The Ultimate Crystal Guide for Beginners


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The Ultimate Crystal Guide for Beginners


Throughout history, the power of crystals has captivated humankind. These precious gems, sparkling in all their shades, have a sense of mysticism and magic. We have been drawn to crystals from ancient civilizations to modern-day societies for their allure and alchemy. Crystals and gemstones have been everpresent - from priests to warriors, scholars and mages, kings and queens, and everyday folk - these stones have shown up with their healing powers time and time again. 

There has been a resurgence in the modern world when it comes to crystal love as more and more people are feeling drawn to aligning their body, mind, and soul. Crystal healing is a practice that is believed to do just that - by working with our vibrations and helping to channel positive energy and intention and present a deep connection with our bioenergetic system. Here, we take a closer look at the benefits of crystals for beginners and unravel the mysteries to help you make sense of these earthly treasures. 

Understanding Crystal Healing

The Basics of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is considered a holistic therapy that calls on the energetic powers of crystals to help align our unique energy. Everything in the world has its own vibrational energy—from our physical body to our emotional thoughts. Crystals also have their own vibrational energy, and the idea is that these powerful stones can interact and influence our energy states thanks to these high vibrations.  

The spiritual perspective on crystals dates back to ancient times. Crystals are believed to have sacred energy and carry the earth's wisdom. Their energy is believed to be powerful enough to cleanse chakras (energy points in the body), dispel negative energies, and bring us bodily and emotional balance. Scientifically, crystals are structured so that they have a stable and consistent energy force due to their structural makeup. This solid energy may mean it acts as tuning forks for our energetic systems. The research into crystals from a scientific perspective has a long way to go, but the proposed healing benefits can help us to find equilibrium and to live richer lives. 

How Do Crystals Work?

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Crystals are composed of atoms arranged in an ordered and repetitive fashion. This is called a crystal lattice; each crystal has its own specific lattice and structure. As this structure is solid, it gives it a solid energy unique to its own characteristics. Crystals are believed to emit and absorb vibrational energies - as everything has a unique vibrational energy. As crystals are organized and unchanging, they have a strong vibrational energy that can interact and influence our fluctuating vibrations. Our own human energy fields are often layered - we have a lot going on in terms of our body, mind, and soul, which are often impacted by encounters and changes happening in the world around us. The vibrations of the crystals can influence our own emotional, physical, and even spiritual energy.  They can help us to find balance and peace and adjust to the shifts of life. They can clear the blockages in our systems and help us channel energy in the right places.

Crystals are also believed to help to clear the chakras. Our body has seven energy points - running from tip to toe- which play a vital role in helping us create a strong life flow. Each chakra is associated with a different part of our body and emotional and spiritual makeup. These chakras can become blocked, and this can have an effect on our well-being. Healing crystals can work with their energy and vibrations to clear these blocks and bring us back into the flow.

Starting Your Crystal Journey

Choosing Your First Crystals

Choosing which crystals to start your collection with can be a multifaceted journey. Overall, the golden rule for crystal selection is choosing stones you feel drawn to. As these gemstones are connected with spiritual energy, intuition can be a unique and individual driving force. Simply feeling drawn to a certain stone is the universe's telling you what you need. You can also pick crystals based on their healing powers. If you know a certain stone is good for cultivating self-love and this is what you need - go for it. Other times, you can choose a stone because you love its shade and sparkle. There is no right and wrong way to choose crystals. That being said, these are some great gemstones to get you started.

Clear Quartz Crystals

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Clear Quartz is known as the master healer. This gemstone can help you bring all your chakras into alignment. Clear Quartz can also amplify the intention and power of other crystals. It has big detox energy and also helps you get really clear on what you want in life and all the decisions you make on that journey. 

Rose Quartz Crystals

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Rose Quartz is a stone of love and trust. It is a heart chakra gem, which means it dissolves blockages in the heart and helps you build compassion for yourself and others. Wear a Rose Quartz bracelet and let this pretty pink stone heal any emotional wounds. 

Amethyst Crystals

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Amethyst is a wonderful crystal of serenity and spirituality. This healing stone has protective powers and is also a crown chakra stone, meaning it is deeply connected to the divine realm. Wearing a Lavender Amethyst Bracelet can help clear headaches, encourage good sleep, and bring you into a place of calm being.

Citrine Crystals

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Citrine is a sunny yellow stone known for attracting luck and abundance and lifting low moods. Citrine is a powerful tool for manifesting and is nicknamed the merchant's stone. Wearing Citrine Anklets or Citrine Bracelets kicks out unwanted energies and brings you into a more positive space. 

