Unlocking the 11th House: A Guide to Friendships, Dreams, & More


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Unlocking the 11th House: A Guide to Friendships, Dreams, & More


The house of friendship and companions, the eleventh house is where our collective energy resides. It's the compass of our social life, our role in society, our circle of friends, and our dreams. The eleventh house rules our social connections, aspirations, and our mark on society. It's an important house and one that is also future-focused rather than being totally tied to the past. The eleventh house moves us one step from the final turn of the wheel, and this is where destiny, dreams, and new priorities in life can be found. There's a lot waiting for you in the eleventh house, and it can also be considered a house of hopes, common goals, and the changes we bring to society. 


Understanding the Basics: What are 'Houses' in Astrology?

Definition: There are twelve houses in the astrological chart, and each house represents a different area of your life. From houses that govern the self to houses that serve health and well-being, romance, dreams and mysteries, and more, each house has its part to play in your life journey.

The Birth Chart: The natal chart is how we understand the impact each house has on our lives and the themes and experiences that fall under each sector. If we know the exact time of birth and the place of our birth, we can see exactly where the planets were at this time. Which planets and zodiacs were strong in certain houses during our birth can all help shape who we are.

Angular Relationships: The position of the horizon and your ascending planet (your first house) are important markers in your birth chart, and from this, the other planetary placements are determined.  

Planetary Influences: The planets move through these houses, with each house representing a two-hour period as the cosmos turns. Depending on which house a planet is in can have a profound influence on your life. It also depends on which planet is in your house, as each planet works as a different messenger (for example, Venus is the planet of love, and Mars the planet of action).

Interconnectedness: Even though each house has its own unique and distinct meaning, they are all connected, and the wheel of houses works as one complete and holistic picture of your life journey. 

Understanding the 12 houses and how they play a role in our lives can offer insights and deeper understanding into our personality, our life path, and our strengths and shadow sides. When we have this knowledge, we can grow, evolve, and reach our highest potential. 

Historical and Cultural Significance

The 11th house was first revered in written texts by Marcus Manilius in the 1st century AD. The poet and astrologer said that the 11th was a temple beneath the summit and a place of braver hope and ambition. This directly links with how we view the 11th house today - as a house of hopes and dreams and with forward-looking eyes.

In Vedic astrology, the 11th house is known as the Labha Bhava, which translates to 'the house of gains.' It is also associated with friendship and social roles but also has an association with financial gains, income, profits, and your network and connections. However, both Western and Vedic astrology pay close attention to fruitfulness and friendship, even if they look at it from a slightly different angle.

The Core Themes of the 11th House

Friendships and Social Circles: The 11th house rules our karmic connections, soul tribes, and our friendships. There's a lively energy captured in the mood of the 11th house - one of conversations, connections, close encounters, and celestial love. It marks our pathways in friendships and whether we find it easy to be in these social circles or if we struggle with a social sphere. It addresses what kind of friends we are and how we give and receive in our friendships. 

Hopes, Dreams, and Aspirations: The eleventh house also governs our hopes, dreams, and aspirations and how this shapes our direction and manifests. Our personal aspirations reside here, and the 11th house also encourages you to move past the simple, practical approach to feel those creative sparks fully and channel that hope and desire into meaningful connections that can boost the power of achievement and dream weaving. 

The Collective and Society: The eleventh house extends beyond the borders of our personal friendships and considers the collective and society as a whole. It deals with other people in our lives, groups, communal activities, and our own vision for humanity and how we contribute to the betterment of society. It can also affect your approach to social justice, how conventionally you fit into societal norms, and collective creation too.

The 11th House in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the 11th house is known as the Labha house - the house of gains. While gains in this setting can mean material gains and accumulated wealth, it's not always linked to the theme of finance. Gains and wealth can also refer to prosperity in connections, resources, ideas, and creative vision, and how social activity and our circle can benefit our individual aspirations, too. 

Different planets in our eleventh house can influence both our financial and social outcomes in Vedic astrology. For example, the sun in your 11th house may mean that you are attracted to difference and have a tendency towards idealism, whereas Pluto can mean you have a social life with lots of people who come and go, signifying constant deaths and rebirths in your friendship circle.

