Sustainable Food Habits To Swap Out For Supermarkets


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Sustainable Food Habits To Swap Out For Supermarkets



Now that it’s considered risky to hang around supermarket aisles, it could be the perfect opportunity for those wanting to swap out their foodie spending habits for something a little more sustainable. We often think that going off-shelf is a pricier investment than simply doing a big shop at a supermarket, but in the long run, switching to more sustainable small and local solutions can actually save you money. Here are the sustainable food habits to swap so you can start ditching the supermarket for good…


Local Veg Boxes


Check around your local area as farm shops are sure to be offering local fruit and vegetable boxes right now – most will even deliver. Not only can you be sure to get fresh, seasonal produce straight from the soil, but its an amazing way to support your local growers and cut down your carbon emissions.


Bake Your Bread


Instead of piling up stale supermarket bread at home and needing to dash out every couple of days, why not learn to bake your own bread at home? Its become one of the most popular lock-down activities to whip up yeast and flour and pummel into a perfect pillowy dough. Baking your own bread is super comforting and often cheaper and tastier so long as you have the time.


Pick a Milkman


It may sound like something from a quaint old English fairy-tale but the milkman is making a modern-day comeback. Imagine waking up to a bottle of fresh milk on the doorstep, a dozen eggs and a stick of locally churned butter. Check your local dairy farms to see if they offer delivery. Even for those who prefer to steer clear of dairy, modern-day milk companies often offer oat alternatives. This is also a great way to cut down on your plastic consumption.


Grow Your Herbs


A herb garden is one of the easiest food fresh gardening hacks you could ever hope for. Instead of dashing to the supermarket for your basil leaves and parsley plants, you can simply set up a windowsill herb garden and have endless access to freshly plucked herbs for every dish.


Skip Pre-Packaged


If you fall into the category of a carnivore then skip the pre-packaged meats for over the counter butcher choices. Not only is it more cost-effective to buy meat and fish fresh from the butchers or fishmongers but you also usually get a higher quality product and have more options for finding items that are not intensively farmed.


Natural Cleaners


Skip the supermarket cleaning products and cling-film for homemade solutions or long-term sustainable investments. Instead of cling-film, you can use beeswax wraps which are beautifully biodegradable and can be re-used. Shake up your own cleaning spritz by blending vinegar with bicarbonate soda, lemons and water and look for other ways you can curate sustainable eco-friendly cleaning solutions for your home.

Which supermarket swaps are you going to make? Share with us in the comments and let’s build a sustainable future together.


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