Best Crystals for Aquarius - Men and Women!


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Best Crystals for Aquarius - Men and Women!


  • Personality Traits: You, as an Aquarius, are known for your independence, confidence, and deep thinking, often seeking knowledge and understanding, and benefiting from crystals that nurture emotions and deepen connections.
  • Challenges: You may experience challenges like burnout, mood swings, and judgmental tendencies, due to your passionate energy and the push-pull nature of being both a fixed and air sign.
  • Top Crystals for Aquarius: Essential crystals for you include Rose Quartz for compassion, Amethyst for calm, Labradorite for energy balance, and Aquamarine for mental clarity, each aligning with your unique Aquarian traits.
  • Using Crystals: To harness the full potential of these crystals, regularly cleanse them, set clear intentions, meditate with them, wear them as jewelry, and place them around your home for protection and to imbibe their metaphysical properties.

Independent, confident, and ever-driven - those born under the banner of Aquarius are known for being a whip-smart air sign. With their house signal as the water bearer, Aquarians are often mistaken for being a flowy water sign. However, the presence of pouring water can be better related to this sun signs deep thinking, life-bestowing qualities, and the constant stream of knowledge and understanding that they seek. The best crystals for Aquarians to support them on their journey are those that help them to nurture emotions, deepen connections with others, and tame the monkey mind that keeps this air sign up all night. We take a closer look at some of the most powerful stones that Aquarians should have in their collection.


Why Should Aquarius Invest into Crystals?

All star signs benefit from the beauty and support of powerful crystals in their life. Crystals are ancient gifts, born deep in the earth, stacked with energy, and each brings its own array of positive traits and vibrations to assist in your spiritual development. Choosing crystals is often best done on intuition as a stone's certain energy (color, properties, etc.) may resonate with your own energy. But, picking stones based on traditional birthstones, astrology, zodiac signs, and other factors can forge a special connection as this stone is likely to align with the characteristics and traits of that person. Aquarians can call on healing crystals that align with their own planetary powers to help them establish emotional balance, and mental clarity, flush out negative energy, and calm an overactive mind. 

Criteria for Buying Aquarius Crystal Birthstone

Finding stones that align with your purpose and can help balance your negative traits and boost your positive energy is ever important. Gemstones come stacked with healing energy and can be used to set intentions, manifest, meditate, and bring emotional equilibrium in this often wild and uncertain life. The air element of Aquarius can fill them with passionate energy. This energy is often used for good, as Aquarians are committed to welcoming a sense of justice for all into their understanding of the world. Sometimes there can be a lot of excess energy to juggle, and this can cause Aquarians to burn out, mood swings, and be a little judgemental towards their peers. The combination of being both a fixed sign and an air sign can lead to a push and pull element in Aquarian energy, which is why stones with soothing energy and a deeper sense of balance and understanding can be the most beneficial for the water bearer.

Crystals for Aquarius Women to Shine

Aquarius women share the planetary ruler of Saturn, which means they love a little structure, have a sense of social justice, and are highly observant creatures. They are also hard workers, big doers and have all the motivation needed to turn ideas into reality. When they find their people, they switch their aloofness for being socially immersed, and this can lead to busy schedules and the need for a lot of physical energy too. They also come with a rebellious streak which seems at odds with their sometimes steady grounding energy - but this is what makes them so fascinating. They are visionaries which means they also have a great flow of energy when it comes to change. Being an Aquarius takes a lot of mental energy, and this can mean that sometimes Aquarian women blow a little hot and cold.

Finding fabulous crystals that can bring you into balance, cement those all-important relationships, open you up to other people on a deeper level, and grant clarity of mind as you walk your spiritual path in life - these are the traits you want to find. Some stones that work particularly well for aquarian women include pin crystals that help open the heart, purple stones that soothe the nervous internal chatter, and clear gems that bring mental clarity. Here are some specific healing stones that help Aquarius women to shine.

Rose Quartz

The heart chakra healer of Rose Quartz can soften and strengthen the core of any Aquarian woman. As one of the best pink crystals for calling in compassion, trust, and true self-love - everyone needs this excellent stone in their everyday life. It also helps them to keep their faith and trust as they venture forth in their fight for social justice. Wearing a rose quartz bracelet can help to amplify your love and understanding but also keeps you softer and connected with those around you. 


A stone loaded with feminine energy, the Moonstone is also pure vibes, positivity, and sweet support when going through difficult times. Moonstone can also be a big inspiration, so it can be a must for those Aquarians who are feeling a little burnt out and want to reignite their passions thanks to its creative energy flow. It's also a stone that helps you to nurture and be nurtured, thanks to that feminine connection. Wearing a moonstone bracelet can help you infuse your energy centers with balanced and spiritual positivity. 


Lovely Larimar is pure calm. This blue stone is infused with ocean-meets-sky energy, which can be the perfect antidote for all those times when Aquarians need to douse the flames that threaten to rise within. Larimar's meaning is meditative, balanced, bright, and beautiful. Wearing a Larimar bracelet works to reduce rising stress and keeps you centered, collected, and in touch with your spiritual connections. 


An angel realm crystal, the meaning of Celestite is all about higher love, higher thinking, and forging strong connections with the spiritual divine. As a star sign that may sometimes struggle to move out of the fixed and chaotic energy that Uranus and Saturn bring together, it can be truly helpful to have a stone that nurtures spiritual flexibility and heavenly harmony. Wearing a Celestite bracelet can also assist with spiritual development on a daily basis.

