The 8 Best Crystal Singing Bowls for Peace and Serenity


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The 8 Best Crystal Singing Bowls for Peace and Serenity


From crystal quartz bracelets and jewelry to pocket stones that bring a fabulous flush of energy and even crystal ornaments and altars stacked in the home, our love and fascination with these glittery precious, and mystical treasures from mother earth have long been a source of comfort and lore. For those who want to elevate their crystal healing experience, singing bowls not only bring a beautiful sound into your sphere but can also assist with healing, harmony, and letting the energetic frequency echo throughout your body. Crystal singing bowls are powerful tools and come in a range of styles, sizes, and with different tones that resonate with different chakras in the body. Finding the best bowl to sing you into a new state of being comes with many psychic, emotional,  and metaphysical benefits. We take a closer look at the magic of these ancient musical instruments and help you pick the perfect bowl for meditation and making the most of these spiritual sound vibrations.  

The best crystal healing bowls

Finding the best crystal healing bowls is an act of both art and science. When working with all crystals, you want to use your intuition and own sense of energy to see if a certain bowl resonates with your own flow of energy. Yet, not all crystal bowls are born the same, and seeking key features and good craftsmanship is also part of the process. Crystal healing bowls tend to be shaped from crushed crystals and work by hitting them with a rubber mallet to create a sound that has a certain frequency. As everything is energy and frequency matters, these frequencies can shift blocks in the body, assist with meditation practice, and even help you reach a higher state of consciousness. Finding bowls that are created from high-quality quartz crystals, that have a frequency or tone that matches your intention, and that have a solid sustain is essential when seeking something special for your sound therapy session. We have rounded up some of the best bowls for sale that can help turn up the dial on your spiritual practices. 

CVNC Rainbow Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Perfect for sound baths, meditation, and chakra balancing - this Rainbow Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl is a beauty. With a suede stick and rubber mallet, you can align all the chakras with this seven-bowl set. These handmade bowls are well-balanced and come with their own carry case making them easy to carry around if you have any sound bath classes or simply want to play harmonic scales in nature.

Third Eye Blue Indigo Crystal Sound Bowl

This indigo crystal sound bowl is sure to connect dreamily with your third eye chakra. Aligned with the A note, it offers a consultant tone that works to deepen your intuition, connect you to your well of wisdom, and comes complete with a bamboo mallet, o ring, and heavy-duty carry case too.

432Hz Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with Mallet & O-Rings

Another third-eye chakra crystal sound bowl, this quality crystal quartz bowl comes with a simple design and perfect 432 hz pitch precision tuning. Singing bowls are great chakra tools, and this one is centered around clearing energy blockages from the third eye with its A-note style. This prominent note encourages deeper wisdom and helps you journey inwards during meditation. The rubber mallet also creates compelling vibrant waves to balance the body, mind, and soul. 

TOPFUND 432Hz F Note Crystal Singing Bowl

Crack the heart chakra right open and learn to love with pure and honest passion with this F-note crystal singing bowl from Topfund. With 10 inches, a thick cowhide striker, a customized O ring, and made from purity quartz, this singing bowl is top quality all the way. Perfectly tuned, you can feel confident playing this bowl during meditation, yoga, or in sound bath classes. 

Colored Crystal Singing Bowl 432 Hz Chakra Tuned

With perfect pitch 440hz tuning, this set of 7 crystal frosted bowls with chakra designs is great for bringing healing to every single cell. Loud and clear-sounding bowl sets are the best choice for aligning all your energy centers. With eco-friendly pigments, different sizes, and different musical notes all corresponding to different chakras, the visual markings on each of these bowls is also a nice touch for helping guide you through the process. 

TOPFUND Chakra Tuned Set of 3 Crystal Singing Bowls

Topfund once again hitting the mark with this set of 3 crystal singing bowls. This set offers smaller bowls in the 6-8 inch range made from purity quartz and comes complete with a cowhide striker, customized 0 rings, a carry case for both the bowl and the mallet, and a heavy-duty padded sponge. The musical notes are B, A, and C, and they have a strong sound and beautiful resonance with steady harmonics. 

Meinl Sonic Energy 12" Crystal Singing Bowl Root Chakra

For those seeking a solid root chakra sound bowl, this 12-inch offering from Meinl comes with one of the best long-lasting resonances you could wish for. This is one of the best-frosted quartz singing bowls you can find to connect and cleanse the root chakra. It also includes a white silicone ring, but you will have to buy your mallet and carry case separately. Still, the design is clear and elegant, and the sound quality is second to none.

Leize 6-12 inch Lotus Design Chakra Tuned Set of 7 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

If you want a set to suit every chakra in the chain, this pretty lotus-designed set from Leize is the perfect choice. Offering 7 bowls, each attuned to a certain chakra, along with a rubber mallet and carry bags, you can hit all the major chakras with ease. The 432 hz tuning can adjust any imbalance in the system from the root right through to the sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. A clear and resonant sound, beautiful bowl color and design, and he high vibrations make Leize a lovely experience. 

What is a Crystal Singing Bowl?

A crystal singing bowl is an effective tool for healing and welcoming more harmony into your life. They work in a similar way to Tibetan singing bowls. You tap or softly drag a rubber or suede mallet around the bowl, and it produces a sound of a certain frequency. This frequency can shift chakra blocks, raise your own vibrations, clear out negative energy, and bring you into a deeper state of relaxation. 

Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls

There are many benefits that come with crystal singing bowls. The beautiful combination of these quartz bowls hitting a precise tone resonates in the body and can have a profoundly therapeutic effect. Here are just a few of the fabulous benefits you can expect from the purest sound, perfect pitch, and vibrational energy that comes from these amazing healing bowls. 

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and tension
  • A clearer and more focused mind
  • Offers a gateway into deeper meditation and mindfulness
  • Can remove blockages from the chakras and bring you into alignment
  • Supports spiritual growth and higher consciousness 
  • Harmonizes the body, mind, and soul
  • Can encourage improved sleep 
  • Facilitates better circulation 
  • Elevates the mood and brings a sense of peace and prosperity

Choosing the Right Crystal Singing Bowl for You

Sound Quality & Size Considerations

Sound and size are two of the first things you may want to consider when picking the right crystal singing bowl. Sound matters, and you are seeking a bowl that emits a clear and pure, sustained sound and a stable tone. If you can play with a range of bowls and a range of tones until you find something that resonates with you.

Size is another consideration. Consider if you want a portable singing bowl or a set of bowls. The size of the sound healing bowl will also have an impact on the notes it emits. For example, thicker bowls or larger bowls may have a deeper and lower-pitched sound, whereas higher-pitched bowls can be smaller. Larger bowls will also have a longer sustain, whereas smaller meditation bowls will have a nice tone, but they will fade faster and will also sound more delicate. 

The Right Mallet for Your Needs

The majority of bowls come with a mallet, and this may also be a consideration to make when choosing your professional crystal singing bowl. The mallet may be made of rubber, wood, metal or rubber, or suede. The harder the mallet material, the more defined the note will be, whereas softer mallets can create a softer ambiance with an ethereal edge to the sound. Whether you choose a suede tool or metal or wooden mallets - the goal should be selecting something that aligns with your intention when playing this mystical tool. 

Different Sets to Choose From

When selecting your singing bowls, you can also consider whether you want a set or if you prefer a single bowl instead. Sets can be great for energy healers who want to curate soundscapes, although you can also get harmonic vibrations and optimal health benefits even from a single bowl. You can find chakra sets that have precision tuning designed to align with each of the seven chakras. You can also choose frosted singing bowls that tend to be the loudest and sturdiest bowls, or you can get a clear quartz type of glass singing bowl that has a longer sustain. If you are wanting to work in the field of sound therapists, you may want bow sets or a handle bowl that makes it easier to move and play around the body.  

Advantages of Using a Crystal Singing Bowl

Mental Health Benefits & Stress Relief

Stress relief - With soothing tones that help the body release tension, sound healing bowls can be great at helping you overcome stress and anxiety. Sound healers know that the pitch and tone of singing bowls can encourage feelings of euphoria, joy, and calm, helping the listener to find and foster a sense of inner peace. 

Improved Concentration & Relaxation

Relaxation- One of the most recognizable benefits of singing bowl healing is the state of relaxation they can create around you thanks to the quartz meaning and healing properties. Sound baths are known for helping instill a state of calm and for emitting a soothing sound that can still the mind. When quartz singing bowls hit the right note, the vibrations can also help your body release tension and stress.

Meditation - Sound baths with quartz singing bowls are also known for helping people reach deep meditation. The effect of the rich sound washing over the body not only quiets the mind but can also offer an energy center for your meditation. This consistent sound helps you to move out of your entire surroundings and into a more introspective or passive place which is perfect for the art of meditation.

Sound Therapy & Chakra Healing

Chakra cleansing - Crystal bowls can also come with certain frequencies, and with precise tuning, you can align them with different chakras. When playing certain chakra notes, these vibrations can shift blockages in their aligning chakra - inviting a clean and harmonious source of energy to travel through.

Natural healing - The resonant tone and musical notes that sing out of these special crystal bowls can also be used to encourage the body into natural healing. Sound baths and singing bowls can help reduce blood pressure, encourage deep and restful sleep, helps with tension in the body and other physical ailments, alongside improving your spiritual well-being too.


Singing bowls for meditation are a beautiful way of welcoming more harmony and healing into your life. You don't need to be an expert to use these beautiful instruments; you can simply let curiosity and creative thinking lead the way. Be sure to find your perfect match when it comes to the right singing bowl by using your intuition, researching what type of bowl is best for you, and playing around with this powerful healing tool. 


How do I choose a crystal sound bowl? 

When choosing a crystal sound bowl, you want to blend intuition with knowledge and research. Consider size, tone, and weight, and make sure that you always choose a company that offers high-quality crystal. You can also pick your crystal based on its healing properties like clear quartz or smoky quartz meaning. Remember that the size of the bowl and the depth will affect the sound and tone it makes - the larger the bowl, the louder the noise.

Which crystal singing bowl to start with?

Frosted crystal singing bowls are best for beginners as they tend to be the most affordable. The surface may be a little rough, but they are the thickest bowls you can find, which means they have a good solid vibration. 

Do crystal singing bowls work?

Singing bowls and sound therapy are believed to have a positive impact on physical and spiritual well-being. The pleasure of sustained sound can help relax the mind and the body and can promote positive feelings and the release of stress and tension.

Are there fake singing bowls?

There are no fake singing bowls, only bowls of different qualities and bowls made from different materials - some of which will be less effective in quality and healing than others. You may find that glass bowls can sometimes be marketed as crystal singing bowls, which is why it's important to purchase from a trusted crystal shop or retailer.  



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