing vibrations and their own energy stores. When we use them in our everyday rituals, we can tap into that power and benefit from it across our body, mind, and soul. Different crystals come with different powers - some are known for protecting against negative vibrations, others keep us calm and balanced, and then there are those that feed us energy and activate our chi when we need it the most. Travel can call for certain types of crystals to act as our guardian stones as we move through the world. Here are some benefits of bringing crystals along for the ride...

  • They can provide a sense of grounding when we are feeling adrift in a new place.
  • They can ease travel anxieties and feelings of overwhelm.
  • They can instill confidence and bring positive energies throughout your travel.
  • They can act as a shield against unfamiliar and negative energies that may arise from different environments. 
  • They can help manifest smooth situations and facilitate a safe journey.

The Best Crystals for Travel

Finding the right crystals for travel safety and boosting your travel moods is essential when it comes to finding the best stones for your journey ahead. There are many different powerful stones out there, but it's also important to know which will bring the properties you need to assist you on the journey. It's good to look for crystals for protection, stones that can keep your energy level high, gems that are known for keeping you calm and balanced, and those that activate your lower chakras so that you can stay grounded, solid, and steeped in confidence throughout your trip. We've rounded up some of the best healing crystals that can help carry you no matter what. 


Amethyst is one of the best all-around crystals for traveling. If you are looking for an excellent crystal with huge healing vibes and plenty of chill, this is the stone for you. Amethyst comes in vibrant colors of purple and can help assure you of a peaceful journey ahead. The meaning of Amethyst is linked to spiritual journeys and finding your sense of calm. Not only will this stone work on a protective level by transmuting negative energies, but it will also purify your thoughts and keep you connected to your sense of peace. Wearing an Amethyst bracelet can also assist in opening your crown chakra and keeping you spiritual even on the road - which can help you to get the most out of your experience. Amethyst can be a great stone for when traveling as it eases travel anxieties - if you are a nervous flyer or dislike long road journeys, this gentle gem will keep you calm. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a heart chakra stone. Pale pink, full of love, and ever ready to turn up the dial on your levels of compassion, this gem is a dreamy sidekick for safe travel. The meaning of Rose Quartz is surrounding yourself with positive energy and always making space for empathy, self-compassion, and patience. This is an ideal stone to pack for those trips when you know you will need to make time for self-care. Self-care during travel can help prevent burnout and keeps you open to connections with others. Wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet can also make you a magnet for love - whether it's striking new friendships, forging bonds with communities, or even attracting romance. 

Black Tourmaline

A powerful crystal that knows how to serve and protect in all the right ways - Black Tourmaline is here to keep you safe and steady. This dark and delirious stone works by being a pro at energetic shielding. It will surround you with a psychic shield so that no negative energy can break through. This keeps you fully connected to your own energy and prevents unwanted energies from throwing you off track. In ancient lore, Black Tourmaline was also carried as a protective talisman for travelers and used to ward off evil and psychic attacks. While protection is its number one job, it also works as a stone of purification - meaning that it can purify your emotional body and wash out toxic thoughts. The meaning of Black Tourmaline also strengthens the root chakra, which keeps you grounded with both feet on the floor. Wearing a Black Tourmaline bracelet can be especially useful in times of change, in crowded environments, or when feeling overwhelmed at any point.

Blue Lace Agate

Soothing and stacked with serene shades of the sky meets the sea, Blue Lace Agate is the perfect companion for all your adventures. The meaning of Blue Lace Agate is all about keeping a cool head, and this can be invaluable when dealing with travel and all the potential stress factors that come with it. Not only will Blue Lace Agate keep you serene even in uncertain times, but it also lends a mental clarity that can chase out brain fog and overwhelm and keep you tuned in and turned on to your surroundings. Wearing a Blue Lace Agate bracelet can also unblock your throat chakra, which boosts your communication skills and helps you to advocate for yourself. This is important when on the road, as you may need to express your needs and desires along the way.


Lepidolite is known as a stone of transition, which means it can accompany you anywhere and always lend love and comforting support. The meaning of Lepidolite is all about inner peace and harmony. If you can carry this sense of peace in your heart, then you can stay calm and balanced even in unfamiliar environments. Lepidolite is also known as nature's lithium which makes it pure medicine moods for when you need to take a chill pill and simmer down any strong emotions of fear and anxiety. Wearing a Lepidolite bracelet will work wonders for nervous travelers as this stone serves up a hug of reassurance simply by being in its presence. 


