Best Crystals for Engagement Rings: A Sparkling Guide


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Best Crystals for Engagement Rings: A Sparkling Guide

Everyone's love story is unique, so maybe you want an engagement ring that captures that one-of-a-kind connection. More and more couples are looking beyond the sparkle of the diamond when it comes to choosing their engagement ring stone, and as the world brims with beautiful gems, there are so many alternatives to diamonds out there. 

Whether you desire a unique engagement ring, are picking a stone that has deep personal meaning, or want to swerve diamonds for gemstones with more ethical considerations, the sky is the limit when it comes to rings to mark that special occasion. We look at some of the most beautiful gemstones for engagement rings to give you a dash of inspiration when choosing yours.

Why Choose a Crystal for Your Engagement Ring?

There are many bright and beautiful benefits to choosing crystals and popular gemstones for your engagement ring. Whether you want a stone with a certain aesthetic appeal, are looking for something unique, want a wide range of choices on the color spectrum, or are interested in the energy of a stone - all of this can influence your choice of the ring you will wear every day. 

There are many colored gemstones - from blue sapphire to yellow gold topaz or citrine, deep purple amethyst, pretty pink topaz, or glowy green stones like an emerald. You can pick from a rainbow array of colors and bring a splash of color into your daily wear. Beyond the lookbook of bright, beautiful stones for engagement rings, you may want to opt for a crystal because they can be easier to trace. Diamonds can have a loaded history, and some diamonds on the market may negatively impact environmental and ethical matters. Crystals (if purchased from a reputable crystal shop) can be easier to trace and can help couples potentially minimize their ecological footprint. 

Top Crystals for Engagement Rings


The sapphire stone dazzles in its deep blue distinct colors, and a sapphire engagement ring is a symbol of loyalty and honesty, making it a beautiful choice for couples who want to share a life of truth and connection. Sapphires are precious gemstones and have a history of nobility and divinity. They represent everlasting love and commitment, and even though the cornflower blue is the most potent picture of a sapphire, these stones also come in a range of beautiful colors. Beyond its meaning, one of the main benefits of sapphire is that it has a classic and timeless elegance, and the stone scores high on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a durable gem for everyday wear.


Magic moonstone is known for its adularescence and play of light and color dancing beneath the surface. This gemstone can bring a unique, romantic appeal to any engagement ring and has a soft feminine energy deeply connected to the divine feminine. Along with being a stone that has the symbolic meaning of feminine energy, it is also a gem that represents new beginnings - perfect for this step into the future you are taking with your significant other. Rainbow Moonstone Crystals are a meaningful choice for an engagement ring and can also be a tool for divine wisdom, which may help you through any challenges ahead. You can also explore our Raw Rainbow Moonstone Necklace.


The red ruby is a gemstone of historical significance, vibrant color, and special meaning. This gorgeous engagement ring choice is associated with love, passion, and pure protection. Ruby is one of the four main precious gemstones and one of the most durable stone options, as it scores a 9 on the Mohs scale, making it robust enough for daily wear. The rich red ruby is a surefire symbol of love and commitment and a statement piece for those who want to celebrate personal style. 


An elegant emerald is a popular gemstone choice for those who want to take a different path from the traditional diamond engagement ring. Loved for its lush green hue and a tone that symbolizes growth and glorious renewal, it can be a hallmark of a relationship that is going to take root and grow in the direction of true love. Emerald is symbolic of love and devotion and has the added benefit of being a stone that brings a classic and sophisticated look to your engagement ring options.


Morganite is a beautiful, offbeat alternative to popular engagement ring choices. A pink and peach-hued stone, this gem is connected to themes of love and innocence. Morganite has a soft and romantic look and the added bonus of being a stone with high clarity. It is relatively affordable—even in large sizes—making it a sweet option for those seeking a statement engagement ring. Morganite is also a heart chakra stone that keeps your energy aligned with unconditional love, trust, and acceptance. Calm and committed, Morganite could be the perfect choice to accompany you through your relationship. 


A play of color and fire finds itself shimmering on the surface of an opal stone. This is one of the most unique gems you can find, and there's a sense of creative play, confidence, and clarity that encompasses the energy of this gem. Opal is one of the most gorgeous engagement ring gemstones for those who have an artistic soul or a dreamy flair. The opal also symbolizes fidelity, protection, play, amplification, hope, and purity - all vibes you may want to welcome into your engagement. 

Choosing the Right Crystal for You

With such a wide variety of engagement ring gemstones, how do you find the one that is right for you? One of the best methods of picking crystals is to let your intuition lead you. Crystals can work energetically, and if you are drawn to a stone, perhaps it's for a reason. Another, more concrete way of making your gemstone voice for engagement rings is to pick a crystal that symbolizes the love you want to share. If you want your connection to be based on clarity, then a clear quartz; if you want to boost romance and love, then a rose quartz or morganite. If you are looking for passion and power - the ruby. 

Lifestyle considerations may also play their part. Perhaps you need a durable gemstone or something more delicate and dreamy in a protective setting. If you work with your hands a lot, then maybe a harder stone with easy care requirements is best so that your precious stones don't suffer damage. 

Caring for Your Crystal Engagement Ring

When it comes to your choice of gemstone, it's important to know how to care correctly for your crystal engagement ring so that it stands the test of time. Different stones may have different care requirements, but it's important to remember that you should always keep your crystal piece of jewelry away from harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning techniques. Use mild, soapy water and a soft brush to cleanse dirt and grime, and always thoroughly dry and buff your stone to brilliance with a soft cloth. It's also a good idea to take your beautiful engagement ring to a professional every now and then so they can check the integrity of the ring, ensure the prong settings are solid, and address any signs of wear and tear accordingly. 

Ethical Considerations and Sustainability

It's important to pick rings with gemstone options built on love and good vibrations, and this is why you also need to consider ethics and sustainability. The crystal market can be complicated if you don't do due diligence in your research and find companies committed to fair practice. Irresponsible mining practices can lead to environmental damage; in some areas, there may be concerns about labor exploitation and unsafe working conditions. Finding crystal companies who are transparent about crystal sourcing can help support the mining communities around the world. With a vast array of crystal suppliers, take the time to find one who believes in accountability.   


Your engagement is a unique and truly special event, and you should have a ring that showcases and supports that journey. With so many beautiful options for gemstones that go beyond the diamond, this is your chance to shine. Picking diamond alternatives means exploring the crystal world and selecting a center stone that captures the essence of your love in its meaning and beauty, all while considering ethical considerations. Check out our Crystal Shop and find rings, raw crystal necklaces, and spiritual earrings.


What is a good crystal for an engagement ring

For those who want to make a different choice than the classic diamond engagement ring, there are many stones and styles out there - emerald, sapphire, moonstone, ruby, opal, and morganite are some good alternative options for the classic engagement ring. 

What gem to get for engagement ring

Choosing your gemstone engagement ring is a personal and unique experience. You can choose any gem that holds meaning for you. Remember to consider color, symbology, hardness, durability, and other factors when making your choice for an ideal engagement ring. 

What is the most durable stone for an engagement ring

The diamond is the most durable choice for an engagement ring as it's one of the hardest gemstones. However, those seeking diamond alternatives can look to sapphire, ruby, and emerald as stones that are hard enough to sustain daily life. 

Which stone is better for ring

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more - these durable precious gemstones have a superior hardness, which makes them a good choice for rings you can wear daily in real life. 



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