The 15 Best Crystals for Taurus And How to Use Them


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The 15 Best Crystals for Taurus And How to Use Them



  • Personality Traits: As a Taurus, you are known for your practicality, patience, and strong work ethic, coupled with a love for comfort and luxury, making you reliable yet sometimes stubborn.
  • Challenges: You may struggle with resistance to change and a tendency to overcommit to work, leading to potential burnout and difficulty in adapting to new situations.
  • Top Crystals for Taurus: Essential crystals for you include Carnelian for courage, Citrine for joy and abundance, Green Aventurine for heart chakra opening, and Tiger's Eye for balance and security.
  • Using Crystals: To leverage the benefits of these crystals, wear them as jewelry to enhance your natural traits, place them in your home for a peaceful environment, and use them for meditation to help in embracing change and reducing stress.

Earthy and elegant, all those born under the hard-working sign of Taurus know how to dig their heels in. Taureans are ever reliable, steady, and safe and hold one of the strongest work ethics you could dream of. Those with Taurus in their zodiac house value honesty, nurture intelligence, and can be trusted to problem solve. Of course, there's that bullish stubbornness to contend with, meaning that you can't move a Taurean somewhere they don't want to go, but overall - that sense of practically will always win out. Taureans can truly benefit from the peaceful energy or bright life energy that crystals can bring. From finding stones that resonate with their earthiness to touching upon crystal power that brings high-vibe living energy, here are some of the best crystals for those born under the zodiac of Taurus. 


 Understanding Taurus Career Traits

Those with Taurus in their zodiac house know how to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. As one of the hardest working signs out there, Taurueans are committed to a sense of duty, a sense of stability, and a sense of practicality, meaning that they can always be trusted to find a way. Along with being practical, they can also be very patient, and this gives them an overall sense of chill and stoicism that keeps them free from drama. Saying that it's worth remembering that their house sigil is a bull, and they can certainly bring that unmovable stubbornness to the situation when they have to. Taureans also love a sense of comfort, and can be all about creating warm; sensuous home lives with a touch of luxury. They like food and pampering and the sensation of touch, and this directly feeds into their warm zest for life. This can make them great to be in relationships or friendships with, and of course - their drive and ambition make them great workmates too. They don't always like change and tend to dig their heels in, which can cause difficult times and difficult conversations when things are in flux. 

How to Harness the Power of Taurus Crystal Birthstone

All astrological signs are sure to find crystals that can elevate their life in some way. As crystals have their own unique vibrations, you can choose stones that can lend a certain energy and bring your own vibrations into balance. When fully balanced, we are more open to healing energy and are better equipped to find our flow of life. The best crystals for those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus are those that echo their own earth energy and those that can help them to stay motivated and free from burnout when it comes to all their hard work. They may also want to look for stones that encourage heart space opening and gemstones that bring healing qualities to the root chakra as Taureans can be unmoveable and stubborn (sometimes out of fear of change), finding stones that bring their protective qualities can also help them to feel more secure even when things are shifting in life.

15 Best Taurus Crystals

With tons of different gemstones out there, we have rounded up some of the very best Taurus crystals. Whether you want a gemstone of abundance, one that brings gorgeous grounding properties, or those that assist with developing mental strength and style, here are the choice crystals for the beautiful bull sign.


A fiery red crystal that comes with radiant energy, Carnelian is all about activating that energy flow. The meaning of Carnelian is connected to finding courage, overcoming fears, and inviting your personality to shine. This is the perfect crystal for those Taureans who tend to shy away from the spotlight. Wearing a Carnelian bracelet also assists with the motivation and endurance that this sign needs. It's a powerful crystal for stirring up your life force and radiates with sun sign energy. 


Glowing in golden yellow and with all the good moods of summer, Citrine sparks with the energy of Taurus. The meaning of Citrine is linked to light and joy, but it's also known to be a lucky stone that works for manifesting, creating abundance, and finding wealth. Its radiance matches the sun sign of Taurus, and it keeps motivation and energy levels riding high when this hard-working sign is struggling to keep up with its own pace. Wearing a Citrine bracelet can also enhance confidence and determination.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine takes a fresh approach to opening the heart chakra. This radiant green crystal is known for peeling back those tough layers of the heart and helping you to step into a place of love and trust. The meaning of Green Aventurine can also tap into a deep well of dreaminess which can help the sometimes material-edged Taurean move out of that external space and into more internal thinking. Wearing a Green Aventurine bracelet can also boost feelings of peace and patience, thanks to the soothing energy of this green gemstone.

Tiger's Eye

Strong and stacked with willpower, Tigers Eye meaning can also bring balance and a sense of security to those born under the astrological sign of Taurus. Tigers Eye has a strong grounding vibe and helps the root chakra to dig in. Wearing a Tigers Eye bracelet can help improve responsibility, courage, and focus, but it also helps you to strengthen that inner gauge of knowing when you need to step into a place of self-protection. 

Smoky Quartz

The meaning of Smoky Quartz is connected to nature, the self, seeking clarity, and finding your inner sense of calm. It can be a great stone for the Taurus star sign, as it helps promote love and peace and a clear energy field around the home. The stormy brown and grey coloring is said to be connected to the energy of the home and the natural world. Taureans are notorious for adoring their home space, so wearing a Smoky Quartz bracelet can bring that sacred home energy with them wherever they go.


