Best Crystal Jewelry Brands: Your Guide to High-Vibe Fashion


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Best Crystal Jewelry Brands: Your Guide to High-Vibe Fashion

Crystal jewelry can be striking and spiritual. Wearing pieces designed around crystals or featuring sparkling stones is a gorgeous way to blend fashion and holistic wellness. Crystal jewelry has been around since the dawn of time and has shown no signs of falling out of style; from Cleopatra to the Kardashians, ancient royalty to new age celebrities and influencers, gemstone jewelry pieces have kept their allure. One of the best things about choosing crystal pieces for your style and for aligning your body, mind, and soul is the fact that there are so many different gemstones out there. Whether you want a crystal that protects and empowers or a stone that makes you a magnet for love, you can find the perfect gem for your personal intention and healing. We look at some of the best healing fashion jewelry out there and which brands score big in creating gorgeous gemstone jewelry with healing powers. 

The Rise of Crystal Jewelry

From Niche to Mainstream

While crystals and jewels have adorned crowns for centuries, the idea of using crystals in jewelry as a source of well-being has shifted from something niche to the more mainstream market. Once upon a time (not so long ago), only niche spiritual shops sold those Rose Quartz crystal bracelets, Amethyst crystal pendants, or bold earrings made with Moonstone. But, as wider interest grew and the holistic health and wellness market started to boom, more and more people began to be intrigued by alternative ideas of welcoming the potential boost of power that crystals can bring. As consumer interest grew, jewelry designers started to create beautiful crystal designs that blurred the lines between aesthetic appeal and harmonious healing. Meghan Markle, Selena Gomez, and Gwyneth Paltrow - are just a few celebrity names that have also boosted the appeal of crystal jewelry with their red-carpet pieces. As our landscape and love of holistic living shift into our everyday world, it's no surprise that crystal jewellery has followed suit and is now part of our fashion lexicon.

Crystals for Intention Setting

Crystals are believed to hold unique energies and vibrations that react with our own vibrations. Everything in the world is energy, and crystals' molecular construction gives them solid and stable energy - often aligned with their intention and qualities. This is why it helps to choose crystal jewelry with stones that align with your needs and intentions. For example, if you want handmade jewelry that helps elevate your energy and makes you a magnet for good luck, you can choose Citrine, or if you are looking for clarity and overall healing - Clear Quartz. Getting familiar with popular stones and their energies can be a great place to start - pick up a crystal book or read a guide to healing crystals to get started. 

It's also important that when you get your crystal jewelry, you set your intentions. You can hold your crystal pieces and channel clear thoughts, intentions, and ideas into them so that their vibrations align with your wishes and true desires. 

Spotlight on Top Crystal Jewelry Brands

From luxury crystal brands to spiritual signature designs, small artisan stores, and large-scale sellers, there is a wide variety of crystal jewelry brands out there. It's important to pick a retail shop or seller that meets the right criteria. When it comes to crystals, it's not just the design that matters but also authenticity, quality, variety, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. You want your beautiful pieces to be crafted with love, and wearing stones that aren't real or marked by exploitation and environmental damage may not feel that great. We have selected some brands we love. 

Tiny Rituals

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Brand Overview: Tiny Rituals merges stylish designs with spiritual functionality - seamlessly blending the concept of fashion statement jewelry that can be used naturally as a healing tool.

Unique Offerings: From energy bracelets to chakra necklaces, protective amulets, stackable rings, and more, Tiny Rituals features a wide range of jewelry styles that use everything from rare crystals to your favorite stones. 

Spiritual Connection: Each gemstone at Tiny Rituals has been carefully chosen to support your spiritual journey, and the emphasis is always on high-vibration, ethically sourced crystals. 

Giving Back: In keeping with the commitment to making the world a more spiritual and beautiful place, Tiny Rituals also gives a portion of every purchase to global children's charities, lending a philanthropic dimension to those dreamy designs. 

Educational Resources: Are you new to crystals or want to expand your knowledge? Tiny Rituals is also a hotbed of educational resources, with an in-depth blog covering everything from crystal properties to care and how to use crystals in your daily practice. 

Community Engagement: A wide community is growing around Tiny Rituals. It is also a crystal shop that actively engages with customers through interactive content and social media, building a supportive ecosystem for spiritual well-being. 

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability: This brand is committed to the ethical sourcing of crystals, meaning you can wear your Tiny Rituals-designed pieces without worry.

