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Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are rocks and minerals tumbled to achieve a smooth rounded and polished appearance. This process involves putting stones of similar sizes into a stone tumbler along with sand, water, polishing agents, and coarse grit.

As the drum or barrel rotates, the stones rub against one another, losing their rough edges and resulting in a more rounded shape. Even though they are no longer rough, tumbled stones retain their physical properties, such as pits, indentations, veins, and inclusions. However, some spiritual healers contend that an altered stone may not possess the same power level as one in its original, natural state.

The Benefits of Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones have various uses. At the most basic level, you can use them to decorate your home. For instance, you can place them in your indoor plant pot to add more color and vibrancy to the space.

Another option would be to arrange them in a clear vase and use it as a stunning centerpiece for your table. Tumbled stones have captivating colors and can never go wrong as decor pieces.

Tumbled stones can also be used in spiritual healing for chakra balancing and meditation. Their smooth, polished surfaces make them effortless to hold and apply to specific body areas, enabling a deeper connection to the energetic centers.

These colorful stones are also a suitable choice for making crystal grids. They are affordable and can be mixed with other gemstones to meet various energy needs.

Lastly, you can use tumbled stones for mojo bags to attract positivity to your life.

To attract abundance and prosperity, use a green tumbled stone and complement it with the vibrant energy of a Green Aventurine, placed within a green bag alongside a piece of money and fragrant spices like cinnamon. Place a tumbled stone, a Rose Quartz, and a rose petal in a pink mojo bag to attract love and affection.

If you're looking for healing tumbled stones, don't hesitate to visit our crystal store. We offer various types of tumbled stones to match different intentions and preferences, so you can rest assured you will find an option that captures you.


  1. What are tumbled stones?
  2. Tumbled stones are rocks with a very smooth and shiny surface due to a tumbling process.

  3. How to wire wrap tumbled stones?
  4. To wire-wrap your tumbled stones, you will need dead soft bare copper wire 0.8 millimeter or 20 gauge and 0.2 millimeter and 32 gauge, flush cutters, a ruler, and pliers. Once you have all the necessary tools, study the stone and determine where you will weave the base wires. Cut and measure three pieces of your thickest wire, each with a length of 10 inches.

    Now, bind your 32 gauge wire at the center of the three wires. Cut off any extras of the binding wire. Gauge the cradle of the centerpiece using the tumbled stone. Put the stone in the cradle and weave the wires together at the top until they are secure. Gently maneuver the front and back wires to trap and secure the stone.

  5. Where to buy tumbled stones in bulk wholesale?
  6. You can buy tumbled stones in bulk wholesale at our Tiny Rituals crystal store.

  7. What are tumbled stones used for?

Tumbled stones are used for decoration, meditation, spiritual healing, gifting friends, and rituals.

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