10 Essential Beginner Tips For Tarot


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10 Essential Beginner Tips For Tarot


Whether you are seeking some divine wisdom from the universe or looking for answers a little closer to home, learning how to read tarot cards can be a lot of fun. Many people seem to think that you need psychic abilities to know how to use tarot cards, but really, rather than a gift from the gods, all you need is a little know-how, a pack of cards, and a belief that the cosmos will show you the way. Here are our top ten essential tips on tarot for beginners…


Fall in Love With a Deck


Everyone’s first tip when it comes to tarot is to get a deck that you like. These cards will come very close to your heart, so it's important to work with a deck that works for you. There are tons of truly stunning decks but choose one that you feel drawn to. Also, ignore the age-old myth that you can’t buy your own tarot cards – you are about to become master of your own destiny.


Choose Simple Visuals


Keep things simple when learning how to use tarot cards to begin with and choose a pack that relies heavily on visual storytelling elements. Having the pictures laid out in a simple easy to read manner will make your journey much easier and as a result, you won't spend hours trying to figure out what is going on in the card.


Be Basic


Numbers and elements are the best methods for those dealing with tarot for beginners. Of course, there are a thousand complicated ways to read the cards, but to begin with – know your four elements of earth, air, fire and water. The imagery in the card should give you the keyword – for example, the cups card. Cups are associated with water (liquid) and the water element is connected to matters of the heart. Having a simple understanding of the elements and how this connects can help you start filling in the blanks when using your tarot.


Make Notes


Don’t rely on the mystic knowledge of memory when starting tarot. Simply study and make notes and refer back to those notes when you are playing with your cards. It can be tedious to constantly refer back to your notes, but with time and practice you will come to completely internalize and memorize these meanings.


Draw a Card Each Day


Practice makes perfect and becoming familiar with your cards is the best way to kickstart your ability to connect with your pack. Draw a card a day by asking your tarot a simple question – what energy should I draw on today or what challenges are coming my way today. At the end of the day, you can revisit your card.


Have Intention


Intention is the pathway to intuition and every time you work with your cards you want to approach the situation with intention. Intention doesn’t always mean knowing exactly what you want, it means creating space and energy to listen to the universe.


Don’t Be Rigid


You don’t need to stick rigidly to the common interpretation of the card, sometimes it makes more sense to let your own innate knowledge take over. Tarot is always open to interpretation and while this can be a challenge for those who crave answers, it also provides amazing lessons about being fluid, handing over trust, and being willing to sit with uncertainty.


Embody Meaning


When you draw a card take a moment to truly try and embody what the card is trying to tell you. Ask yourself which part of the body the card is striking a chord with. Perhaps you feel it in your gut or as a tingle in your hand. Inviting tarot to be a fully embodied experience will help you to tap into your own intuition and to truly deepen your practice.


Give Respect


Take care of your deck as best you can. Of course, don’t leave it out where it can get dirty or cards can get lost but keep it safe and closed in a sacred space. If you want to charge and cleanse your tarot pack then placing an amethyst on top of the deck can work wonders in helping clear away negative energies.


Be Careful


When you read tarot for other people do so carefully. Sometimes the cards may communicate things that will be challenging for the person who they are aimed at. Always go gentle, be kind, and leave lots of room for interpretation so everyone stays safe in spirit and mind.

Do you read tarot? We would love to hear your tips.


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