5 Herbal Teas to Turn to When Feeling Anxious


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5 Herbal Teas to Turn to When Feeling Anxious


Nothing beats a soothing cup of warm tea clutched in your hands when trying to deal with an inner crisis. Whether wrestling with an internal battle or trying to navigate stormy times, a cup of tea can be a beautiful antidote for washing away anxious thoughts. The mindful ritual of preparing your tea, the warmth of liquid to settle an uneasy stomach, and the healing balm of nature’s herbs – all these elements add up to tea being a sensory soother. If you really want to up the ante when it comes to soft and gentle sipping for the soul, these five fragrant herbal teas bring a gentle bloom to frayed nerves…




The Holy Basil leaf has a long history in southeastern medicine and is often woven into Ayurveda healing. Known as a powerful tonic for the body, mind and soul – Tulsi acts as an adaptogen which helps the nervous system to easily adapt to the stress factors surrounding it. Tulsi is all about inner strength and balance, whether it’s your external environment causing you anxiety or something psychological, sipping Tulsi once or twice a day can bring beautiful relaxation, clarity of the mind, and an overall sense of soft stress-free wellbeing.




Everyone’s favorite nerve soother, a cup of sweet chamomile and honey is enough to calm the most chaotic of nerves. Caffeine-free, fragrant and always ready to send you gently to the land of nod, the chamomile flower is so much more than a pretty face. This tea helps you to naturally produce serotonin which can work wonders when it comes to encouraging your cortisol levels to gently drop. Combined with the herbs ability to reduce headaches and soothe muscle pains associated with stress, you are well on your way to serenity.




If you have the kind of anxiety that seems to tie your stomach in knots, a daily dose of bright peppermint tea could be just the ticket. Nature’s soothing balm has a fragrance that actually acts as a muscle relaxer, leading all that tightness to gently unwind. As peppermint is also a natural soother for the stomach, it can cut right through acid build-up and tension that can lead you feeling even more on edge. Plenty of anxiety can arise from the gut, so keep yours good and healthy with a cup of pretty and fresh peppermint.


Valerian Root


This age-old root has forever been used as a medicine to soothe jangly nerves and send patients into a state of soft sedation. Nicknamed nature’s valium, the Valerian Root works on helping to regulate the GABA waves in the brain meaning that you can turn down the volume on your anxiety levels. While it is considered to be a soft sedative, this doesn’t always lead to you feeling vague and drowsy. Valerian Root can actually help you feel unstuck and encourage sharper focus levels.




The lyrical folklore of lavender has long been established as helping to tame wild nerves. The cloying fragrance of the purple flower has a huge effect on tension and when sipped as a tea it can also deliver anti-inflammatory properties to your system. An added bonus, the dried buds of lavender can also help with digestion issues, meaning that your stomach will feel soothed, your nerves as soft as silk, and your overall mindset one of natural calm.

Which teas do you turn to when you need soothing? Share with us in the comments.


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