Black Tourmaline Crystals

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Black Tourmaline is a tried-and-tested protector. It is one of the favorite crystals for those who want to keep bad energy at bay. Wearing a Black Tourmaline Bracelet or Raw Black Tourmaline Necklace is exceptionally grounding and a root chakra stone, which puts you in a place of steadiness. 

How to Use Crystals

There are many ways to use crystals in your daily life. Whether you want to engage with your crystal intention actively or start off more passively, here are some tips to get you started with crystal rituals.

Wearing them - Crystal jewelry can be one of the easiest ways to carry crystal energy with you. Crystal bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces can all be worn, and direct contact with your skin can significantly impact your physical, spiritual, and personal life.

Placing them - Having crystals in the home can be another easy way of welcoming their energy. You can place calming crystals next to your bed at night to encourage rest. You can place protective crystals at your door to keep bad vibes out. You can build altars to cultivate an abundance mindset. These are just a few ideas to get you started. 

Using them - Actively engaging with your crystals during rituals, meditation, and prayer can also help you channel energy and intention. You can place certain crystals on your chakras and let their energies influence yours. You can meditate with them or keep them close when journaling or committing to creative practice - particularly when manifesting or using mantras and affirmations.

Care and Maintenance of Crystals

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Cleansing Your Crystals

Keeping your crystals cleansed (not just physically but energetically) will become an important part of your relationship with your stones. As crystals can channel, emit, and collect energy, you don't want them to get blocked or clogged, which means they will work at a lesser capacity. There are many easy ways to cleanse your energy crystals, including - 

  • Submerge them in running water to cleanse their energy swiftly.
  • Place them in the light of a full moon overnight.
  • Allow them to bask in sunlight for a short period of time.
  • Cleanse them with the smoke of your preferred incense or sage.
  • Position them in the company of purifying crystals such as Quartz and Selenite.

Charging and Activating Crystals

Charging your crystals is also an important part of crystal care, especially when you want to bring fresh energy to the table. You can charge your crystals by placing them in the company of other active crystals like quartz and selenite. You can also activate them by setting an intention. Holding your powerful crystals close and saying with clear-eyed vision what you want can be a simple way of setting your intentions and aligning your energies. 

Building and Expanding Your Crystal Collection

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Beyond the Basics

Crystals can be a life-long journey, and the benefit of crystals is that they are a whole world of wisdom just waiting for you to tap into their powers. After you get comfortable with beginner crystals, you can move forward on your journey - eventually getting to more advanced crystals and their uses. There are so many special stones out there, and gemstones like Moldavite, Larimar, Danburite, and more can be used for big transformations and spiritual leveling. Researching, reading complete books on crystals, checking websites, chatting with your crystal shop, and delving deep into this world can make for a fascinating time. 

Expanding your crystal collection should be based on intuition. Learning to trust your intuition and to be led by your gut is a skill set that will serve you well across all areas of your life, and this can start with picking the ideal stones that call to you. The more familiar you get with crystals and their various energies, the more you can choose stones that align with you and your own personal needs. 

Ethical Considerations

It's really important on your crystal journey to always make an effort to find ethically sourced stones. The world of crystal mining can be exploitative; the last thing you want is crystals from this energy. Look for crystal shops that are transparent about their sourcing and that prioritize fair and ethical practices and environmental considerations. Ask questions, see certificates, and do the work to educate yourself so that you can make conscious and well-informed decisions. 


Your journey into the world of crystals can be an empowering one. Crystals are an amazing way of embracing the art of healing and recognizing that you want to be your best and most beautiful self in life. The world of crystals is not a sprint but a lifelong venture, and you should go at your own pace and embrace every facet of your unique journey. Being led by intuition, setting intention, and allowing for a sense of play when it comes to these protective stones is a great way to get started. 


How do you use crystals for the first time for beginners

For beginners, there are many easy ways to use crystals. You can wear them in the form of crystal jewelry to carry their energy with you. You can hold them and set an intention or say a mantra. You can carry them on your person and place them in the home. 

What crystals are good for beginners

Some favorite crystals for beginners include Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Black Tourmaline. 

How do I start using crystals

To start using crystals, you should choose a crystal or several crystals you are drawn to or have an energy you want to align with. Hold each crystal and set an intention to activate its energy - hold the crystal and think clearly about your intention until you feel comfortable with the stone. 

What crystals should beginners stay away from

Some crystals are great for beginners, and others may be better for more advanced users. For example, beginners may want to avoid stones that bring intense energy or transformation, such as Moldavite, Malachite, or Hematite. 


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