Sodalite is a great crystal for travelers as it triggers your survival instinct. That's not to say that this gem puts you in constant flight or fight mode, but rather that it takes a methodical approach and encourages common-sense style thinking, intuition, clear expression, and leaning into your intuition which helps you trust yourself intrinsically. The meaning of Sodalite is to strike a balance between head and heart - one of the best skills you can have in modern times. It helps you to find the beauty in life but not to get swept along with stories that don't have space for truth or personal power. Wearing a Sodalite bracelet can serve as a stone of protection against poor decision-making and also acts as an encouragement to take deep breaths and to keep cool when out in the world. 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is always an anchor, which is exactly what you need when moving through the world.  A stone of deep healing, this precious gem is gloriously grounding and has an energetic field that can dissolve bad vibes in their tracks. The meaning of Smoky Quartz is all about energy, knowledge, cleansing thoughts, and reconnection to both spiritual and physical places. Wearing a Smoky Quartz bracelet can help keep you tethered when you feel adrift. It also serves up higher communication skills and protective power and works as an emotional balancer too.


Citrine is one of the best choices of crystals during travel. This bright, energetic stone has so many good vibes surrounding it; it's impossible to feel low with it stashed in your pocket or when wearing a Citrine bracelet. The meaning of Citrine is also connected to it being a stone of luck and abundance. It was always known as the merchant's stone in ancient times because it triggered good luck and wealth for all those who wore it. Abundance comes in many ways when traveling - from an easy path to a fateful connection, great synchronistic events, and more. Keeping Citrine close can make you a magnet for this type of good luck. Not only will this beautiful crystal call in luck, but it also has huge joy attached to it. Ever ready to disperse bad energies and keep you feeling drenched in optimism - it's an excellent companion no matter where you go. 


Rosy Rhodonite is a healing stone for the heart, but it also brings a range of travel-ready properties along with it too. This beautiful stone is stacked with feminine energy and helps you to build back up your reserves after burnout and to find pleasure and joy in the world once more. When traveling, it's easy to let fear take hold or to become jaded, but this gem flushes you with fine feelings, keeps you open and excited, and also makes sure you have clear space in your heart for new people and places. The meaning of Rhodonite is to clear out blockages that are limiting yourself and your pleasure in the world. By wearing a Rhodonite bracelet, you can carry light, love, and lush energy everywhere you go. 

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a soul soother. Green crystals make for great travel companions as they put a spring in your step but also work as a heart chakra opener too. If you need your energy uplifted, you can bet that this is one of the most beneficial stones to do just that. The meaning of Green Aventurine also works around confidence and prosperity - which is exactly the type of energy you want to be sending out and attracting when on your adventures. Wearing a Green aventurine bracelet can act like a talisman of good fortune and also encourages decisive action, which makes choosing a path a little easier.  


Glimmering in all the colors, Labradorite has a certain sense of mystery, but that only adds to its ability to assist in spiritual travel. The meaning of Labradorite is as a stone of transformation. It is known to heighten consciousness, clear anxiety, stabilize moods, and connects you to your own innate wisdom. As a third eye chakra opener, you can trust that Labradorite will help you to trust your gut and go with your intuition. This is perhaps one of the most vital skills when traveling and enables safe passage to whatever your latest destination is. Wearing a Labradorite bracelet can help you stay level in your mind even when thinking on a higher consciousness. 


Heavenly Howlite is the most calming stone for travelers you can choose. The meaning of Howlite is patience and perspective - both of which are excellent skills to nurture while out in the world. If you are someone who tends to get frustrated when out of your comfort zone, this stone can bring you back to a place of calm and ensures that you let things roll off you with positive energy and ease. Wearing a Howlite bracelet also helps those higher chakras strengthen and helps you to call in your intuition. 


When the world is calling, it's always good to answer, and having an array of carefully curated travel crystals on hand can help you to step out onto your path with perfect ease. Whether you want protection, comfort, and reassurance or need your energy levels picked up, crystal power can carry you wherever you need to go. 


Which crystal is best for traveling?

Amethyst is one of the best crystals for traveling as it can soothe, calm, and keep you connected to your higher purpose. It also works physically and mentally to keep you chill and ensures peace follows you wherever you go.

What crystals are good for travel and anxiety?

Amethyst can help soothe anxiety when traveling, as it's one of the best stones for calming the nervous system. Other good stones for travel anxiety include grounding protective gems like Black Tourmaline and gentle gems like Blue Lace Agate.

What crystal has the most luck?

Citrine is considered to be one of the luckiest crystals, which is why it's such a good choice of stone to carry when traveling. It can also raise energy and bring joy.

What crystals bring adventure?

Labradorite can be considered a crystal that brings adventure as it has an artistic and spiritual element that helps you to find your higher path. It is also connected to empowerment which can make you bolder when on the road. 


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