Best Crystals for Pendulums: How to Choose Your Spiritual Ally


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Best Crystals for Pendulums: How to Choose Your Spiritual Ally

Looking for glorious guidance from the universe? Crystal divination and pendulums can help you find all the answers. A pendulum is a weighted object - often a crystal hanging from a cord - you ask a question, and depending on which way the pendulum swings will point to the answer. Pendulums have long been a powerful tool for divination, healing, and those seeking spiritual guidance. One of the most important elements of the pendulum process can be picking the right crystal. While there is no black-and-white answer regarding the right crystal, choosing a stone that aligns with your specific needs or resonates on a personal level can be a great way to start. We take a closer look at the best crystals for pendulums and ways in which you can choose a stone that serves you well. 

Understanding Crystal Pendulums

The Basics of Pendulum Use

Pendulums are forever fascinating. Since the 17th century, it's been a popular method of divination and a way to create an energetic connection between the universe and yourself. In ancient times, it wasn't always just gemstone pendulums, but people would use wooden pendulums and metal pendulums and whatever worked. The weighted object would be tied to the end of a cord or a string and then would be used for pendulum dowsing. In dowsing, the pendulum pointer would change directions in response to a question asked. For example, if you ask a yes or no question, and if the pendulum swings to the right for no and the left for yes, then you have your clear answer. Pendulums, particularly crystal pendulums, tap into the energy fields around us, aligning with our own intuitive insights. They can bring together the right and the left sides of our brains to work in harmony and clear negative energy and thought patterns that may be preventing us from finding the right answer. This is how pendulums work on a surface but deeper on the spiritual level; they also connect with your spirit guides and the cosmos to lead you down the right path. 

Why Crystal Matters

While wooden pendulums and metal pendulums can be used, gemstone pendulums and crystal pendulums bring a unique vibration and different types of energy. The best thing about crystal pendulums is that crystals are so blessed with unique energy. Each crystal has its own certain vibrations and flow of energy - some crystals can bring protection, others bring love, and then some bring luck and abundance. When picking your pendulum crystal, it is important to align your type of crystal with your personal intentions. By matching the properties of your crystal pendulum with your personal intentions, you will get the subtle energy vibrations you need. 

Selecting Your Crystal Pendulum

Following Your Intuition

So, which crystal is right for you? Working with crystal healing is closely linked to using your intuition and letting the powers of natural attraction guide you. If you feel drawn to a certain crystal pendulum, it's probably because the universe is pointing in that direction. People feel drawn to certain crystals because they can illuminate the energy frequencies they need - this could be anything from chakra cleansing work to clearing out bad energy. For example, if you had a heart chakra block that you didn't necessarily know about but that was filling you with self-doubt or making you hold back from love, you may feel drawn to a rose quartz pendulum that can be used to ask questions about your relationship status, to cleanse the negative energy from your heart chakra, and to welcome even more love, light, and abundance into your world.

Considerations Based on Intentions

You can also have a specific intention in mind when it comes to picking the perfect crystal for your pendulum. Maybe you know you want more motivation or ambition in life, and you pick a gemstone pendulum with energetic properties to match that mood. You may want a stone full of fire and life that can lend vitality, answer your questions, and lead you down a pathway to more positive success. 

Top Crystals for Pendulums and Their Uses

There are scores of sublime crystals, but the crystal experts often highlight these top crystals that can be a glorious choice for pendulums.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz bracelets, stones, and Clear Quartz Hearts have a solid reputation as the master healer. Clear Quartz crystals are soaked in sage clarity and an amazing energy amplifier. By choosing a Clear Quartz pendulum, you can chase out confusing thoughts and brain fog, tap into your subconscious mind, and amplify any energy that can lead you to the right answer.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz crystals have a sweet pink gemstone that is loaded with love. Full of compassion and composure, a Rose Quartz pendulum can be a beautiful gemstone for lending loving, fully heart-centered guidance. As one of the best crystals for pendulums, Rose Quartz ensures you make choices that are loaded with love, compassion, and a deep understanding of yourself and others. Check out our Rose Quartz bracelets, Rose Quartz mini hearts, and Rose Quartz worry stones.