Jemma Sands

Jemma Sands is a joyful crystal brand with a beautiful range that covers everything from beaded bracelets to statement pieces. Think fun candy gem mini necklaces, larger-than-life moonstone rings, and Majorca jewel earrings. Inspired by the flow of the ocean, the colors of California, Malibu, and Honolulu, and with a fully holistic lifestyle approach, there's a lot to love about this joyful jewelry. Jemma Sands also offers an apothecary line with fragrant oils and candles. 

Alex and Ani

Modern designs include inspirational bracelets and jewelry with meaningful mantras, and Alex and Ani have some beautiful brand pieces about empowerment. From Blessed Charm bangles to Trust in Love pieces, their designs are fun, vibrant, and carefree, with a celebratory style. Clean metals, signs, and symbols are incorporated into their collections, and with bracelets ranging from cords to threads, you are sure to find something you love. 

Energy Muse

Energy Muse has an extensive collection of crystals and energy tools. The founders also have a long history of studying healing gemstones and testing holistic philosophies. Their online shop has everything from energy bracelets to crystal necklaces, earrings, and rings. They also sell spiritual products for the home, crystal kits, and even pet charms for those who want to bring intention to every avenue of their life. Energy Muse has also contributed to the world of crystal healing literature with its book Crystal Muse, which shares crystal work recipes that you can do in minutes to shift energy in your life. 

Wanderlust Life

Meaningful handmade jewelry can be found at Wanderlust Life. We love their minimalist aesthetic paired with gemstones that bring a focused intention or specific mantra. Wanderlust Life is effortlessly cool, from simple pendants to mixed and stacked rings and birthstone jewelry. Nature is a constant inspiration for their studio beside the sea in Devon, UK, and they emphasize being as sustainable as can be with small yields, eco-friendly packaging, and 80% of their wares made onsite. 

Choosing Your Crystal Jewelry

Aligning Crystals with Personal Needs

With so many beautiful crystal pieces, choosing stones based on your personal healing needs, the kind of emotional support you require, or gems that align with your life goals is a great place to start. Take some time to identify and reflect on the intentions you want to set in life - do you need more positive energy? Does your root chakra need strengthening? Do you want to welcome more abundance and wealth? Once you have identified what you need, you can pick healing gemstones and crystals that align with this purpose. 

Another way of picking gemstones meant for you is to lean into your intuition and let your gut guide you to a crystal you love. You can also consult with crystal experts and read through the resources, crystal guides, and blogs offered by the above brands.

Incorporating Crystals into Everyday Life

Wearing gemstone jewelry is a great way to welcome crystal healing into your world on a daily basis. When a crystal has direct contact with the skin, it can work with vibrational energy to raise your own vibrations and clear out stagnancy. 

Another popular way of wearing crystal jewelry is in accordance with the chakras. There are seven chakras across our body that work as energy points. Each chakra is associated with a certain sense of energy - for example, the heart chakra is around love, and the throat chakra is around communication. Certain crystals align with each chakra; you can use these stones to create a clear line of energy and support you in your healing journey. 

You can also layer or mix and match gemstones to complement energy. You can choose stones linked to your birth month or your zodiac. You can wear delicate crystal necklaces to elevate your everyday attire or look for statement pieces for dressy events. The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing and using crystals. 

Ethical Considerations in Crystal Jewelry

One of the most important factors when choosing crystal jewelry is to ensure that the stones are ethically sourced and sustainable. Crystal mining can be loaded, and it's essential to ensure that the brands you buy from support sustainable and ethical standards that don't exploit workers or the environment. Do your research, ask questions, and check that the crystals you buy align with this intention to bring kindness to every corner of the world. 


Crystal jewelry is a glorious way of looking good and feeling good. These precious stones can be worn for style and a sense of wellness. Whether you are just starting on your crystal jewelry or are well-versed in holistic health and healing, we offer these brands as a great place to find special, one-of-a-kind crystal jewelry to harmonize your life. 


What brand of crystal jewelry is most popular

While Swarovski is one of the most popular crystal brands, many other crystal jewelry brands, such as Tiny Rituals and Energy Muse, take a spiritual approach to style and create stunning pieces for holistic wellness. 

Best crystal jewelry brands in USA

There are many different crystal jewelry brands in the USA, depending on your price range. High-end crystal designers like Swarovski and Bacaret are popular, but you can also find spiritual crystal jewelry brands like Tiny Rituals.  


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