Tumbled Peach Selenite Stones - Calm & Clarity


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Peach Selenite Stone Set
Peach Selenite Stone Set
Peach Selenite Stone Set
Peach Selenite Stone Set
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Peach Selenite Stone Set

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Peach Selenite Stone Set

The Peach Selenite Stone Set is here to warm your soul, ignite wonder inside, and reawaken your sense of creative play.  Peach Selenite is pure peach fiz, known for its high vibrations and for awakening the sacral and the crown chakras; it creates a clear line of energy so that you can shine. The Peach or Orange coloring results when Hematite is found in the formation of the Selenite Crystals.

“With these stones, I operate at my highest and most radiant self.”


Peach Selenite (also called Orange Selenite) is highly powerful, has goddess energy, and is tuning up to be your best creative self. It carries all the high vibrations of the Selenite stone, a gem known for its angelic fluttering feel, its cleansing energy, and for being a first-class recharger of every corner of your being. As one of the most harmonious orange crystals, it nurtures creativity, sensuality, and sweet play. It helps you reconnect with your inner child and to raise up your adult self so that you can stand strong in sheer confidence.

Tumbled Peach Selenite stones work by aligning the sacral chakra and sending a pure line of energy up to the crown chakra. Our sacral chakra is the home of our pleasures and play. It is where we tap into our sensuality and sense of creation and learn to stoke our internal fires so we can live a life full of riches and feeling. The crown chakra is our key to the cosmos. When this is open, we operate at our highest and most radiant self and remain open to any messages from the universe meant for us.

These Peach Selenite stones can be stashed in your purse or pocket and carried wherever you need to go. Having Peach Selenite assist you on your journey means that every step will be filled with purity, integrity, and a creative zest for life. You can also place these stones on your chakras to dissolve blockages and align everything. Placing them in a creative workspace will also elevate your imagination. Explore our healing crystal guide and find gemstone bracelets, selenite crystals, and selenite worry stones to lift your mood.

  • Set of 2 Unique and Genuine Peach Selenite Polished Gemstones
  • Approx. 1.25-2" each
  • Color, shape, and markings will vary, Minor chips, scratches are normal in Selenite as these are hand cut natural stones.
  • Comes with a description card

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