Rhodonite radiates with healing energy, and this beautiful stone can help this careful and deconstructing everything sign to move on from any past experiences holding them in place. The meaning of Rhodonite is all about staying grounded and not succumbing to emotional overwhelm - but in a way that doesn't mean you block all your feelings. As a heart chakra stone, wearing a Rhodonite bracelet will definitely keep you razzed up with empathy, compassion, and love but also keeps you balanced at the same time.


Hematite is a protective stone with great grounding properties. The meaning of Hematite is centered around powerful root chakra cleansing, helping push back negative energy, and keeping you connected to the present moment rather than letting your thoughts race ahead. Wearing a Hematite bracelet can give Taureans the exact thing they are looking for - the strength to be bolder, more proactive, and ever-ready to take risks that will pay off safely. 

Red Jasper

Warm and vibrant, and full of life, Red Jasper is a favorite stone for all zodiac signs but especially Taurus, as its meaning is centered around strengthening the lower chakras, encouraging radiant health, and lending courage to all corners of your life. Wearing a Red Jasper bracelet can also balance sexual energy and balance the sacral chakra, which is great for all those Taureans who love pleasure and sensual living. 


The deep green energy of Malachite is all about balance. This stone brings equality and positive energy to both your left and your right brain side, which helps those born under the banner of Taurus to stay steady and serene. The meaning of Malachite is to step out of self-limiting beliefs and to leave unhealthy situations behind. Sometimes Taureans stay connected to something because they like consistency - but wearing a Malachite bracelet can give them the courage, strength, and boldness to move beyond these boundaries. 

Moss Agate

As one of the earthiest healing stones out there, Moss Agate is one of the best zodiac crystals for those born under the Taurus sign. The meaning of Moss Agate is all about keeping you in balance, getting those moods under control, and finding a new sense of peace and serenity as you move through the world. Wearing a Moss Agate bracelet can soften the bull-headed energy of all those Taureans and can also help them to sink into their chill heart space with openness and ease. 

Rose Quartz

Taureans need very little help staying calm, but it's always good to have a crystal that echoes that feeling and brings more than a pinch of love with it. Rose Quartz is an excellent stone for doubling down on a strong sense of self-love, compassion, and care. The meaning of Rose Quartz is to heal the heart and to get to a place where you can give and receive the love of all kinds without fear. Wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet can help those born under the spell of Taurus to release worries and to fill their heart with loving comfort. 

Lapis Lazuli

The symbol of this earth sign is the bull or the oxen - an animal known for its strength and hard work but also for its sometimes stubborn nature. Lapis Lazuli can help those who share the star sign of Taurus to release tension and to become unstuck. The meaning of Lapis Lazuli is surrendering to the truth and embracing self-awareness which can help you to gain perspective and to see things from a different angle. Wearing a Lapis Lazuli bracelet can help deepen thinking and keeps your intellectual energy riding high.


Amethyst is one of the calmest, and most chill crystals out there, and as Taureans also love to relax, this purple crystal can show them the way in style. The meaning of Amethyst is sheer serenity and spirituality. It has a powerful energy that works to reduce stress, clear anxiety, and lull you into a gentle mental space. Wearing an Amethyst braclet can also assist in emotional healing, help overcome insomnia, and keep negative energy firmly at bay. 

Black Tourmaline

Time to kick out all the negative energy with the wonderful crystal of Black Tourmaline. This protective gem is famed for not only clearing your inner house of any dark and dank moods but can also lend protection when it comes to making sure that bad energy doesn't come your way. The meaning of Black Tourmaline is also about building a solid foundation so that you can stand strong and steady no matter what. Wearing a Black Tourmaline bracelet also brings emotional stability and can help Taureans move past their stubborn energy and to be more receptive to shift and change. 


A golden stone that attracts wealth, prosperity, and wonder - the meaning of Pyrite is right up the alley for all those sensuous Taureans who live for a little luxury. Those born under the sign of Taurus love the finer things in life and are always keen to make space for pleasure. Pyrite is all about welcoming pleasure and is also a solar plexus chakra stone too. It matches the energy of a Taurean as it also blends that earth element with the fire element too. Wearing a Pyrite bracelet helps you move into positive thinking and also adds to your magnetism for welcoming luck. 


With perfectionist tendencies, a profound ability to commit to a task, and a glorious high-vibe loving energy that seeps into their home life and a sense of stunning luxury, it's always fun and beautiful to be around those Taurus vibes. Turning to crystal healing to help soften that intense sense of drive and to help soften into interchangeable energy can work wonders in bringing this star sign back into balance. 


What crystals are good for a Taurus?

There are lots of good crystals for Taurus, and it can help to find stones that resonate with the personal energy of this earthy sign. Green crystals like Green Aventurine, Moss Agate, and Malachite can work. Red crystals like Red Jasper and Carnelian can also be a good match, as can black protective stones like Black Tourmaline.

Which stone is lucky for Taurus?

Emerald is considered to be the traditional birthstone for those born under the sign of Taurus. Other lucky crystals include Citrine, which is a fantastic crystal for welcoming abundance, joy, and luck.  

What is the Taurus crystal for money?

The Emerald is considered to be the right crystal for Taurus as it aligns with their love for abundance, beautiful things, and finding a hint of luxury. Other abundance and wealth stones that are suitable for Taureans are Citrine and Pyrite. 

Why is jade good for Taurus?

Green Jade can be a glorious choice for those born under the sign of Taurus as it is a stone that welcomes luck, abundance, wealth, and emotional balance too. It can help create a sense of harmony and works to open the heart chakra. 


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