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9 Planet Energy Bracelet



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9 Planet Energy Bracelet

Find your place in the universe with this 9 Planet Energy Bracelet. Nine glorious gemstones come together to create the spiritual solar system that is sure to completely align your body, mind and soul. 

"I take my place in the universe, for I am most welcome here"

For those who feel adrift or simply want creative correspondence with our greater universe, there’s no need to turn your eyes skyward when wearing this stunning 9 Planet Energy Bracelet. Nine carefully chosen stones shimmer with all the vibrations of the cosmos, placing us perfectly in the midst of our celestial powers. 

Citrine takes the place of the sun, her golden orb as bright and life-giving as the star she represents. 

Larvikite is the twin of Mercury with her heavy silver coloring and her ability to soak up toxins. 

Pyrite stands in the place of Venus, communicating all her goddess qualities and bringing the beauty of sheer and finite emotional stability. Imperial Jaspar becomes our physical home of Earth. The familiar footing brings a comforting energy of great tranquility and healing that sinks into every fiber of our being. 

Carnelian represents the red planet of Mars and brings courage and luck, a blinking light for us to forever set our sights on. 

The Tiger Eye is Jupiter, swirling cosmic consciousness and bringing integrity, power and inner balance. 

Picture Jasper is our joyous spinning Saturn with her many rings and her ability to reach a higher consciousness. 

Aquamarine takes the place of Uranus with her vibrant refreshing hue and calming nature. 

Lapis moonlights as Neptune, bringing inner intuition and deep set guiding out into the light. 

Hematite blazes as beautiful little Pluto, grounding us in our future and our present. 

Finally, Blue Goldstone glimmers with positivity and peace, representing the night sky on which the stage is set.

  • 8mm genuine gemstone beads
  • Strung on durable stretchy cord
  • Fits wrist sizes up to 7"
  • Stone colors may vary
  • Comes with a description card

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