The Zodiac's Influence

Aquarius' Role: Aquarius is the natural ruler of the 11th house and is perfectly suited to this house of friends and hopes. Those born under the Aquarius zodiac are quick, original, assertive, ambitious, and always dreaming up a better future. They are considered to be the progressive thinkers of the world, and this fits like a dream with the positive impact energy and the social elements that are woven into the 11th house. 

Planetary Rulers: Saturn and Uranus are the dual ruling planets of the 11th house. Saturn stands for tradition and Uranus for revolution, which gives them a contrasting influence on this planet and 11th house qualities. Saturn is here to remind us of our responsibilities to others and the collective good, and Uranus can help us put that vision for humanity into practice through activism and action for collective goals. 

The 11th House's Connection to Other Houses

5th House Synergy: The 11th house energy is closely connected to the 5th house. Our fifth house is all about pleasure, romance, hobbies, and hidden talents, and of course - this all feeds into the 11th house and its high social elements. Together, they hold the synergy of the fifth house, helping us hone our hobbies, talents, and crafts so we can use them for good in the 11th house by forging friendships, giving back to the community, and growing the beauty of our world.

Inter-house Dynamics: Interhouse dynamics also play a role, and the planets passing through each house can shift energy and highlight 11th-house themes. If a planet moves from the 10th to the 11th house it can signify a shift in your career or an uptick in your social standing. 

Modern Interpretations and Relevance

Digital Age: In the digital age, the 11th house holds more relevance than ever as we grow our online communities and utilize social media for connection and even global action. It enables us to reach collective goals and can also encourage us to turn to social media for good. The 11th house is also the house of technology, which further deepens our modern relationship with 11th house matters and moods. 

You can also utilize modern technology to find out more about your own connection with the 11th house. If you know your birth date and time, you can check your natal chart and see which planets were residing in that house during your birth. Once you know how the 11th house impacts you, you can look to the crystal guide and find zodiac bracelets and gemstones by month or gemstones for your sign to support you in your journey. 

Personal and Societal Implications

Understanding your connection with the 11th house is sure to lead to personal growth, raised self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of your role in social connections. Yet, the benefits can even go beyond your inner circle and how you deal and heal with friendships. It can have a wider impact and help you find your place in society, which can bring meaning and belonging and heighten your human experience here on earth. 


The eleventh house is one of the most important houses when it comes to connecting with the wider world. In fact, connection is one of its major buzzwords, whether it's talking about connecting online, in person, or in the setting of society. Community, friendship, dreams, ambitions, wishes, and wondering how we can change the world and find our contributions to society - all of this can be found under the banner of the 11th house. By understanding what is waiting in your eleventh house, you can pay attention to how you relate to all of these things and garner inspiration on how you can use your deep desires and personal goals for spiritual growth and the betterment of society in general. You can use the birthstone guide to find birthstones, gemstone bracelets, and healing crystals that can help you support your 11th house journey by strengthening your connections with others. 


Is 11th house in astrology good or bad

The 11th house in astrology is a good house as it indicates friendships, gains, hopes, and community. In Vedic astrology, those with a strong 11th house may attract financial gain and abundance in other ways, making it a lucky house. However, all houses have the ability to show us our strengths and our shadow sides, so no house is considered fully good or fully bad, as there is rarely a binary setup in astrology.

Is the 11th house lucky

A strong 11th house can be lucky, particularly with the right planet placements. If you have a good 11th house, you can attract wealth, prosperity, solid friendships, and play an important role in society and your community. Jupiter is a good house to have in your 11th sector, as its a planet that represents abundance, growth, and expansion. The fiery planet of Mars in the 11th also makes for active energy that can be useful when it comes to activating change. 

What is the secret of the 11th house in astrology

The secret of the 11th house is related to bonding, connection, and creating change through personal hopes and communal efforts. It helps us to tap into our skills, wisdom, talents, hobbies, and beliefs and to channel this energy in a way that can change the world for the better. 

What if 11th house is strong

If you have a strong 11th house this can signify that friendships, groups, societal change, and idealism are major driving forces in your life. It can signify that you are sociable and have a wide group of friends and that you play an active role in society, too. If you have a weak 11th house or no planetary placements, you may face challenges connecting with the community or may want to address your approach to friendship.


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