How to Smudge Your Home: A Simple Guide


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How to Smudge Your Home: A Simple Guide


A tradition from many ancient cultures that calls on the cleansing power of sacred sage, learning how to smudge your home helps to clear away negative energy. Smudging considers the idea that each of us leaves behind traces of our energy, almost like a scent that sticks to skin. Sometimes, when we come into contact with other people, their spiritual scent can linger and cloud out your own. Rather than drag all these vibes into your space, you can turn to the art of smudging to quite literally clear the air.


The Blissful Benefits of Smudging


From Native Americans to Buddhism, the cultures that have turned to smudging in the past are some of the most connected communities on earth. It is a beloved technique used to shift energy, shake up those feelings of being stuck, and can reduce a build up of tension and difficulty in the home.

Smudging your space goes so much deeper than just giving your room an energetic cleanse. It also physically purifies the air as sage has plenty of antimicrobial properties meaning it can cut through up to 94% of bacteria lingering in your space for up to 24 hours.

Cleaning both your internal and external space through the power of smudging can have a dramatic impact on your mood. It can heighten spirits, soothe anxiety, improve cognitive thought and even encourage golden slumbers that leave you rejuvenated and ready to face the world.

Smudging is powerful stuff.


Gather Your Materials


You will first need to gather your smudging materials. The kinds of herbs used for smudging aren’t those that you find in the local supermarkets but normally come in bundles from specialist sellers. The most common herbs for smudging include white sage, lavender, cedarwood and sweet grass.

Learning how to smudge with sage tends to be the choice most associated with the ritual of smudging. Sage has highly potent cleansing benefits and is associated with purity. This is normally the kind of smudge stick you would seek when you need a major energy overhaul, the milder herbs can be a good option for everyday use.

Have a candle at hand to light to the smudge stick and a clay bowl or some fireproof container to hold beneath the smudging stick as you sojourn through your home. A small bowl of sand should also be used to effectively and safely extinguish the smudge stick when your healing work is done.


How to Smudge


Take five minutes before you start your smudge to clear your mind and calm your heart. It helps if there is some kind of soft spiritual ritual around smudging rather than it being a rushed chore. Remember, the aim is to chase away lingering negative energy so entering gently can bring a positive glow.

Intention is one of the most important elements of smudging. Take a brief meditation to consider what kind of energy you are seeking for your home and hearth. Open the windows or doors so that the negative energy has someplace to go. You can even ring a bell in each room so the energy is awakened and ready to be shifted.

Light your smudge stick, say a smudging prayer, and move calmly through the space, walking clockwise around the perimeter of each room you want to clear. Invite the smoke to enter all those hidden corners and shadows where negativity loves to hide. Start low and use your hand or feather to waft the smoke high.

Once finished, extinguish the smudge in the sand and give gratitude to Mother Earth for bringing this gift of healing.


The Aftermath


After the smoke clears; this is when the space is neutralized and open to intention. Bring the gift of love from the depths of your heart and consider which crystals or floral blooms could also help to lift the room into this next phase of bright and abundant energy. If you want to keep your energy shifting it’s a good idea to smudge every week or whenever you hear the call.

Have you ever smudged before? We would love to hear about your tips for energetically turning the space.


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