Green Aventurine

Gorgeous Green Aventurine is as fresh as a daisy. This green gem is also a heart chakra healer and brings with it a sense of stability. The meaning of Green Aventurine also elevates your sense of confidence and self-worth, all while keeping you aware of others around you which makes for a beautiful combination. Wearing a Green Aventurine bracelet can help balance your nervous system, encourage decisive action, and help you move past negative patterns that may have been holding you back.


Soft Selenite is stacked with spirituality and has plentiful healing properties, such as sharpening psychic gifts, connecting you with the angelic realm, and bringing peace and prosperity to both your head and your heart. The meaning of Selenite is centered around the moon, awakening the crown chakra, and ascending so that you can move above the confines of negativity. Holding a Selenite Palm Stone can also help you to find clarity, shed worries that are weighing you down, and move into a different consciousness which is perfect for those times when you need an energy shift.

Best Lucky stone for Aquarius male

The Aquarius male is sharp, witty, and ever a humanitarian at heart. He brings a softness to the table but also a rebellious streak. He can be thoughtful and comes with a delightful dose of weirdness, but he can also have a frustrating side too. Aquarians are known for their hot and cold moods and for sometimes being a little too black-and-white in their thinking. This can also be an energy of contradiction as they can veer towards being uncertain of their own emotions when it comes to matters of the heart. Finding a power stone that opens the heart space, brings clarity, and tames their aggressive energies for something more chill can be the fine-tuned flow they need. Here are some specific stones that align and make the best of that big Aquarius energy.


As one of the primary birthstones for Aquarians, Amethyst brings its soothing energy flow with ease. This powerful purple gem is famed for its calming influence. The Amethyst meaning is also centered around spirituality and your higher calling. It's one of the most powerful healing crystals, and as it works with both the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, it brings together the energies of intuition and bigger-picture thinking. It can also cut through anxiety and overwhelm, which can sometimes cloud connections and decision-making. An Amethyst worry stone is a must for the pocket of any Aquarian.


Labradorite is a highly mystical stone and also earns its reputation as being a gemstone of change and transformation. This stone is well known for helping bring energy back to the mind and the body, which can be particularly useful to Aquarians after they have expended all their energy fighting for change or driving towards their latest dream. Labradorite also manages to capture that balance between being a dreamer stone and a doer stone which matches the moods of an Aquarian down to a tee. Working with a Labradorite Palm Stone can bring balance and higher chakra healing. 


The easy-going flowing energy of Aquamarine meaning is always a balm for the soul. This blue color crystal is etched with healing properties and is a dream of helping to reduce anxiety and calm all shades of frayed nerves. Blessed with water energy, it also makes it a natural choice for the water bearer sign. The Aquamarine stone can also promote mental clarity in this complex sign. Wearing an Aquamarine bracelet can cleanse the throat chakra and encourage honest, clear communication with those around you.


Hematite is an amazing protective crystal that knows how to wipe up negative energies with ease. As a powerful grounding stone, it also helps Aquarians to keep one foot on the floor and strengthens the root chakra so you can stand strong and make the most of your natural gifts. Hematites meaning also connects to overcoming old emotional wounds so you can walk forward without the burdens of your past. Wearing a hematite bracelet will temper negativity - both the kind that comes from within you and from external places too.


Sunny Citrine is a famed mood lifter. This stone will pick you straight up and help you to find your sense of play. For work-hungry Aquarians, this can be the gem you need to move into a better work-life balance. Citrine brings a strong sense of positivity and is known for being a stone that can encourage a positive outlook. The meaning of Citrine is natural warmth and abundance. Wearing a Citrine bracelet also makes you a magnet for all the things you desire. 

Blue Lace Agate

The meaning of Blue Lace Agate centers around calm and rational thinking. It's a perfect throat chakra stone for Aquarians as it encourages gentle but open-hearted communication that doesn't skip a beat. If you want to express yourself from a place of honesty, this stone will take you there. As Aquarians can sometimes be a little blunt with their communication, wearing a Blue Lace Agate bracelet helps you to temper that impulse and find a softer way to say the things you mean. 

How to Use the Crystals for the Best Results

  • Cleanse your stone regularly, either with a quick burst of running water, placing it in moonlight, or with smudge sticks and other crystals known for their cleansing vibes.
  • Set intentions by holding your stone and being really clear about what you want. 
  • Meditate with your stones or place them around you during yoga practice to assist with mindfulness. 
  • Wear Aquarius crystal jewelry throughout the day to carry intentions with you.
  • Place Aquarius crystals around the home for protection and to bring their metaphysical properties into your sacred space.


Whether Aquarius is your ascendant sign or moon sign, you can benefit beautifully from crystals that align or temper the energy of the water bearer. The zodiac influences our daily life and the way we interact with the world - by harnessing crystal power; you can use cosmic forces to help you find your way. 


What crystals should Aquarius get?

Aquarians should look for crystals that promote calm energy, balance, better communication, and clarity. Amethyst is one of the natural birthstones for Aquarians. Other good choices include Moonstone, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Selenite, and more. 

What crystal is good luck for an Aquarius?

There are many gems that can bring good luck to the Aquarian. Amethyst is one of the stones most associated with helping this star sign strike a calmer balance. They can also use Citrine to attract abundance, joy, and good luck. 

What should Aquarius wear for protection?

Aquarians who are seeking energetic protection can turn to darker gems like Hematite that are known for lending protective energy both emotionally and physically too. 

What are Aquarius birth stones?

The most popular birthstones for Aquarians are Amethyst and Garnet. Amethyst is one of the best stones for this star sign as it helps bring calm, balance, and higher connections to help temper the busy energy of those born under the Aquarian sun.


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