Amethyst crystals are known for its spiritual growth and psychic protection. It is the perfect gem if you are looking for a pendulum that propels you forward into closer cosmic connections with the universe. Amethyst embraces bigger-picture thinking, so its answers may be more about leading you to your highest path. It also brings clarity and serenity, so it doesn't encourage rash decisions but more resplendent and fully embodied decisions.  Check out our Amethyst bracelets and Amethyst worry stones.

Black Tourmaline

Grounding and protective in every way, Black Tourmaline crystals won't let you down. As a pendulum dowser, this dark and delightful gemstone will not only repel psychic attacks but keep you free from nad energy, but it also encourages decision-making and guidance that comes from a rooted and solid space. Check out our Black Tourmaline Bracelet.

Additional Crystals

Some other crystals that work wonders when it comes to finding the perfect pendulum are Labradorite crystals for wisdom-enhanced decision-making, Citrine crystals for guidance that is sure to lead you to abundance, Sodalite crystals for strengthening communication, and Aventurine crystals for being led to the most amazing opportunities. 

Preparing and Using Your Pendulum

Cleansing and Charging

Cleansing and charging your pendulum before use is important so that you can start with a clean, energetic slate and get it aligned with your own energy. Here are some ways you can cleanse your pendulum and get it ready for energetic work. 

  • Smudge it with sage or your favorite herb
  • Run the pendulum crystal under water
  • Place it beneath the full moon
  • Bury it in soil
  • Leave it in the presence of other cleansing crystals like Selenite or Clear Quartz.

    Setting Intentions and Asking Questions

    Its important to set clear intentions and to phrase your questions well for pendulum work. Before asking questions, set the intention by holding it in your hands and sitting quietly for a few moments and letting it connect to your own energy levels. Get clear in your mind about what you want and communicate this in a simple way to your pendulum - for example, I want to know how to move forward in my career, I want to be successful in love, I want to clear out old energy that is holding me back.  Then, you can take a few deep breaths and get down to it. For more accurate readings its much easier to work with straightforward yes and no questions. Starting simple is always best and gives you more confidence to move onto the more gritty in-depth questions. 

    Interpreting Pendulum Movements

    So how you know what the movements of the pendulum mean? You can set the pendulum to react to your own pre-ordained movements - simply telling it to swing right for yes or left for no. You can also use a pendulum mat and hold it over the mat while asking questions - whichever words the pendulum swings towards can be the correct answer. 


    Choosing the right crystal for your pendulum is an essential part of the process for getting access to those accurate answers. With so many different crsytals to choose from, leaning into your intuition and aligning your choices with the healing properties and powers of the crystal can be the best course of action. The more you experiment and play and let yourself go into the process of working with crystal pendulums, the the richer your experience will be. 


    What crystal makes a good pendulum

    Clear Quartz is an excellent crystal for a pendulum. Known as the master healer, it can amplify energy, bring clarity to the mind, and encourages healthy decision making that is based on connecting with your intuition. 

    What is the best material to make a pendulum

    A quartz crystal pendulum is the best material for a powerful dowsing tool. This is because quartz crystals can bring clarity, amplify energy, and have excellent intuitive properties. 

    What are the benefits of crystal pendulums

    Crystal pendulums can be a great tool for cleansing negative energy, bringing clarity to the decision making process, and removing blockages from your chakras. They can help balance spirtual and emotional energy and can also give you a boost of confidence when it comes to your choices. 

    What do you use for a pendulum

    A pendulum for divination can be made out of anything - wooden pendulums, metal pendulums, or crystal pendulums. Crystals can be the best choice as they carry spiritual energy and can elevate the pendulum experience.


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