Third Eye String Bracelet


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Third Eye String Bracelet

The all-seeing eye, the center of deep intuition and foresight, the Third Eye String Bracelet serves to remind us that truth doesn’t always need to be in our periphery. See beyond the borders as you rouse the sixth chakra with this delicate string bracelet in heavenly blue, adorned with a glimmering golden brass charm of the sacred symbol.

“With this bracelet, I tap into deeper sight, recognizing that truth and wisdom can sometimes occupy space outside our usual vision”

Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful and having the Third Eye String Bracelet upon your wrist helps keep the chakras clear and your gaze looking inwards and out with equal measure. Your third eye sits in the center of the forehead between the brows, it’s also known as the Ajna. This invisible eye helps us to distinguish truth from falsehood, to perceive people and place in their true form, and to learn to trust ourselves to the very depths of our being.

The image of the third eye is represented through dual petals of the lotus flower. One petal curves to represent the sun and the other the moon. Sitting within the lotus, the circle serves as a symbol for the great void, and the triangle represents both the channeling of information down to the center and the blossoming of knowledge and growth.

The Third Eye String Bracelet presents the golden symbol on a durable yet delicate chord of blue. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea - it is a shade that captures both heaven and earth. Pale and rich, the color blue also symbolizes trust, wisdom, and the faith that flows. Slip-on the Third Eye String Bracelet and invite spirit and sight to come together to lead you to enlightenment.

  • Gold plated brass Third Eye charm
  • Strung on durable blue nylon chords
  • Adjustable pull construction
  • Fits wrist up to 8"
  • Comes with a description card

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