Rose Quartz Silver Stud Earring


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Rose Quartz Silver Stud Earrings

Bring a flush of pink and silver sparkle to your ears with these Rose Quartz earrings set in sterling silver. Natural Rose Quartz is a beautiful peaceful and loving gem that expands your heart space and sends tendrils of softness and joy out into the universe. Wear these pretty pink crystal studs as a subtle way of carrying heart healing and loving energy wherever you go. 

“With these studs, I keep my aura laced with love and my actions pure with authenticity”

Soft pink shades adorn the seashell of your ear bringing silver sparkle and everlasting love in these Rose Quartz earrings. Rose Quartz jewelry is known for helping heal the heart and strengthening those loving bonds with others in your life. Yet, this healing gem doesn’t just turn your love out into the world but also turns it inside, gifting you with the divine capacity to love yourself fully and to let go of self-doubt, criticism, and judgement. When we release all these weights we can fill our cup with joy. 

Peace and love go hand in hand and this is once more where pink Rose Quartz shines. This gem flushes out negativity, stress, and anxiety – replacing the fear factor in your heart with trust in what the universe has in store. It helps you to attract abundance and to grow in ways that will further help you land in authenticity. With this stone on side, you are better equipped to extend your hand to those around you and become the master of your own making. 

Encased in gleaming silver, these stud earrings also bring another shade of healing. Silver is a metal of precious purity, wisdom, connection, and the bloom of health. Having this metal and stone connected and close to your mind can keep your head clear, your thoughts wise, and your actions deeply loving. Let Rose Quartz and silver sugarcoat your aura.

  • Faceted unique and genuine Rose Quartz gemstone
  • Sterling Silver plated
  • Approx. .25 inches wide
  • Hand-hammered edges
  • Made with love in India
  • Comes with description card

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